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Recent articles by Paul:

Reflecting on 1,000 columns over 20 years: the predictions that came true

On an openDemocracy milestone for Paul Rogers, he gives an insight into the late 20th-century landscape that shaped his accurate war analysis → Read More

The 9/11 advice that Tony Blair didn’t take

Before the invasion of Afghanistan, openDemocracy’s security expert briefed the UK government on what could happen. Here’s what he wrote → Read More

US has no intention of a global military retreat despite Biden’s promise

The military-industrial complex that feeds the US economy will lead to more remote warfare as a myriad of risks diminish worldwide security → Read More

Afghan ISIS offshoot ISKP takes on Taliban and US with deadly Kabul bombing

Airport attack that killed 90, including 13 American soldiers, is a warning shot of dissent among extremist Islamists that could spark air war → Read More

With or without the Taliban, COVID and climate will inspire terrorism

For the Islamists at least, their role in Afghanistan will be just a minor part of a much more relevant world scene → Read More

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Islamic State: western intervention is a catalogue of failure

This week’s victory by the Taliban in Afghanistan now stands as an inspiration to militants around the world, says professor of peace studies Paul Rogers → Read More

Afghanistan’s future path to be determined by a corridor of power

The expanding Taliban’s new bond with China across a narrow border is set to greatly impact the region, and further diminish human rights → Read More

Boris Johnson is leading the UK into an even greater COVID catastrophe

Insistence on reopening despite Delta is not only ‘epidemiological stupidity’ but only one part of an abject failure to support global vaccination → Read More

Afghans left to pick up the pieces of the West’s failed war

As the Taliban rapidly expand in the shadow of US and NATO allies’ retreat, has anyone considered the impact on innocent civilians? → Read More

No matter how far HMS Queen Elizabeth sails, it won’t make Britain great again

Naval posturing in the Indo-Pacific is the image of futility as the world’s most deadly security threats rage on → Read More

No matter how far HMS Queen Elizabeth sails, it won’t make Britain great again

Naval posturing in the Indo-Pacific is the image of futility as the world’s most deadly security threats rage on → Read More

COVID-19 is a bigger threat than war. So why isn’t it funded the same?

With rising mutations, catastrophe looms unless powerful states stop being so inward-looking and cooperate to achieve global vaccination → Read More

Why the Isis hit on Boko Haram leader is a warning shot to global security

The terror group accelerates as it becomes clear that leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban’s control could backfire on the West → Read More

Cracks in the Middle East’s stability grow wider as US influence wanes

With the region experiencing social unrest, greater influence of Russia and China, and Israel’s increasing independence, the future is uncertain → Read More

At the end of the Israel-Gaza clash, the arms industry is the only victor

Global military analysts will take the lessons from this bout to accelerate the move towards unaccountable (and highly profitable) remote warfare → Read More

No matter how powerful Israel’s military becomes, it still can’t win

The conflict with Palestinians that has exploded again is a constant threat that even the most advanced weaponry can’t assuage → Read More

US retreat from Afghanistan escalates neighbours’ scramble to fill the gap

This next stage of the endless war will only lead to more suffering as new players jockey for position while the Taliban increases control → Read More

US security analysts tackle shape-shifting threats with… more of the same

Military responses to varied societal crises are a proven failure, yet a key report fails to offer any new ideas or recognise the underlying cause → Read More

Rising Isis attacks in Africa mean the ‘war on terror’ is far from over

Biden’s focus on Afghanistan exit may seem like an end to the endless war, but instead the Pentagon has ramped up operations elsewhere → Read More

New security report shows UK government is content to swim in delusion

As Britain grapples with its worst national crisis for 75 years, ministers are busy creating propaganda that serves no one → Read More