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Recent articles by Dan:

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New York Times nailed for publishing Republican propaganda — yet again

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If Joe Biden wins this election, mainstream media has plenty of catch-up work ahead

After Nov. 3, comparing Biden to Donald Trump may no longer be enough. It will be time to ask the hard questions → Read More

If Biden wins, political journalists have a lot of catching up to do

In a post-Trump world, the press needs to immediately start holding the president to the highest possible standards of transparency, logic, and clarity. → Read More

A dueling town halls upside: Media finally focuses on the wide gulf between Biden and Trump

The nation's top political reporters actually focused on the extreme contrast between the candidates, not spectacle → Read More

The media could still screw up the election. Here's what they need to do instead

This not a normal election between two opposing candidates, and the news media needs to say so clearly → Read More

Trump broke debate rules and didn't get tested: White House stonewalling gives it away

Sometimes refusing to answer is an answer: White House still won't tell us when Trump last tested negative → Read More

Here's what you need to know about tonight's debate: Mike Pence shouldn't even be there

Public health experts agree: Pence should be in quarantine. Mainstream media defaults to false equivalence, again → Read More

What is the White House hiding? That's where reporters need to push

How recently did Trump actually test negative? And why isn't the White House contact-tracing the Barrett event? → Read More

Never forget: All of this was his own damn fault

There's crucial context to all the understandable media concern over Trump's health: He brought this on himself → Read More

A performance of "pure fascism": Trump didn’t just tell his people what to do — he showed them how

Media observers were outraged — but Donald Trump's not trying to win an election. He's planning to steal one → Read More

It's debate night: But beware of terrible media coverage

Anyone who chooses to focus on gaffes, zingers and optics is doing a disservice to this campaign — and the country → Read More

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Alarms are ringing everywhere about Trump's election plot — except in our top newsrooms

Everyone now sees that Trump plans to steal the election. But major newspapers buried the story: No big deal! → Read More

The alarms are ringing everywhere but in our top newsrooms

People who know and care about elections and democracy frantically sounded the alarm on Wednesday as Donald Trump’s intention to steal the election became undeniable. But the leaders of our nation’s top newsroom went about their business as usual. → Read More

Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought for equality — media must make clear Trump's pick will do the opposite

This Supreme Court battle isn't just another partisan squabble. It's a historic turning point, and we should say so → Read More