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Past articles by Crystal:

'Vampire Energy' Is Sucking the Life Out of Our Planet

This Earth Day, it's time to tackle a sneaky source of waste that drains wallets and accelerates climate change. → Read More

Tiny-house living can be big-time wasteful

The constraints that come with such small spaces affect the choices people make on basics such as clothing,food and furniture. → Read More

If You're Still Calling Robert Pattinson a Sparkly Vampire, You're Not Paying Attention

Robert Pattinson made his first big impression on me as Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff Seeker, in the 2005 blockbuster Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Although the young wizard met an untimely fate, Diggory remains one of the franchise’s most celebrated heroes. Pattinson, with his trademark quiet introspection, perfectly captured J.K. Rowling’s humble yet charismatic Triwizard Tournament… → Read More

I Was Stalked by You's Joe Goldberg and It's Terrifying — How Netflix's You Misrepresents Real Life Stalking

Netflix put a handsome face on You’s antagonist, Joe Goldberg, but let me tell you: as someone deeply affected by this intimate form of terrorism, there’s nothing sexy about a stalker, real or imagined. → Read More

British Folk Horror Is Back, and It's Scarier Than Ever

Move over zombies—a new subgenre is here to spook us all. → Read More

Can Your Character Peak?

Robert D. Ray, former Iowa governor and humanitarian leader, leaves behind a legacy deeply rooted in the exemplary character he exhibited throughout his life. Ray inherited his administration during a period of great civil unrest, when tempers flared over the Vietnam War and cultural conflicts sparked rioting and bloodshed. Yet he governed with heart, spirit and boundless… → Read More

What’s so funny? Why we laugh when we’re nervous or uncomfortable

LMAO, or laughing my awkwardness off. → Read More

Parenting would be so much easier if my husband and I got divorced

Divorce, and shared custody, would give me at least a day or two to sleep in, to clear my head and recover from the parenting marathon I run most days. → Read More

The Flying Santas Who Airdrop Christmas Cheer to America’s Lighthouse Keepers –

When a 1920s aviation pioneer launched a thank-you project for the families that keep coastal ships safe, he propelled a goodwill tradition that’s lasted longer than he ever imagined. → Read More

Step Inside Madam Jones’ Bawdy Blue House of 19th-Century Pleasure –

When Maine became the first state to pass Prohibition in 1851, supporters dreamed of a pine-strewn moral haven. One freethinking former seamstress had other ideas. → Read More

The Former Slave Who Became an Executioner –

Louis Congo bargained for freedom in 1725. The tradeoff? He became the punisher, doling out brutal whippings, brandings and even hangings to his own people. → Read More

The Coming War Over Watching Porn in Fast Food Restaurants

For years, fast-food chains have provided an unfiltered gateway to the internet. Thanks to the "National Porn Free Wi-Fi" campaign, those days might be coming to an end. Some see that as an infringement of free speech. → Read More

368 Years Before Hillary, This Trailblazing Feminist Demanded Her Right to Vote –

In Margaret Brent’s day, women were supposed to be seen and not heard. That didn’t stop her from taking on the system. → Read More

I’d rather have online friends than real ones

I have no traditional friends — and that's fine with me. → Read More