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When You Heal Your Heart, You Don’t Give It Away So Easily

When you heal your heart, you don’t act impulsively anymore. → Read More

6 Reminders When You’re Newly Single For The First Time In A Long Time

You should be proud of yourself for choosing the single life. → Read More

I Forgive You For Leaving Me When I Needed You The Most

I’m sorry for blaming you when there was nothing you could have done. → Read More

This Is The Uncomfortable Sign You’re Finally Reaching New Levels Of Success In Your Life

This Is The Uncomfortable Sign You’re Finally Reaching New Levels Of Success In Your Life. The reality is that in life, we are not seeking happiness, we are ultimately seeking comfort.. → Read More

8 Reasons Why Couples Who Didn’t Experience Love At First Sight Actually Have The Strongest Relationships

You may not have had that magic moment where you first looked into your partners eyes and knew that it was ‘love,’ you may not have had that initial ‘spark.’ But what you… → Read More

12 Signs Your Expectations For Love Are Too Damn High

You hold other people to standards that you don’t meet yourself. → Read More

13 Things Only People Who Come Out Of Narcissistic Relationships Will Recognize In Their Behavior and Patterns

A victim of abuse tends to see the world in black and white. → Read More

Maybe It’s Not Me. Maybe you’re afraid of commitment.

Maybe you’re afraid of commitment. The way someone runs from a scary monster or a man with an axe. But I’m a girl with a cozy bed and a full heart and a hand to hold. I want to love you and I’m only… → Read More

How To Be The Girl Who Stopped Giving A Shit

To be the girl who stopped giving a shit, first you need to care too much. → Read More

Just So You Know, Romantic Love Doesn’t Determine Happiness

Love comes in so many forms and blesses us in so many ways. → Read More

This Is The Reality Of Being Sensitive In A Harsh World

It felt like my heart was constantly connecting to those around me, or I was getting invested in stories I heard. I hurt when others hurt. I cried when my friends cried. I mourned when the world mourned. It was a hard thing to shake, especially as a kid. → Read More

I’m Starting To Suspect This Whole ‘Finding Yourself’ Thing Is Bullshit

I’ve done everything in the book and I still have no idea what the fuck I’m supposed to have found. → Read More

How To Be Friends With An Ex

Spend an evening or afternoon with them, catching up, laughing, having a drink. → Read More

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Making These 6 Mistakes When Your Heart Is Broken

When you’re heartbroken, you might make some impulsive decisions you regret later. But, really, you shouldn’t regret doing whatever it takes to heal. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. → Read More

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Has No Idea Who You Really Are (Because He Doesn’t Really Care)

10 Signs Your Boyfriend Has No Idea Who You Really Are (Because He Doesn’t Really Care). One clear sign your boyfriend has no idea who you really are is if he doesn’t ask.. → Read More

Here’s What Kind Of Introvert You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You are an adventurous introvert. You actually dislike being called an “introvert” because you don’t relate at all to the weak stereotype of being a wet blanket. You are strong and you can handle… → Read More

What It Means To Love A Girl Who’s Fiercely Independent

She isn’t used to balancing herself with another person. → Read More

6 Toxic Beliefs about Love that We Need to Stop Romanticizing

You shouldn’t have to work at it.. “6 Toxic Beliefs about Love that We Need to Stop Romanticizing” is published by Thought Catalog in Curious. → Read More

You Don’t Have To Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

You don’t have to forgive someone who had to lose you to realize what you meant to them. → Read More

4 Ugly Truths About Dating That We Shouldn’t Tolerate Anymore

Only date people who are secure enough to trust people. → Read More