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Houston, TX, United States

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Past articles by Mary:

Friday Football Fever - Jack Yate HS and Klein Oak showing their school spirit

Friday Football Fever hits Jack Yates and Klein Oaks high schools. → Read More

Ask Mary Jo: Freezing when stressed & deleting ex's photos on social media

Sometimes I get so stressed with work, I freeze. How can I get ahead of that and possibly intervene? → Read More

5 posts to avoid on social media during a divorce

Divorces are painful, and the people going through them are confused, angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed. Youre on a roller coaster of feelings and posting how you feel on social media about your divorce or your ex is never a good idea. → Read More

Ask Mary Jo: Husband trying to fix problems & showing your partner love

I have a great husband, and he is always trying to fix things about me. How do I tell him I need to take care of these things and it’s my responsibility? → Read More

5 signs you're in a band-aid relationship

Being single when you rather be with someone is difficult. Coupled friends may invite you to join them but it can leave you feeling like the third wheel at a table set for four. To avoid these feelings many singles, divorcees, and widowers date people they get along with but don’t love. They describe this type of relationship as a band-aid for the real thing. → Read More

Restoring intimacy in a relationship inside & outside of the bedroom

When one partner begins blaming the other in the bedroom or withdraws from intimacy, very rarely do couples look at what is going on outside the bedroom. → Read More

Ask Mary Jo: Friend's negativity & working together on finances

Do I talk about the negativity or let the relationship slide? → Read More

Psychological effects of active shooter drills in schools

Schools across the country have implemented active shooter drills to prepare for the worst. → Read More

Relearning how to love your marriage when the last kid is gone

Divorce has gone down, except in one category. That category is empty nesters. It’s common for couples to experience anxiety prior to their children leaving. In fact, many couples go through a transition period, similar to what their child goes through, three to six months prior to them moving out. They don’t sleep well, feel more stressed, and worry about their future. There are uncertainties... → Read More

Ask Mary Jo: Scheduling time for intimacy & types of love languages

My wife and I have completely separate schedules and two small children, so it’s tough to find time for intimacy. Is it or can it still be romantic to schedule time for intimacy in our marriage? → Read More

Is your relationship problem sleeping next to you?

I was recently asked to contribute to an article for the New York Times about whether or not spouses should sleep in the same bed. Sleeping next to each other can enhance your marriage; however, how many sleepless nights should you suffer through before talking to your partner about changing your sleep style at night? → Read More

Ask Mary Jo: Setting limits for teens & avoiding compassion burn out

How much freedom is too much freedom to give my 15 year old daughter? → Read More

Do you know your Relationship Bill of Rights?

A big, common problem I see with my clients is the misunderstanding of what it means to be married. There is more time spent planning the wedding and engagement than considering the concept of... → Read More

One Tank Trip: The Flophouze

In this One Tank Trip, we are going back in time to the hotel with soul, the Flophouze . → Read More

Influencer vs. expert: Taking advice from social media stars may be harmful

We’re all influencers to someone because we’re all mentoring. Parents influence children, and teachers’ mentor and influence students. There are very few parents who haven’t experienced a child telling them the correct answer was something their teacher had said and not what their parent had. We want our children to follow good mentors and, therefore, embrace influencers for our children. → Read More

Ask Mary Jo: Opening up to a friend & forgiveness from spouse

How do you open up to a friend about something deep that you need to share with them? → Read More

6 everyday things you do that ruin your relationship

When couples split up, everyone wants to know what happened. Friends close to the couple may say, “I thought they were so happy together,” or, “Why after so many years?” However, it’s not always... → Read More

Ask Mary Jo: Dating in college & dealing with toxic coworkers

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Hi Mary Jo, How do you build trust with a co-worker who has spread false accusations about you to other colleagues as well as HR just to defame your character? Neisha Neisha, The colleague you're describing is toxic, and the fact that you are working with them knowing they lie and spread gossip makes it impossible to trust them. Whatever you do, don't accept that you're… → Read More

5 warning signs your marriage needs your attention

There is no perfect marriage and all marriages need constant attention to keep them vibrant and alive. Years of working with couples has taught me the number one reason marriages fall apart is because partners stop listening and paying attention to each other. → Read More

Divorce rates at an all-time low…unless you're over 55

It seems ironic, but for the first time in marriage history, your risk for divorce is higher as you age. This is especially true if youre 55 years or older. Whats behind this new trend? → Read More