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Washington, DC, United States

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Past articles by Dan:

Fox’s big reveal is a teachable moment about journalism

Now is the time to publicly and definitively explain journalism's core values and how Fox does not share them, and to never again allow anyone – the public, the pollsters, the funders, the political parties – to confuse the two. → Read More

Press criticism is everywhere. But the industry isn’t listening.

Political reporters at major news organizations are letting right-wing narratives determine their tone and their agenda, and more people are noticing. → Read More

How the Capitol Police enabled the Jan. 6 attack: A story no one wants to touch

Was it cowardice, blindness, white privilege — or something worse? The House Jan. 6 committee didn't want to know → Read More

Just Like Elon Musk, the New York Times Can’t Stop Trolling the Libs

In an article that laid bare the pathologies of the Times newsroom, star reporter Jeremy Peters actually wrote that what Elon Musk stands for "remains largely unclear." → Read More

It’s not a fluke, it’s a rot: Why the political media blew the 2022 election

Ever since they started handicapping the 2022 election, political journalists have refused to even consider that voters might reject extremism. → Read More

The New York Times is making a mockery of democracy fears

A front-page article by Jonathan Weisman asserted that "just what is threatening democracy depends on who you talk to." → Read More

The facts need a bullhorn

When the threat Republicans pose to democracy are conveyed in a voiceless and euphemistic way, they lose their meaning. → Read More

Was Biden right? Or was Biden wrong? The national media won't say

Our elite political reporters are too arrogant and afraid to answer. → Read More

Coverage of Ron DeSantis shows the media has learned nothing from Trump

He is counting on mainstream journalists, once again, being so desperate to cast themselves as “impartial” that they will normalize what is effectively 21st-century American fascism. → Read More

Who hates inclusivity? The question answers itself.

People who want to maintain their position of control and power and superiority over others have found refuge in anti-wokeism. → Read More

Jeff Bezos’s Next Monopoly: The Press

With his vast investment in The Washington Post’s digital publishing technology, the Amazon founder could soon control the backbone of most large American newspapers. → Read More

At January 6 hearings, revelation plus context equals bombshell

Reporters and editors should think through, ahead of time, what revelations would qualify as bombshells, so they can put them in context on deadline. → Read More

“The New York Times” Has Badly Lost Its Bearings

Its next editor, Joe Kahn, needs to get it back on course. → Read More

Does the mainstream media want Trump to run again and win?

I don't think most reporters and editors are rooting for Trump. But I have an increasingly hard time explaining their behavior in any other way. → Read More

Dan Froomkin: Fox News study comparing Fox and CNN highlights cable TV's harm

New Fox News study comparing Fox and CNN highlights cable TV's harm in America. But it's not too late for fans of Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and The Five etc. → Read More

The New York Times editorial board should retract and resign

An editorial asserting a right not to be held accountable by others for what you say signifies a fatal rot at the heart of the New York Times. → Read More

When the public thinks up is down, it's time to rethink coverage

Polls show the public thinks the U.S. lost jobs last year, when in fact it posted record-breaking job growth. Economic journalism FAIL. → Read More

New York Times editor Dean Baquet doesn't care what you think

Baquet is unable to acknowledge the major flaws that profoundly undermine the newsroom he has led for eight years. Instead, he lashes out at Twitter. → Read More

A battle plan for CNN to regain its standing as the 'most trusted name in news'

CNN is uniquely poised to fill a vaccuum in the TV news ecosphere. It's for a network that champions the truth as enthusiastically as Fox spreads lies. → Read More

Still just repeating whatever Trump says? Let me rewrite that for you.

The Washington Post’s coverage of Trump's latest ludicrous statement was utterly deadpan and stenographic. But something good happened at the NY Times! → Read More