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Recent articles by Charles:

Why a Cabinet Nom for a Member of Congress Would Create Headaches for Democrats

If Joe Biden wants to tap a member of Congress to his cabinet, he will face some hurdles. In the House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s narrow margin is likely to prove a stumbling block, while in the Senate Democrats would face the complicated dynamics of replacing a sitting senator. → Read More

With Congress Stacked Against Him, Biden Prepares For First Hundred Days

Speaking before a crowd of car-bound supporters, Joe Biden told them and the nation that the results of the presidential election amounted to a mandate. → Read More

While Democrats Argue Barrett Will Kill Obamacare, Legal Experts Are Skeptical

Democrats zeroed in on the Affordable Care Act in the first day of hearings for judge Amy Coney Barrett, arguing that her confirmation would mean Obamacare's swift defeat when the Supreme Court hears a case on its constitutionality next month. But conservative legal experts say Barrett is unlikely to invalidate the law. → Read More

Data Reveal How Yale Discriminates Based on Race

Black applicants to Yale University are up to eight times more likely to be admitted than Asian applicants with the same level of academic skill, a disparity that the Department of Justice says violates federal law. → Read More

Swing States See Gun Sales Boom, Activists Look to Capitalize

The nine states at the epicenter of the presidential race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden each saw historic seasonally adjusted gun sales in June. → Read More

REVIEW: ‘One Billion Americans’ by Matthew Yglesias

On the eve of World War II, there were roughly 130 million Americans, some 6 percent of the world's population. By comparison, mainland Japan had 72 million, Germany 69 million, and Italy just 43 million. Only the Soviet Union—168 million—could match the United States man-for-man. → Read More

Welfare, Tax Rules Keep Working-Class Americans from Marrying, Experts Say

The design of long-standing welfare programs likely keeps numerous working-class couples from getting hitched, a research report released Thursday argues. → Read More

Six Arrested for Assaulting Cops as Disorder Reigns in D.C.

Six people were arrested for assaulting police officers in Washington, D.C., over the weekend as the nation's capital was gripped by the worst unrest it has seen since early June. → Read More

Kanye Expands Legal Battle for the Ballot

Rapper Kanye West's presidential campaign on Friday brought legal challenges against the secretaries of state in West Virginia and Wisconsin, alleging that they had violated West's constitutional rights by denying him access to their presidential ballots in November. → Read More

AOC Calls Felon Disenfranchisement a Legacy of Slavery

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called felon disenfranchisement, a legal practice embraced by 48 states, part of "the inherited structures of slavery." → Read More

N.Y. Cops Were on Top of a Crime Wave—Then the Protests Came

NYPD arrest rates cratered amid the protests following the death of George Floyd, official city data show, suggesting that the timing and tone of mass anti-police demonstrations may have contributed to New York City's violent crime spike. → Read More

States Have Spent Little of $150 Billion COVID Relief Fund

State and local governments have spent less than a quarter of the relief funds earmarked to help them fight the coronavirus, a recently released report from the Treasury Department indicates. → Read More

The Wages of Woke: How Robin DiAngelo Got Rich Peddling 'White Fragility'

Dr. Robin DiAngelo, the bestselling author of White Fragility, claims to believe in accountability. DiAngelo used to list the “racial justice” organizations she donates to as part of her extensive “accountability statement,” including a monthly “land rent” paid to the Native American tribe which used to occupy Seattle. → Read More

First Federal Execution in Decades Stalled by Last-Minute Legal Wrangling

A convicted child killer and white supremacist enjoyed a temporary reprieve on Monday, as legal headwinds in two separate appeals forestalled the first federal execution in 17 years. → Read More

Are Minneapolis's Police Protests Causing a Crime Wave?

An average of over 50 gunshots per day have plagued Minneapolis since the police killing of George Floyd led to city- and nationwide protests. → Read More

Why Is Laurene Powell Jobs Funding Fake News?

Laurene Powell Jobs has portrayed herself as a defender of the free press, but while several of the journalistic projects she supports have laid off employees and turned to the government for help, the billionaire has also funded a political group that has built sham local news sites to push Democratic talking points. → Read More

Review: 'The Deficit Myth' by Stephanie Kelton

Though little-known outside it, Stephanie Kelton has fast become one of the biggest names in the progressive policy world. → Read More

Biden Pledge to Dump Keystone Pipeline Would Kill Thousands of Jobs

Joe Biden will kill the Keystone XL pipeline projected if elected, a move that would likely cost thousands of jobs and millions in local tax revenue. → Read More

American Colleges Are Headed for a Meltdown

America's colleges have never seen anything like the financial meltdown the coronavirus is about to bring to their campuses. → Read More

Woke Talking Points Cost Gillibrand Primary Support

Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign trail discussion of "white privilege" likely hurt her chances among voters, a new study argues. → Read More