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Past articles by Lynn:

The new Sally Ride stamp ensures astronaut will be a role model for generations

The new Sally Ride stamp places the first woman in space in a pantheon of superheroes and cements her status as a feminist role model. → Read More

Not All Men Are Pigs: But the Ones Who Are, Are Swine.

One splendid July day five years ago, during the last presidential campaign when the bar of civility rested comfortably above the waist, I traveled to New Hampshire to interview Republican candidate Mitt Romney for a magazine piece. Before my sit-down with the governor and his wife, there was a photo shoot, and at the request of the photographer I stood back quietly, out of the way. It wasn’t my… → Read More

Not All Men Are Pigs. But the Ones Who Are, Are Swine.

And let’s stop pretending that we didn’t know. → Read More

Chaos: The New Normal

Trump's ruinous romp through our history, our freedom, our language and, yes, our souls, has littered our country with far more than a messy wardrobe. → Read More

Men’s Rights? Simple: Same as Ours

Let's get rid of the "men's" and "women's" labels and recognize that the issues concern all of us, regardless of gender, writes Lynn Sherr. → Read More

'Battle of the Sexes' Then — and Now –

Midway through Bobby Riggs’ cocky telephone pitch to Billie Jean King in 1973 — a nationally televised tennis match with a $100,000 prize between her, the top-ranked female player, and himself, the fading superstar — Riggs brands the event. “Male chauvinist pig versus hairy-legged feminist,” he says, succinctly defining the cultural stakes. Although Riggs instantly walks back his hustle with a… → Read More

Collaboration: Be Careful Who You Work With

At a time when precise language has gone missing from the White House, how best to describe those loyal Republicans still loyal to President Trump? → Read More

Lynn Sherr: The Courage of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski Is Why We Need More Women in Power

July 31, 2017 by Lynn Sherr This post first appeared on I see that Planned Parenthood is sending a thank-you gift to the US senators who voted down Trumpcare — all 48 Democrats and 3 Republicans who understood that even the so-called “skinny” iteration was an anemic sham. Each senator earned a “superhero cape” emblazoned with #IStandWithPP, because by killing the bill, they… → Read More

Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski Bravery on Healthcare Is Why We Need More Women in Power

We’re not yet in a position to claim that women will always make the difference, but to paraphrase “Hamilton,” women — we get the job done. → Read More

Poetry Month: A Civic Poet with a Softer Side

Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote civic poetry in a land without civility, inspiring others to dare to speak their minds. He denounced the regime of Josef Stalin. → Read More

Memo to the Media: How Not to Cover the President

It’s important to remind the Americans that the president has little contact with reality. But don’t give him the free ride of repeating the lie. → Read More

The 1970 Women's Strike: A Bit of History

In 1970, tens of thousands of American women abandoned their husbands, their typewriters and their waitress stations to march and to press for equality. → Read More

Lessons From Vietnam on Inauguration Day

Resistance doesn’t mean just standing strong: it means doing so without rushing, and without faltering. → Read More

Hidden Figures: The Right Staff

A new movie about African-American women mathematicians in the NASA space program adds critical depth and detail to the legend of The Right Stuff. → Read More

Agree: It Was Sexism

It wasn't because she was unqualified or didn't get the popular vote. It was sexism. → Read More

Two Firsts, One Candidate, One Superstar

Halfway through Hillary Clinton’s get-out-the-vote rally at Wake Forest University in North Carolina yesterday afternoon, I realized that Pogo, the cartoon possum, was right: I was seeing the future, and it was us.To roars of approval from some 11,000 mostly young people in the stadium, the two most powerful women in American politics were holding a mutual feminist admiration society. Continue… → Read More

Notes From a Nasty Woman

No, he has no decency. But hey, maybe he can create a job or two. → Read More

Michelle Obama's Speech: As Personal as Political Gets

In her speech, the first lady didn't just go high: She soared, making her case against a serial abuser personal as never before in the public arena. → Read More

Clinton v Trump Debate Part Two – Enough Is Enough!

Cancel the third debate. → Read More

Why We Should Cancel the Next Debate

Cancel the third debate. The dark and gloomy showdown in St. Louis last night was so depressing... The Trump effect has ruined politics this year. → Read More