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Past articles by Mary Beth:

What hurricane categories mean, and why we use them

Hurricanes Ian, Harvey, Maria, Katrina, and Camille all got high category ratings on the Saffir-Simpson scale. But what does that mean? → Read More

Want to catch the Perseid meteor shower? Here's your best shot.

The Perseid meteor shower is one of the best light shows each year. Here's how and where to watch for the 2021 Perseids. → Read More

Frog skin secretions offer the first ray of hope in a deadly fungal epidemic

In Panama, some frogs are defying the odds and becoming resistant to a deadly fungus that has plagued their populations. → Read More

One dinosaur footprint is worth a thousand words

Why are researchers so interested in dinosaur footprints anyways? They aren’t quite as visually striking as complete dinosaur skeletons, but scientists can get a lot of information from these trace fossils. → Read More

We need earthquake-safe infrastructure

One seismologists is on a crusade to prepare our cities for the next Big One. → Read More

Build a DIY garden you can bring on the road

Build a DIY road-ready garden that you can take with you on adventures → Read More

Yes, a killer asteroid could hit Earth

When it comes to deadly asteroids, impact comes down to a few factors: size, material, speed, and location. → Read More

Only One Artist Can Use Blackest Material In The World

Just call it the dark ages. → Read More

Extreme Science: The San Andreas Fault

How California is predicting and preparing for the inevitable → Read More

How The Earth Could Lose Every Drop Of Water It Has

Think of it as extreme global warming. → Read More

Turns out the Svalbard seed vault is probably fine

A failure at a fail-safe vault. The irony is delicious, but that’s not the whole story. Read on. → Read More

Build a DIY garden you can bring on the road

Build a DIY road-ready garden that you can take with you on adventures → Read More

Los Angeles has enjoyed the same amazing climate for 50,000 years

What would California's climate look like if you travelled back in time? Probably about the same. At least, that’s what the asphalt-encrusted beetles say. → Read More

If Earth's orbit is so crowded, why don't we see space junk in photos of the Earth?

Sometimes, when we post a cool picture of the Earth taken from space, Popular Science gets questions about why—if there's so much garbage in space—we don't see a galactic landfill orbiting our planet in pictures of the Earth. → Read More

The Secret To Swimming Like A Jellyfish? Pull, Don't Push

Jellyfish make swimming look so easy. → Read More

The Black Leopard Has Secret Spots

Leopards have many different spots, but in some cases, we puny humans have trouble seeing them. The problem is especially in pronounced in the jungles of the Malaysian Peninsula, where conservationists are trying to keep an eye on the small population of leopards that have evolved without the same distinctive print that leopards are known for. For some reason, either because the color scheme… → Read More

Whatever you do, don’t set your pet goldfish free in a stream

You can give it to a friend, give it to a stranger, but for the love of everything in the ecosystem do not set it free in your local pond, stream or other body of water. → Read More

Mars Rock Samples Point to Earth-Like Crust

Earth and Mars are very different in many ways, but there are lots of striking similarities too. We’ve both got beautiful auroras, naturally-occuring glass, and water (at least snow and ice, in the case of Mars). And now it looks like our neighboring planet might also have an origin story very similar to our own. In a paper published today in Nature Geoscience researchers looked at around 20 of… → Read More

Warthogs Take Themselves To Mongoose Cleaners

The Lion King isn't generally thought of as a biological treatise, but it does get some things right. → Read More

Plants have a trick that drives very hungry caterpillars to cannibalism

Plants can turn would-be predators against one another. Read on: → Read More