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Past articles by Molly:

7 Houseplants That Are Safe for Pets (And 4 You Should Definitely Avoid)

At this point in the history of our world, I know two things to be true: People love their pets, and people love bringing plants indoors. → Read More

Turn Your Home into a Jungle for $0 with These 5 Super Easy-to-Propagate Houseplants

If you’re looking to expand your houseplant collection but don’t have the money to keep buying more plants, great news: Propagating is totally free, making it the most affordable way to get new plants. You can propagate your own existing plants, or you can join an online plant propagation group and trade with your new friends. One of the coolest things about plant propagation is that it’s an… → Read More

Not-So-Still Life: These 4 Easy-to-Find Houseplants Move All on Their Own

If you’re living with the assumption that your beloved houseplants aren’t moving around when you’re not looking, you’re very wrong. In fact, they’re moving all the time — it’s just that the pace of our lives and the pace of our plants don’t quite line up. While we’re swirling around in our day-to-day lives, our plants are slowly, but surely, moving at their own leisure. → Read More

This $0 Hack Plant Shop Pros Swear By Makes Potting Big Plants a Breeze

Sometimes you fall in love with potting containers that don’t fit your needs. It happens! But too-small planters are rough on your plants because they don’t give them room to stretch their roots. Too big planters can give plants more room than they need, and cause them to spend too much energy filling up the pot with roots rather than throwing shoots into the air. But even if your giant planter… → Read More

Killed Your Plant? It’s OK! Here’s What to Do Next

Owning a houseplant isn’t always picture-perfect. Even the most experienced houseplant collector can struggle with unhappy plants. It’s easy to get caught up in the virtual world of immaculate images of peace lilies and English ivy on Instagram or TikTok. If your plant dies, you must be a failure, right? No! Don’t be so hard on yourself. → Read More

These Plants Will Kill Your Fungus Gnat Problem

Fungus gnat problem? Yeah, you and everyone else who has houseplants. Pretty much every plant parent has likely had a case of fungus gnats at least once in their collecting career. Luckily, there are several houseplants that can actually help you eradicate those annoying flying pests. Even better, they’ll also make great additions to your plant collection.Adult fungus gnats are harmless unless… → Read More

Your Too-Big Pot Is Actually Sabotaging Your Houseplant

If you’re really into plants, you know that finding the perfect pot is crucial. Maybe you’ve gifted yourself a new ficus or fern, or maybe an old favorite is in need of a new home. You’ve searched high and low for the perfect container that will fit with your design aesthetic, and you’ve finally found it.But before you strut to the register to make your purchase, you should consider a big… → Read More

How to Find Native Plants for Your Garden

For most gardeners, there is a tangible connection to the earth that they cultivate for their gardens. They sink their time, money, and emotions into the earth with every weed pulled and every plant tenderly placed into the ground. No matter the type of gardener you are, there’s always room to create a stronger connection between yourself and your plot of land — regardless of the size. One way… → Read More

5 Low-Maintenance Houseplants That Basically Thrive on Neglect

Sometimes, as a houseplant lover and owner, you just don’t have the room, space, or time to care for a fast-growing plant. While these plants might be “easy-going” in terms of their light and water requirements, frequent houseplant repotting can be just as much of a time suck. Some popular houseplants grow out of their pots so quickly it’s almost like magic (looking at you, monstera). And that’s… → Read More

5 Tiny Plants to Fit in Awkward Corners, Cramped Spaces, and Other Tight Spots

Houseplant lover with not a lot of square footage to spare? Good news: You do not have to put your green thumb on the shelf just because your place isn’t palatial. Many houseplants take up minimal space and require minimal care, too — some will even be perfectly fine in a dim corner of your garden studio. These five tiny plants are the perfect size for tiny spaces. → Read More

18 Things You Can Plant in June, Whether You Have a Tiny Patio or a Huge Garden

With Memorial Day behind us, it’s basically official: It’s summertime! While the start of summer isn’t technically until June 20, long, hot, sunny days are near (if not in your zone already). That means it’s prime time for heat-loving plants of all kinds.If you’re behind in the season and late to plant your summer picks, don’t worry! You’re not alone. → Read More

This Easy-to-Forget Spring Cleaning Task Will Make Your Houseplants So Much Happier

Heading into late spring and early summer — when all plants start to get more active — it’s time to take a good, long look at your houseplants. Check them over to look for pests, new growth, and discoloration. Take progress pictures. Wipe down dusty leaves with a damp cloth. We spring clean our homes, so why not include our houseplants in the routine?Even after all of that, there might be one… → Read More

5 Tried-and-True Houseplant Care Tips Passed Down from My Great-Grandmother

At this point in my “writing about plants” career, it’s not much of a secret that I come from a long line of green thumbs. My mom is a literal pro at it — she makes her living as a flower farmer — but others in my family, going generations back, have had just as much passion and expertise for plants. → Read More

6 Things to Plant in May for a Colorful (and Tasty!) Garden All Summer Long

You’ve weathered the cold winds of March gardening, and the rainy days of April gardening, and finally, it’s here: warm, beautiful MAY. This month marks the pinnacle of spring, and if you’ve been waiting to plant your summer crop of flowers, fruits, and veggies because of frost (for the northern continental United States, you’re looking at around May 22), this is the month you’ll finally get to… → Read More

5 Ways to Make Big Plants Work in Your Small Space

Just because you live in a smaller home or apartment doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having large houseplants. → Read More

The Sneaky Way Your Dirt Is Sabotaging Your Houseplants (and How to Fix It)

How to choose the right potting soil for houseplants. → Read More

6 Plants These Houseplant Pros Will Never (Ever!) Buy Again

The houseplant collector community is a tight-knit crew. While we’ve been known to have our dramatic squabbles over proper plant care (looking at you, LECA lovers), most of us are loyal to the core — both to community members and to our plant collections. We are plant parents and we are proud.However, that doesn’t mean that we love all houseplants. Everyone has different taste based on their… → Read More

The Must-Have Guide to Grouping Your Plants

Using houseplants as decor elements is a high-level trend these days, and as your plant collection grows, so do your options for designing with them. One of the most effective and stylish ways to display your plants is to group them. You have many ways of going about this, so choose what feels right for you and your space. Of course, we have suggestions to get you off on the right foot! → Read More

Are You Being Plant Scammed? 5 Smart Tips for Outsmarting Sneaky Sellers

5 tips for shopping for plants online so you don't get scammed. → Read More

6 Things to Plant in April, from Colorful Perennials to Tasty Veggies

6 things to plant in April, from colorful perennials to tasty veggies. → Read More