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Recent articles by Mike:

Even the flunkies have a dazzling way with words in this early screwball comedy

Generally considered to be among the earliest screwball comedies, Twentieth Century is a relic of an age where screenwriters valued historical and cultural literacy for its own sake, weaving it into even the goofiest of material. → Read More

Jackie Chan's Supercop is one of the best "part three" sequels

Supercop is the rare Part 3 that improves on both of its predecessors, despite taking longer than usual to reach the truly spectacular action sequences for which Jackie Chan is renowned. → Read More

The Last Vermeer tells an irresistible true story… after a lot of useless misdirection

There’s no reason why The Last Vermeer couldn’t have been good hokey pseudo-historical fun. It just would have required putting Guy Pearce's Han van Meegeren front and center throughout, rather than shrouding his gift in pointlessly vague mystery. → Read More

Werner Herzog remembers his favorite leading man—and the living hell of working with him

The tone of My Best Fiend is affection mixed with exasperation, as Werner Herzog reminisces about his most frequent star, Klaus Kinski—a man he once fantasized about murdering. → Read More

Werner Herzog chases meteorites and those who love them in Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds

As in many of Werner Herzog's documentaries, the focus of Fireball is actually people: those who love meteorites and are excited to share that passion, their ardor burning as brightly as those streaks through the sky. → Read More

A Norwegian setting is the only unique thing about the superhero rehash Mortal

That the story takes place in Norway serves as a tipoff, as does the title. But it’s still kind of grimly hilarious when Mortal proves to be the origin story of a character we’ve seen in multiplexes quite frequently over the past decade or so. → Read More

It only took two movies for Newman and Redford to become an iconic onscreen duo

Four years after Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, Paul Newman and Robert Redford reunited in The Sting. → Read More

House Of Wax unleashed the devilish horror star lurking within Vincent Price

Vincent Price had played villains before, but director Andre de Toth was the first to recognize just how creepy his patrician affect could be, and how potentially porous was the boundary between eccentric and insane. → Read More

Frederick Wiseman’s mammoth-length City Hall finds humanity alongside the bureaucracy

Though it runs a whopping four-and-a-half hours, Frederick Wiseman's latest portrait of an institution, City Hall, isn't punishing. → Read More

France’s answer to Hitchcock earned the comparisons with an all-time-great thriller

Diabolique is just one of the very finest vise-tighteners ever made. Hitchcock should have welcomed the comparison. → Read More

Post-apocalyptic romance Love And Monsters makes an untimely case for leaving the bunker

Love And Monsters arrives at an inopportune time for a movie with a closing message that boils down to "Hey, folks, time to leave your safe little bunkers and rejoin the world, even if that seems kinda dangerous." → Read More

Robert De Niro family flick The War With Grandpa buries a cute premise under dumb pratfalls

This long-delayed family flick starring Robert De Niro is aggressively boisterous but rarely funny, despite a premise that's actually kind of touching. → Read More

With Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts gave the legwork of activism a brassy makeover

Ten years after Pretty Woman made her an instant superstar, Julia Roberts won the Academy Award for this performance, making a full-course meal of screenwriter Susannah Grant’s acid-tongued dialogue. → Read More

Dementia clouds a brilliant mind in First Cousin Once Removed

Alan Berliner's career-spanning examination of his own family tree reached a new highpoint with his HBO documentary First Cousin Once Removed. → Read More

Millennials unplug before a war of the worlds in the clever sci-fi comedy Save Yourselves!

Save Yourselves! is a funny relationship comedy about plugged-in millennials that morphs into an alien-invasion farce. → Read More

Before they went to Marvel, the Russo brothers made a crime comedy in the Coens mold

Nobody who saw Welcome To Collinwood back in 2002 likely would have predicted a future in mega-budget F/X blockbusters for its makers—they seemed to be positioning themselves as heirs to the Coen brothers. → Read More

The quintessential YouTube movie arrived way back in 2008

Though Antonio Campos' debut film, Afterschool, was released in 2008, its depiction of an alienated teen (Ezra Miller, in his big-screen debut) learning to process the world through viral videos is a portrait of how we live today. → Read More

Sean Durkin’s terrific The Nest is a haunted house movie without the ghosts

With his first feature since his superb debut Martha Marcy May Marlene, writer-director Sean Durkin has fashioned something remarkable: an utterly non-supernatural haunted house story. → Read More

Why virtual screenings should be a permanent fixture of the film festival experience

You shouldn't have to be a professional critic or spend thousands of dollars flying to Cannes to see these movies. → Read More

Why didn’t we get more comedies pairing Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn?

The world really needed one more Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn vehicle after Seems Like Old Times, if only to ensure that their uniquely goofy chemistry will be properly remembered. → Read More