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Past articles by Kevin:

In a global COVID-19 crisis, flashes of authoritarian instinct

WASHINGTON — Fear and chaos are the soil in which authoritarianism grows best, and we have entered a fertile planting season for tyranny as the reality of the global pandemic takes hold. Around the world from China to Washington and from Brazil to India, it seems as if leaders are going straight to “The Authoritarian’s → Read More

Understanding the Authoritarian’s Playbook: Tips for Journalists

In "Democracy Undone: The Authoritarian’s Playbook," The GroundTruth Project chronicles seven leaders whose instincts and inclinations herald a brand of populist nationalism that, if history is a guide, can lead to authoritarian government. From Brazil to Italy and the US, these global leaders seem to share common "plays," including weaponizing fear, undermining institutions and targeting… → Read More

Democracy Undone: The Authoritarian’s Playbook

Trump’s alliances and his actions at home fail what scholars Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt call “a litmus test for autocrats” in their 2018 book “How Democracies Die.” The four criteria are: * Rejection of (or weak commitment to) democratic rules of the game * Denial of the legitimacy of political opponents * Toleration or encouragement of violence * Readiness to curtail civil liberties of… → Read More

Cuba’s faithful seek more rights in an era of slow reform

HAVANA — As she jogged along the oceanside promenade known as the Malecón, a woman stopped to hug strangers, holding her face to the sky and proclaiming ¡Gracias a Jesucristo! — ”Thanks to Jesus Christ!” In most of Latin America, that level of religious fervor would blend seamlessly into a culture rich with prayer, … → Read More

As the Castro dynasty ends, young Cubans feel stuck

HAVANA — The ascendance of Miguel Díaz-Canel, the first Cuban president not named Castro since the revolution, has been called the most significant development in U.S.-Cuba relations in a generation. But for the next generation of Cubans who bristle at the restrictions of a one-party socialist system — compounded by decades of American economic … → Read More

Tech careers in Kentucky

PIKEVILLE, Kentucky — As the coal economy in Eastern Kentucky continues to crumble, the race is on to create new jobs in emerging industries. Local startups and corporate expansion are combining to bring national attention to communities like Pike County, which is still one of the state’s biggest coal producers but has lost about 80 percent of its coal jobs in the last five years. The belief… → Read More

Report for America launches at Google News Lab Summit

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Report for America, a new national initiative to revitalize journalism by placing emerging journalists into local newsrooms for a year of service, launched Monday. Report for America is a partnership between The GroundTruth Project and Google News Lab with additional support from The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, Knight Foundation, Galloway … → Read More

As signs of climate devastation mount, we must see a common enemy

WASHINGTON — The coordinated attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans on a bright, blue Tuesday morning 16 years ago united the country in mourning, then forced a national conversation about how to defend its national security in an era of religiously motivated terrorism. Though we are still grappling with its military and nonmilitary aftermath, … → Read More

In an age of division, a journey to demystify journalism

BOSTON — Even in a time of great division, there are moments when we come together. An historic solar eclipse brought America together to gaze upon an alignment of the moon and the sun, and an unprecedented hurricane has united millions of Americans in sympathy and support for the embattled Texas coast. But … → Read More

The Charlottesville attack and America’s state of emergency

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia —The governor had just declared a state of emergency when the silver Dodge Challenger ploughed into a crowd of anti-white supremacist protesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer, a paralegal from Virginia, and injuring 19. Ambulances flooded the intersection of Fourth and Water in typically quaint downtown Charlottesville, medics scrambling to aid the wounded … → Read More

Why the RAISE Act is bad policy driven by hate and fear

The proposed RAISE Act to limit immigration to English speaking, skilled workers defies the spirit the Statue of Liberty stands for. → Read More

Trump’s transgender military ban defies decades of progress on LGBT equality

WASHINGTON—For the vast majority of American history, a powerful consensus held that gay people should not serve in the U.S. military, and the military was willing to go to great lengths to enforce that belief. Thousands of enlisted men (and then women) hid their full identities, as those who were discovered faced court-martial, dishonorable … → Read More

The bubbles didn’t break: Trumpland’s split screen

Responses to revelations that Donald Trump, Jr. met with a Russian lawyer claiming to have damaging information about Hillary Clinton — lay bare the filter bubble divide. → Read More

A red and blue consensus on Trump's election 'integrity' commission

Red states and blue states have refused to provide the Trump administration's Election Integrity Commission with voter data. → Read More

Gripped by opioids, American addicts must be patients first

The opioid crisis is now the worst drug epidemic in American history and it’s expected to get much worse. → Read More

For members of Generation TBD, finding a job is a distant dream (VIDEO)

With youth unemployment at disturbingly high levels around the world, a team of 21 young journalists fans out across 11 countries to find out what's going on. → Read More

It's a landslide for Hindu nationalism in India's election

Narendra Modi and his BJP supporters will lead the world's largest democracy, worrying critics of his belief system and his tactics. → Read More

Hindu nationalists and rationalists make strange neighbors in Pune

A progressive, anti-superstition group meets just down the street from a branch of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a paramilitary Hindu nationalist organization proving influential in the current election. → Read More

Hindu nationalism takes driver's seat in Indian election

A saffron party and its charismatic frontman have seized a moment of frustration in India and appear poised to take control of the country. → Read More

Five years after Obama's first drone strike, civilian victims remain without legal recourse

America's drone operations abroad have been criticized for many reasons. Among them: there is no clear path to justice for innocent victims and their families. → Read More