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Recent articles by Itxu:

Crying for Jordan Peterson and Silicone Thinking

The life of an editor can be a painful and miserable hell. Especially when you have to publish the second... → Read More

Spain’s Government Declares War on the Spanish Language

Spanish will no longer be the official language of the Spanish State or the lingua franca in education. This war on the Spanish language is the ransom that socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez has to pay the Catalan nationalists of ERC in exchange for their vote to pass a general state budget of which Chávez would have been proud. → Read More

Reasons to Give Thanks to God for 2020

If you’re reading this, then I guess you’re still alive. Stick a needle in your arm. If it hurts and... → Read More

Is Our Workforce Overqualified?

The biggest problem with our economy (and our culture) may be the simple fact that everybody is going to college. → Read More

This Is How the World Economic Forum Wants to Reset You

The World Economic Forum is a bunch of guys who travel in private jet planes all the way to Switzerland... → Read More

An Octopus Could Have Predicted the Election Better Than the Media

Regardless of whether Biden or Trump ends up in the White House, the biggest losers are the establishment journalists. → Read More

The Left Turn That Never Came

The only thing that has been made clear is that the much-anticipated flood of majority votes in favor of a leftward shift in America did not happen. → Read More

The 2020 Election: A Test of Faith

A test of faith. What is happening with the presidential election in the United States is a good chance to... → Read More

Chronicle of a Heart-Stopper

Popcorn reserves have been depleted all over the free world. It has been so exciting that, glued to the TV... → Read More

Black Cats and Election Predictions

There is a video in which Trump dances wildly at a campaign event, as if he were the groom at... → Read More

Equality and Envy

The great conquest of our civilization is to guarantee equal opportunity, which is the only equality that does not corrupt but rather enhances. Everything is unequal, and it stands to reason in a world where no two dawns are identical, no two fingerprints are identical. → Read More

How Not to Lose Your Temper During a Decisive Week

First of all, take a hammer and hit yourself hard on your right ankle. This will not calm you down... → Read More

The New Cold War Is Against an Algorithm

I used to think that the only thing worse than being in the hands of an idiot was being in... → Read More

Trump-Hating Journalists Write Fiction, Not News

Hardly any journalists get scoops anymore because almost everybody already knows everything. A couple of afternoons ago, in the fruit... → Read More

A Peaceful, Eco-Friendly, and Sustainable Debate Between Biden and Trump

I lost 35 pounds watching the presidential debate. I haven’t released so much adrenaline since the last time I jumped... → Read More

The West Must Take Revenge on China: Send in Clippy

I love Word’s auto-correct feature. Every time I get a letter addressed to Txistu, Ixtu, or Two Diaz, I laugh... → Read More

Why Does the Left Hate the Humanities?

Perhaps the Humanities cannot find the vaccine against coronavirus, but it can find it against stupid rationality, moral sclerosis, nihilistic pride, or the Chinese totalitarianism that paved the way for the pandemic. → Read More

How to Vote the Wrong Way

Deep down, everyone wants to vote for an idiot just to have someone to insult on Twitter for a few... → Read More

Fools at the UN Blame Pandemic on the Patriarchy

In view of the proliferation of fools, some decades ago several Spanish columnists elaborated a catalogue in which they were... → Read More

After Vacation, Back to Work — Writer Style

I’m back in the big city. I have been floating in fluids since March — swimming pool, sea, or beer... → Read More