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Past articles by Brad:

Panovich: NC mountains to see first winter storm of the season

Winter Storm Warning for the mountains through Tuesday morning. → Read More

Tracking the Tropics: Researchers make homes hurricane ready

If you can keep the shell of your home mostly intact even with some damage but keep the wind and rain out of the home, the cost of repairs is much smaller. → Read More

Panovich Explains: What's a cold air funnel?

These are harmless and are not a sign of tornado, and they rarely if ever make it to the ground. → Read More

We're about to have a black moon. Here's just how rare that is.

A black moon on average only happens every 32 months and sometimes only in certain time zones. → Read More

Wet and warm: Brad Panovich's 2019 spring outlook

You can blame it on El Nino. → Read More

95% of Stink bugs were not killed by the polar vortex

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — So you likely have seen the viral posts and news stories all over the place by now. You were secretly jumping for joy at the demise of these nasty pests. Small problem none of it was true or at the very least completely misleading. It didn’t really make sense So when I first see the headline I was kinda shocked because I knew the areas with the most stink bugs were not affected… → Read More

Why the super moon isn't so 'super'

Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich explains why he wouldn't describe a super moon as anything spectacular. → Read More

Panovich: 'Monster Arctic outbreak' will bring very cold weather to Carolinas next week

Temperatures are expected to be well below average as a blast of cold air moves through the southern United States. → Read More

Panovich: Severe weather possible in Charlotte Tuesday

"There's always a secondary peak of severe weather right around November when we transition from summer to winter," said chief meteorologist Brad Panovich. → Read More

Why a 50% chance of rain means a 100% chance of confusion

It's one of the most misunderstood terms in all of weather: the chance of rain. → Read More

The best date to plant your garden to avoid frost

There have been freezes as late as late as May 2, but in 139 years of record keeping, there have only been fourteen times that we have had a freeze after April 15. → Read More

Massive Chinese space station expected to fall to earth this weekend

The orbital decay, as we call it, has been accelerating over the past few weeks, and now it is forecast to re-enter the earth's atmosphere sometime Sunday plus or minus 36 hours. → Read More

Did you wake up to a loud boom overnight? You're not alone.

Hundreds of people across the Charlotte area were awoken by a loud thunderous crashing sound early Tuesday morning. Turns out, it was thunder. → Read More

Snowy winter ahead? Brad Panovich's 2017 winter forecast

Snowfall in Charlotte has been trending down for the past 30 years. But Brad Panovich says we need to be prepared for some wild swings from Mother Nature this winter. → Read More

Brad Panovich: Get ready for stink bug and lady bug invasion

This time of the year lady bugs and stink bugs will seek out the sunny side of any building, which is the south side of your home. → Read More

Cold front good for Carolinas, bad as Harvey takes aim for Texas

Drier and cooler air have moved into the Carolinas bringing a break from the heat and humidity, but the cold front is bad news for people living for Texas as Hurricane Harvey gains strength. → Read More

Brad Panovich: Does thunder mean snow in 10 days?

Some people heard a few claps of thunder this weekend with the rain. If you follow the old folklore, thunder in the winter means snow is coming. Though it appears to change depending on who tells it. Sometimes I’ve heard it as seven days, 10 days or 14 days after thunder in the winter time that snow is coming. The general folklore though goes by 10 days from getting winter thunder you should get… → Read More

Brad Panovich's 2015 winter weather forecast

First Warn Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich shares his forecast for the 2015-16 winter season → Read More

With Autumn comes the stink bug and lady bug invasion

With Autumn comes the Stink Bug and Lady Bug invasion → Read More

Full lunar eclipse this Sunday night

A very cool skywatcher treat is coming up on Sunday night and with clear skies we can all see it here in the Carolinas. → Read More