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Recent articles by Jamie:

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First Exomoon Found? An Alien Moon May Have Been Discovered—And It’s Bigger Than Our Planet

A new candidate for an exomoon—a moon that orbits planets beyond the realm of our Solar System—has been announced today in Nature Astronomy. → Read More

Does listening to music make you run faster and train harder?

The science behind how what you listen to can increase your enjoyment, endurance and performance. → Read More

The Webb Space Telescope Is Fully Deployed And ‘Could Now Last 20 Years’ Says NASA But What Happens Next?

The powerful space telescope is now on its way to its parking orbit as a fully assembled space telescope. → Read More

Video: We Watched A Red Supergiant Star’s ‘Dying Breath’ Before It Exploded As A Supernova Say Scientists

For the very first time astronomers have watched a massive star’s rapid self-destruction before it collapsed into a Type II supernova. → Read More

Alexa, Take Me To The Moon! Why Amazon’s Voice Assistant Will Become ‘Callisto’ On NASA’s Upcoming Trip Around The Moon

Sometime in February or March 2022 NASA will re-ignite its pursuit of crewed landings on the Moon’s surface—and Alexa will be along for the ride. → Read More

We’re Losing A Planet: Say Goodbye To Venus, Now A Slim Crescent Sinking In The West

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The First And Best Meteor Shower In 2022 Peaks Tonight. Here’s How, When And Where You Can See It

The Quadrantid meteor shower reaches its peak this week. → Read More

In Photos: 10 Jaw-Dropping Space Images From A Spectacular Year

From planet, eclipses and comets to the latest Hubble images, space tourism and Mars landings, here are the best images from a landmark year in space, astronomy and human spaceflight. → Read More

In Photos: See The Dramatic Final Images Of NASA’s $10 Billion Webb Space Telescope After Its Christmas Day Launch

The best images from the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. → Read More

Suddenly The ‘Christmas Comet’ Has Surged In Brightness: How To See Comet Leonard Before It Fizzles Out

Could the sudden outburst be followed by a fragmentation? Comet Leonard is visible to the naked eye in the west after sunset—here's how, when and where to find it while you still can. → Read More

In Photos: A Full ‘Christmas Moon’ Rises In A Blaze Of Color Just Days Before Solstice

December's full "Cold Moon" or "Christmas Moon" put on a spectacular display just a few days short of the Solstice. → Read More

There Could Be A Beautiful Meteor Shower On Venus Tonight—And You Can See Why With Your Own Eyes

Comet Leonard made its closest approach to Earth on December 12 and is about to make a very close flyby of Venus in the evening sky. → Read More

NASA Delays $10 Billion Space Telescope Yet Again. It Could Now Launch On Christmas Day

The launch window for the James Webb Space Telescope is narrowing but Christmas could see the $10 billion space telescope streak through the sky. → Read More

In Photos And Video: Antarctica’s Exclusive Eclipse Of The Sun Attracts Intrepid Travelers—And Humpback Whales

A total solar eclipse occurred early this morning in Antarctica. Here's the first on-the-spot report. → Read More

‘Armageddon’ Come True? When And Where To Watch Tonight As SpaceX Launches A NASA Spacecraft To Smash Into An Asteroid

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission will evaluate a way of preventing a hazardous asteroid from striking Earth in future. → Read More

Onyx Boox Nova Air review

This lightweight device handles 17 file formats, makes digital writing a breeze and accesses the world of Google Play Store apps for tablet-like usability. → Read More