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Past articles by David:

The madness behind the battle for Bakhmut

“The objective for today is to come back alive.” Yevgeny is a young commando from the “Mad Pack”, a special forces unit that has been fighting in Bakhmut since November. His words are familiar — lacquered with that mix of emotions common to almost all soldiers fighting on the frontlines of war: laughter and unease. We clamber into a Land Cruiser and head toward the city. “The situation is always… → Read More

Inside the Ukrainian resistance

In Kherson, Russian collaborators are being hunted down → Read More

Inside the battle on the Eastern Front

Barbed wire knots together sky and earth. Burned-out vehicles, modern-day carcasses of industrial warfare, dot the landscape. The ground is strafed and cratered: Eastern Ukraine has been disembowelled by shelling. The war here is fought with 21st-century drone technology, but it flies over soldiers who carry 50-year-old Kalashnikovs. The black snouts and brown handles of these guns line the… → Read More

Ukraine is winning the online war

The internet is a chaotic place, but it is nonetheless ruled by a series of iron laws, especially when it comes to what we put on it. Perhaps the most important one is that whatever you post, try to make it visual. Once that’s established it’s about what sort of image will best hoover up those likes and shares and retweets. Well, that’s down to where you are and who your audience is. But as a… → Read More

Why Trump’s fight with Iran isn’t over

Tensions over the nuclear issue are all but certain to restart the conflict. → Read More

Born in crisis, Greece’s tech sector looks for a boom – POLITICO

New Democracy government has pledged to boost entrepreneurs and make business easy. → Read More

Election Watch: The Jewish Women Leading the Fight Against Anti-Semitism in Britain –

On 12 September 2015, Jeremy Corbyn, a hard-left politician with little public profile and no tangible achievements in a parliamentary career stretching back almost a third of a century, was elected leader of the Labour Party and set about transforming British politics, perhaps forever. Corbyn’s election stunned Britain. In hindsight, it turned out to be … → Read More

Greece’s Trojan Trump – POLITICO

The next prime minister might be a centrist. His party is anything but. → Read More

Iran loses its ‘moderate’ face

Foreign minister’s resignation is bad news for those hoping for stability in an ever more chaotic region. → Read More

No Israelis Allowed Onboard –

On Tuesday, a German court rejected an appeal by an Israeli passenger barred from boarding a Kuwait Airways flight because the airline refuses to allow Israelis on its planes. The ban is not imposed on politicians or military personnel or even settlers. The passenger, Adar M (he cannot be fully named for legal reasons), a … → Read More

An Expert on Anti-Semitism Fears for the Future in Britain –

As a young boy growing up in the affluent North London suburb of Highgate, the writer and academic David Hirsh was always dimly aware that something was different. An uneasy family history lay behind his pleasant existence. Behind the joy there was trauma. He could sense it. Now, over forty years later, he worries … → Read More

British Jews’ Corbyn problem – POLITICO

There’s no evidence Labour leader’s anti-Semitic view will turn voters off. → Read More

Why Israel Is Losing the Social Media War –

Global outrage over last month’s peak to the so-called Great March of Return on the Gaza-Israel border was instant and understandable. Over 50 people died and hundreds more were injured on a single day. What happened was as viscerally unpleasant as civil strife gets. It was brutal. More violence followed. Hamas and Islamic Jihad aimed … → Read More

British Jews Rally Against Anti-Semitism in Labour –

Britain’s Jews are mobilizing toward Parliament Square. A Jewish communications consultant who is active in the community spoke to me on his way to a unprecedented public outpouring of pent-up frustration with Jeremy Corbyn and the normalization of open anti-Semitism in Britain’s Labour party. T... → Read More

How British Political Journalist and Thriller Writer Jonathan Freedland Saw Trump Coming –

Jonathan Freedland is one of Britain’s foremost political journalists, and arguably its most prominent Jewish one. Writing under the pseudonym Sam Bourne, he continues in the British tradition (Chesterton, le Carré) of using genre fiction, especially the conventions of the mystery or spy thriller... → Read More

Refugees can achieve so much if they’re not caged in isolated camps

Rooms were lying empty at an Athens hotel. Now it’s an autonomous hive where refugees are empowered, writes David Patrikarakos, author, academic and journalist → Read More

Winning the Battle, Losing the Message: Inside America’s Utter Failure to Counter ISIS Propaganda

“We spent our time telling people not to do things. ISIS told them to take control of their lives, to join them and take action. There was only ever going to be one winner.” → Read More

Newt Gingrich, European man

The former House speaker may be a political streetfighter but he also has a Ph.D. in European history. → Read More

Trump Trashes Iran Nuclear Deal—But “Wise Men” Want That Kept and More

The U.S. president, who is much better breaking deals than making them, is doing his best to throw out a good partial settlement to get a bigger deal that he can’t deliver. → Read More

Europe to the rescue as Trump threatens Iran nuclear deal

Iran’s moderates and their European partners will fight to keep it alive. → Read More