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Recent articles by Robert:

Robert Kirby: Refunding the police

Although I am a former police officer and still have family in law enforcement, I have decided it’s time for a change. I am in favor of defunding the police. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Warning — old guy at play; do not expose to direct sunlight

We arrived home Sunday night from a four-day family vacation in southern Utah. I thought I knew hot. If I ever did, I must have forgotten what it was like. → Read More

Robert Kirby: If not a Brigham Young statue in the U.S. Capitol, whom should Utah pick?

The history of the United States is under fire because of racial protests. It’s not so much our history itself but rather the way we choose to honor it. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Are you a member of a cult? I am, but it’s not the one you think.

For the record, I have met Chad Daybell, the man at the center of that Idaho missing-children mystery. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Come, come — back — ye Saints

After a layoff of more than two months, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced tentative steps for its members to gather once again. → Read More

Robert Kirby: ‘Home work’ after the pandemic

Thanks to the lifting of certain restrictions, many businesses are cautiously reopening offices where people once worked in close quarters. The Salt Lake Tribune is no exception. → Read More

Robert Kirby: This year just keeps getting worse, but screaming won’t help

2020 will go down in history as the year when everything was messed up. The pandemic was just the start. Now it’s just one thing after another, a dog pile of miserableness with no end in sight. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Pets and the marks they leave behind

The world’s dumbest dog died Friday. Daisy, a 10-year-old yellow Lab, jumped up to bark at the guy who came to measure our countertops, had a massive seizure instead and fell over. → Read More

Robert Kirby: The joys of being home-churched

Latter-day Saints have been told by their leaders they can hold services in their homes during the pandemic. It’s been over a month now since I set foot in an actual church. Time for a report. → Read More

Robert Kirby: How I would spend all that Mormon mad money

Although the vast wealth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a reported $100 billion in a rainy day fund) is still a matter of great interest, there were no official comments about it during last week’s General Conference. → Read More

Robert Kirby: The who, why, what and where of LDS General Conference

It happens after every General Conference. Even before the sacred dust has settled, the questions start. Most are emails or texts from nonmembers or people perplexed as to why Mormons do certain things. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Real best friends stay best friends

If you’re lucky, you’ve managed to hang on to your closest friends your entire life. The same kid who sat next to you in second grade eventually became the best man at your wedding and mowed your lawn when you got arrested/shot/cancer/fired. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Valentine’s Day and that special outcome

It’s Valentine’s Day. If you’re married and/or in love — not always a given — the day can lead to romance, which may then parlay into, well, intimacy. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Let the good times roll until the bells toll

The accompanying photograph shows me holding my youngest daughter, Gin, sometime in February 1983. Obviously, time has been far kinder to one of us than it has for the other. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Driving while under the influence ... of snow

When the big storm was announced Sunday night, I immediately began preparing. Twelve to 18 inches of snow in the Salt Lake Valley, the weather woman cautioned. She predicted school closures, travel restrictions and yeti sightings. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Let’s impeach them all

Impeachment. Im-peach-ment. Sounds like a term of endearment or romantic interest, doesn’t it? Odd word for a nasty, eye-gouging, ear-biting political fight to try to remove a president. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Peering into the future by looking at the past

Imagine yourself sitting at a breakfast table or riding a streetcar to work exactly 100 years ago. You open the Jan. 14, 1920, issue of The Salt Lake Tribune. A couple of things catch your eye. → Read More

Robert Kirby: Visions of sugarplums are one thing, but eating all those Christmas goodies, well ...

I used to believe that the greatest risk to a good Christmas was the possibility of Santa being shot down by anti-aircraft fire over some godless communist country. → Read More

Robert Kirby: The best Christmas is a selfless Christmas

Let’s skip the debate about whether Santa is real. It’s pointless. Some people (mostly jaded adults) insist he’s entirely fake, and others proclaim that he’s completely real because they have seen and even touched him. → Read More

Robert Kirby: All I want for Christmas is ... the impossible

My wife and I were on the sofa watching the morning news Thursday when she popped the question just like she has for the past 25 Decembers. I gave her the same answer. → Read More