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Past articles by Shannon:

Even the Formidable Nicole Beharie Cannot Save Miss Juneteenth

Miss Juneteenth, Channing Godfrey Peoples' feature directorial debut, offers a simple but compelling premise. → Read More

The 40 Greatest Cop Shows of All Time

There can only be one G.O.A.T. (and, okay, 39 others that are pretty good too). → Read More

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic, it must be said that Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is not a movie; it’s a feeling. Director David Lowery took the rugged, Americana feel of a great western, the overwhelming sentimentality of a tragic romance, the thrill of a crime drama, and the sound and tempo of some kind of epic Southern odyssey, and he created a new feeling. That feeling is conveyed in… → Read More

Dave Snyder On Collaborative Vision, Alan Cumming, and The New Yorker Presents

Paste caught up with Snyder to talk about the exciting new pilot, working with Amazon, and Alan Cumming as God. → Read More

The New Yorker Presents Review: "Pilot"

As of right now, we don’t really have anything on television to compare to The New Yorker Presents, and that’s incredibly exciting. → Read More

Roxanne Roxanne: A Powerful, Female-Centered Story that Got Hijacked by the Failures of Men

It must be said, before anything else, that the importance of a story like Roxanne Roxanne making it to the big (streaming) screen cannot be understated. → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “The Sin Eater” (Episode 1.06)

For its first few episodes Sleepy Hollow followed a specific pattern to which viewers have surely gotten accustomed. First, Abbie or Crane has a dark vision or dream that is soon confirmed by some gruesome death in the town of Sleepy Hollow. The rest of the episode consists of the two solving the mystery or crime with the help of Crane’s flashbacks to the Revolutionary War, as well as guidance… → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: ”The Midnight Ride” (Episode 1.07)

Things take a fascinating turn when Abbie and Crane learn that the Horseman is in the midst of a desperate search for his skull. → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “Necromancer” (Episode 1.08)

The most exciting part of the episode took place on the other side of town, where Captain Irving released Abbie’s sister, Jenny, from the mental institution so that she could join them on the case. → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “Sanctuary” (Episode 1.09)

The episode proved to be one of the series’ best so far—by its end, both characters found a deep connection to the haunting of that house and yet another connection to each other. → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “The Golem” (Episode 1.10)

Still preoccupied with recent revelation of fatherhood, Crane has contacted an old friend from episode six—the Sin Eater, a.k.a. Henry Parrish (John Noble). → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “The Vessel” (Episode 1.11)

After a long winter break Sleepy Hollow returned last night with an episode that was wonderfully reminiscent of some of the creepiest horror movies ever. → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “The Indispensable Man” and “Bad Blood” (Episodes 1.12 and 1.13)

“The Indispensable Man” was an episode concerned with prophecy. Everywhere they turned—Washington’s bible, Brooks, the Sin Eater (Henry Parrish)—Abbie and Ichabod were warned of a coming betrayal. → Read More

Lyndie Greenwood and a World Without Tokens

Paste caught up with the Sleepy Hollowstar to talk about her role on the show, and what it means to play—and not play—the token. → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “This Is War”

Sleepy Hollow did not take any of the usual, predictable, easy routes with this premiere. 'Preciate that. → Read More

Sleepy Hollow Review: “The Kindred”

Sleepy Hollow is a show that constantly plays around with, and critiques, the complications of the kindred. So when the gang decides to raise their own kindred monster, they know it's a risk. → Read More

Viewing Inside the Box

Here are some excellent DVD sets and a few funky finds for the TV-lover (or mere TV-watcher) in your life. → Read More

9 Reasons the Harriet Tubman in Me Needs More TV Critics Watching Underground

Come on, fellow champions of Peak TV. I can't do this alone. → Read More

5 TV Scenes That Had You All In Your Feelings This Week: 'So Much Super'

With premieres from Arrow and The Flash, and our first positive review of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in practically forever, most of the TV scenes we loved were the stuff geek dreams are made of. Here are our picks for the week of October 5, 2014. → Read More

Scandal Review: “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

Ah! Don’t you just love when Shonda Rhimes kills off a beloved character? → Read More