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Past articles by Sam:

The efficient market hypothesis posits that all stocks are fairly valued, making it virtually impossible to earn big profits

The efficient market hypothesis holds that stock prices always reflect all currently available information. → Read More

Liquid assets are an important part of a portfolio because they can be quickly converted into cash

Liquid assets are assets that can be quickly converted to cash and can include stocks, bonds, and CDs. But there are varying levels of liquidity to know about. → Read More

How networking helped a 23-year-old student make a 'career-starting' discovery

Harrison Duran, a 23-year-old college student, had just been rejected from an internship when he made a "career-starting" discovery alongside someone he'd met networking at a conference: He unearthed a 65-million-year-old triceratops skull. → Read More

What to know about staking — the process of locking up crypto holdings to earn rewards and interest

In the cryptocurrency world, coin staking is the process of locking up coins to support a blockchain network. Here's what to know. → Read More

Residents of 9 states don't pay income tax — here's how to decide if you'll save by moving to one of them

Nine states in the U.S. don't levy income taxes, which may save some residents money. But experts say to consider these things if you're looking to move to one of them. → Read More

What you need to know about stock market 'witching days' — and why you shouldn't fear them

"Witching days" on the stock market are nothing new, but they still can cause a lot of volatility. Here's an explanation of what they are and why they're nothing to be alarmed about. → Read More

Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Ray Dalio: What top investors are saying about the stock market

The stock markets have been seesawing and many experts are as flummoxed. Here's what leading investors Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio, and Howard Marks have to say. → Read More

How much money you'd need to save per paycheck to buy a new car

Cars are as expensive as they've ever been, and it takes time to save. Here's how much you need to save each paycheck to buy a new car. → Read More

'If you don't teach your kids about money, the world will': How to raise financially empowered kids

Exposing children to finances at a young age can pay dividends as they get older, but many parents don't know how to teach them. Experts say it's easier than you think. → Read More

What 'the best investors' do when markets get bumpy, according to a finance industry insider

The stock market has been volatile this year. Your best bet may be to ignore the noise, experts say. Here are three ways to do that. → Read More

Why experts are watching OpenTable reservations and dentists offices for signs of economic recovery

Typically, GDP numbers and unemployment reports offer economic insight, but the pandemic has made those measures less reliable. Here are other signs of recovery. → Read More

A second stimulus check is coming, says President Trump: It will be 'very generous'

President Donald Trump has committed to a second round of stimulus checks and says Americans should expect it soon, but as yet no official decisions have been made. → Read More

Here's how much money experts say you should have in savings at every age

With retirement, emergencies, and education to pay for, trying to figure out how much money you should have saved can be stressful. Experts recommend a fluid approach. → Read More

3 tips for making smart choices when picking investments

Many investors are be trying to find the next hot stock that may earn big returns as the market recovers. Experts suggest conducting research before investing. → Read More

How the pandemic changed the way 'Million Dollar Listing' star Ryan Serhant sells real estate

New York real estate broker and TV star Ryan Serhant saw his business affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what he's been doing in the meantime. → Read More

A second stimulus check is possible but a $450-$1,200 'back-to-work' bonus looks more likely

Millions of Americans are waiting to see if they'll get a second stimulus check, but the May jobs report may have suspended current proposals. → Read More

What to do with your old 401(k) if you lost your job during coronavirus

If you lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering what you should do with your 401(k). Here's what experts recommend. → Read More

How much money you'd need to save per paycheck to send a child to college

The cost of a college education keeps rising and a 529 may be a good resource. Here's how much you need to save if you want to help your kids out with the costs. → Read More

A second stimulus check may be coming: Here's the No. 1 thing experts suggest you do while you wait

While Americans wait to see if a second stimulus check is coming, experts say people can and should set up an emergency savings account or rainy day fund. → Read More

'This will be the quickest recession': What experts expect of the post-pandemic economic recovery

While the U.S. has been in a recession due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are looking forward and wondering how long it'll take to recover. Experts weigh in. → Read More