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Past articles by Eliza:

For an Accurate Census, Look to the Grassroots

The administration has backed down, but the census war rages on. → Read More

To Reassert Its Lost Power, Congress Must Join the 21st Century

An obscure congressional committee may help make Congress relevant again. → Read More

Republicans Abandon Election Security

Republicans used to back election security, but now GOP leaders are taking their cue from the White House. → Read More

FEC Dysfunction Now Threatens Democracy

democracy_rules.jpg Of all the Federal Election Commission’s many chronic breakdowns in recent years, its failure to take the slightest action to either stave off or respond to Russian meddling in the 2016 election is the most damaging to American democracy. → Read More

“Total Exoneration?” Not So Fast.

There’s already ample evidence that Donald Trump violated the campaign finance laws, and the core question of whether he received illegal election help from Russia remains unanswered. → Read More

Another GOP Voter Fraud Claim Falls Apart, and Democrats See an Opening

Republican voter fraud allegations are getting embarrassing—and politically damaging—for the GOP. → Read More

Voter Turnout Is Surging -- And Mitch McConnell Is Terrified

democracy_rules.jpg Recent findings that voter turnout broke a century-old record last year and could cause another “100-year storm of voters” in 2020 must play on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s worst fears. → Read More

Campaign Reforms May Never Pass, But the Low-Dollar Revolution Has Already Begun

democracy_rules.jpg A sweeping anti-corruption bill marching toward approval in the House is not expected to make it past the Senate, but Democrats may not need legislation to get at least part of their wish: a small donor revolution that dilutes the power of big money. → Read More

Trump’s Inaugural Was a Hot Mess from the Start, and Now It Puts Him in Legal Peril

New disclosures surface every day in the Russia collusion probes, but mundane campaign-finance violations may once again cause Trump his biggest headaches. → Read More

House Democrats Want to Reorganize Congress. They Shouldn’t Stop Halfway.

[[nid:232045]] democracy_rules.jpg When the House approved a package of rules changes at the beginning of this year aimed at making Congress work better, not many people took notice. → Read More

Democrats Have Promised to Clean Up Washington. Can They Deliver?

It’s easy enough for House Democrats to approve a package of democracy reforms that they know Mitch McConnell will scuttle. It will be harder to swear off big money, and work with Republicans on lasting fixes. → Read More

Republicans Who Slap Voters in the Face May Be in for a Nasty Surprise

Republican power grabs in the Midwest could cost the GOP dearly in 2020. → Read More

Read It and Weep: Georgia Lawsuit Paints Stark Portrait of Voter Suppression

Republicans have scoffed at allegations of voting rights violations in Georgia, but a lawsuit filed by Stacey Abrams allies catalogues disenfranchisement in grim detail. → Read More

It’s Time to Fix American Elections

Conflicts of interest, dilapidated machines, erratic election administration, and voter suppression were on full display in this midterm, giving Congress plenty to fix. → Read More

Can the Progressive Coalition Beat Trump?

Whether or not they prevail on Election Day, women, immigrants, African Americans, and youth voters will emerge from this midterm stronger than before. → Read More

Democracy Is on the Ballot

Voters will consider close to two dozen ballot initiatives to fix the broken political process and open up democracy this fall, but GOP legislators are moving to rig the system still further. → Read More

Will the Next Women’s March Be Taxed?

A National Park Service plan to impose harsh new fines and restrictions on public protesters takes Donald Trump’s assault on the First Amendment to a whole new level. → Read More

FARA Fiasco: Congress Swings at Manafort, Hits Environmentalists

Republicans on Capitol Hill have done nothing to fix the broken foreign lobbying laws, but are instead hounding environmental groups as supposed foreign agents. → Read More

Small Donors May Soon Be the Only Way to Fight Big Money

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh doesn't think much of campaign-finance transparency, foreign money restrictions, or even contribution limits-leaving few political money fixes that may pass constitutional muster. → Read More

When the Rules Matter After All

The political corruption wave that's rolled ever higher under President Trump may be cresting soon, as judges and voters rediscover their enthusiasm for the rule of law. → Read More