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Past articles by Tatyana:

This map-making AI could be the first step towards GPS on the moon

In order to navigate the lunar surface, engineers are developing a map-making AI system that will help guide future astronauts. → Read More

With one snapshot, Apollo 17 transformed our vision of Earth forever

Fifty years ago, an astronaut on the Apollo 17 mission snapped a pic of the Earth in its entirety. Space photography hasn't been the same. → Read More

A fierce competition will decide James Webb Space Telescope’s next views of the cosmos

The James Webb Space Telescope has had a busy first year in space, but astronomers are already bidding for research time in 2023. → Read More

60 years of moonshots, made possible by the Deep Space Network

NASA's Deep Space Network, a harmony of three gigantic antennas and many more small dishes and satellites, makes American moon missions possible. → Read More

The first private lander is about to head to the moon

Five months after a SpaceX launch, a hot-tub-sized lunar lander will touch down on the moon's Atlas Crater. → Read More

The ocean’s iodine helps create clouds, but high levels burn through the ozone layer

Iodine from the ocean plays an important role in cloud formation, but too much of it could eat away at the Earth's protective ozone layer. → Read More

Saying goodbye to NASA’s InSight lander before it’s buried in Martian dust

As a thick layer of red dust blankets its solar panels, NASA's Mars InSight lander continues to lose power, bringing the mission to an end. → Read More

NASA has major plans for asteroids. Could Psyche’s delay change them?

With the launch of the asteroid belt Psyche mission delayed to 2023, scientists reassess the status of its ride-along mission, Janus. → Read More

This weird dwarf planet at the edge of our solar system has a new origin story

With the help of computer simulations, this dwarf planet's history may reveal clues about icy worlds in the solar system. → Read More

Balloon bots might help uncover Venus’ hazy secrets

The "aerobot" balloon concept out of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory could explore Venus without falling victim to the toxic atmosphere. → Read More

What would happen if the Milky Way dies?

Astronomers map a galactic underworld of stars that sheds light on what might happen when our galaxy comes to an end. → Read More

Engineers made synthetic alien lava to understand uninhabitable worlds

Engineers cooked up synthetic alien lava to further study uninhabitable worlds—and potentially shed light on the Earth's red-hot beginnings. → Read More

What NASA’s successful DART mission means for the future of planetary defense

Now that NASA's DART test successfully smashed into an asteroid, here's what it means for the future of planetary defense. → Read More

With Artemis, NASA is aiming for the moon once more. But where will it land?

The Artemis mission scientists have their eyes set on the satellite's shadowy south pole as the site of a future lunar base. → Read More

5 new insights about Mars from Perseverance's rocky roving

There's solid evidence that Mars had lots of volcanic activity, based on rocks that can only form from solidifying magma. → Read More

Need more air in space? Magnets could yank it out of water.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station might one day use a system of magnets to extract oxygen from water. → Read More

Meet the marine geologist mapping the deepest point on Earth

In July, marine geologist Dawn Wright dove on a historic submersible trip to Challenger Deep to reveal Earth's mysteries. → Read More

Exoplanet hunters want to block starlight with a giant orbiting shade

Some stars make it too bright for telescopes to spot far-away Earth-like planets. A massive orbiting starshade space could help. → Read More

James Webb Space Telescope is about to beam us monster amounts of cosmic data

Over the next few days, JWST will release roughly 50 terabytes of data—more than 400 times Hubble’s weekly transmission—to the public. → Read More

This sailplane could cruise Mars for months on only wind

Aerospace engineers have a concept for a Mars Sailplane, a spacecraft that flies and soars by the power of the wind. → Read More