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Recent articles by Christopher:

Election won’t impact mortgage industry like CARES Act problems will

How we resolve millions of delinquent mortgages due to COVID is the only question that matters. → Read More

Kamala Harris: Queen of the Crony Capitalists

As California attorney general, she was more than willing to live large off of business and the productive. → Read More

Housing market needs SOFR alternative — now

This proposed Libor replacement is an imaginary, backward-looking benchmark dreamed up by the economists at the Fed with no discernable market. → Read More

A Socialist New York Staggers Toward Default

As businesses and the wealthy flee Gotham, the progressives' infantile fiscal solutions are driving the city right back to 1975. → Read More

How the Fed and Treasury are hurting housing

Whalen: "It is tempting to think that low interest rates will cure all ills in the housing sector, but this view is seriously in error, as we learned in 2008." → Read More

Prepayments: Ginnie Mae vs. the big banks

Any intention that Ginnie Mae may have had to slow prepayment rates by changing the rules on RPLs seems to be thwarted by the grim economic reality facing the big banks. → Read More

Trump's China Trade War Could Lead to Xi's Destruction

Beijing has reacted to economic crisis by cracking down domestically, which could have unintended consequences. → Read More

Government lending returns to popularity

What the cyclical nature of riskier lending over the last half century can tell us about today's market. → Read More

Why the FHFA's latest move undermines the MBS market

FHFA Director Mark Calabria stated that he was directing the GSEs to "add liquidity" to the markets, but the actions of the FHFA say precisely the opposite. → Read More

GSEs must finance the default wave

FHFA head Mark Calabria and his FSOC counterparts need to sit down with the Treasury and fashion an emergency capital plan for the GSEs. → Read More

Financial tsunami threatens housing sector

Simply stated, the federal forbearance of mortgage payments is perhaps the largest unfunded public mandate in American history. → Read More

Getting ahead of the COVID-19 crisis

A number of proposals have been floated for debt payment holidays and other types of moratoria, but such approaches offer solutions that are worse than the problems. → Read More

Will Trump Defuse the Coming Debt Deflation Bomb?

Trillions in global debt could default, while the economic cleanup from COVID-19 could take much longer than anticipated. → Read More

The banks are back in residential mortgages

With the return of volume and profitability to mortgage lending, it is no surprise that commercial banks are coming back to the market. → Read More

Attacks on Trump's Fed Nominee Reveals the Central Bank's Fatal Bias

Why do GOP Senators Shelby and Toomey believe that a candidate for the Fed cannot have conservative views? → Read More

China's Iron Fist is Turning the Coronavirus Into an Economic Disaster

Xi Jinping's massive insecurity complex has led to a crisis that's beginning to affect global markets, too. → Read More

Will FHFA create a level playing field for nonbanks?

To paint nonbanks as a source of systemic risk, particularly given the track record of commercial banks in causing the 2008 subprime mortgage fiasco, seems absurd. → Read More

Return of banks to government loan market still doubtful

The fact that the more operationally skilled nonbanks have come to specialize in government mortgages is hardly surprising if you assess the cost to originate and service these loans. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren is All About Patronage, Not Progressivism

The Democrat is seeking to replace middle-class capitalism with the clientelistic demands of identity groups. → Read More

Pondering the future of private-label mortgage-backed securities

For the private-label mortgage-backed securities market to grow, regulators need to focus on collateral management in addition to changes to data disclosure rules. → Read More