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Past articles by Ilana:

The Party of Perverts

Edgar Allan Poe's "The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether" tells of inmates in an asylum who overpower their wardens, tar and feather them, throw them into underground cells, and proceed to have "a jolly season of it" without them. The finer point of Poe’s short story is that, to the objective observer come to visit, there is little to distinguish lunatic from ostensibly sane overlord. No such… → Read More

Race and Sex Hegemons to Control the Skies

The context: A June 3, 2022 TV episode, in which Fox News personality Tucker Carlson beseeched viewers to look beyond the race and gender of pilots, to his or her competence. “What’s color to do with competence?” he demanded to know. Mr. Carlson was appealing to the wrong audience. In America, where woke is ruthlessly propelled by the private-sector, the commercial aviation industry has been… → Read More

Race and sex hegemons to control the skies

Ilana Mercer questions stacking flight schools 'with pigmentally pleasing faces' → Read More

Testosterone: Going… Going… Gone!

The male hormonal horror show, as told on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” is almost two decades old. It unfolded to very little fanfare in 2006. As this writer first divulged in → Read More

Testosterone: Going

Ilana Mercer offers possible reasons for the ongoing reduction in American men's 'T' levels → Read More

Biden gets demonic with MAGA America, GOP is MIA

Against a sinister, hellfire-and-brimstone background, outside Independence Hall, Philadelphia, flagged by Damien's own foot soldiers – President Joe Biden convened to convulse against MAGA America in the tradition of Linda Blair of "The Exorcist" fame. An inartful mouthful, perhaps, but so was Biden's address. The president of these disunited states has accused my fellow MAGA… → Read More

Mourning the queen – but did Elizabeth II drop the ball?

Ilana Mercer: Monarch and House of Lords should have better countered mass-democracy in U.K. → Read More

Remember: Republicans are an arm of the UniParty

Ilana Mercer: Don't expect meaningful action if GOP takes Congress and White House by 2024 → Read More

My talk with the 'Jolly Heretic' about the future of America

Ilana Mercer discusses how well her book on South Africa speaks to today's U.S. → Read More

Conservation IS conservative: BLM? Black-and-Yellow Lives Matter

Ilana Mercer annoys her 'progressive, statist' neighbor worried about the length of her grass → Read More

Crappy conservative thinking: Protecting power, not freedom

Ilana Mercer sets straight those blaming China for the debauchery of TikTok → Read More

Uvalde cops come a cropper: Evil in action

Ilana Mercer on Texas mass-killing debacle: 'Get your kids the hell out of U.S. schools!' → Read More

2-party pox: The GOP sucks AND the Democrats want to kill you

Ilana Mercer says Republican Party has been acquiescing to progressives since at least 1875 → Read More

Tucker canceled the GOP – so should you

Ilana Mercer shreds 'typical ConOinksters' over lockdowns, immigration, 4th Amendment → Read More

Ukraine's Azov Battalion: Nazis or just nationalists?

Ilana Mercer: If fighters are not violent against certain ethnicities, then their 'getup is irrelevant' → Read More

'Tarded' medical idiocrat won't treat 'Unscannables' like me

Ilana Mercer tells of experience at doctor's office when she wouldn't reveal her vaccination status → Read More

U.S. cancels countries, disrespects ancient concept of neutrality

Ilana Mercer lauds nations urging 'a diplomatic, peaceful resolution to the conflagration' → Read More

Uncle Sam still king of all invaders: Ukraine & the West's failure

Ilana Mercer: U.S. should've 'calmly negotiate with Putin on behalf of his innocent, weak victims' → Read More

Hard racial truths about WHO Trudeau and Biden despise

Ilana Mercer calls prime minister's action against truckers 'part of a war on whites' → Read More

Good vs. evil: Canada's Truckers battle 'Justine' Trudeau

Ilana Mercer: The world owes the nation's finest a debt of gratitude → Read More