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Past articles by Neel:

Deadly Cashew Nut Oil Is Poised to Take On Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs

They're so toxic they can rip your skin apart on contact. But that virulence is what makes them perfect candidates for a new wave of antibiotics. → Read More

Trump’s Space Force Could Actually Save Humanity

President Donald Trump's proposed Space Force could be better equipped than any other branch of the military to defend Earth from asteroids and comets. → Read More

AI Disagrees With Humans About Who Will Win the 2018 World Cup

A group of scientists from Germany and Belgium just released World Cup odds derived from a machine learning system they’ve created and tested, and their conclusions put them at, well, odds with most bookmakers around the world. → Read More

This Company Wants to Put a Record of Human Civilization on the Moon

Arch Mission co-founder and chairman Nova Spivack told Observer about Arch Mission Foundation’s mission with Astrobotic to launch a "Lunar Library" to the moon in 2020. → Read More

Aliens on ‘Super-Earths’ Might be Trapped on Those Worlds Forever

Of those 53 planets that astronomers have deemed potentially habitable, about 30 are known as “super-Earths." But if there is life on them, gravity might be trapping them there. → Read More

How Elon Musk’s Plan to Colonize Mars Helps Planet Earth

The entire purpose behind Elon Musk’s SpaceX is to develop a feasible, sustainable mode of interplanetary transportation that can take humans to extraterrestrial worlds in order to help start and maintain a working colony on Mars. → Read More

The Mount Mayon Volcano in the Philippines is Ready to Erupt Any Day Now

The Mount Mayon Volcano is poised to erupt very soon, putting the region in high alert as residents are evacuated and communities safeguard themselves. → Read More

Why the H3N2 ‘Aussie Flu’ Strain is Such a Brutal Virus

H3N2, also called "Aussie flu," is proving to be such a bully this season. What makes it such a potent virus? → Read More

Revised Climate Change Predictions are Slightly Less Apocalyptic

A new study shrinks the range of potential temperature increases over the next century, and they give a slightly more optimistic view of Earth's future. → Read More

Turns Out a Common Infection Might Have Killed Off the Aztecs

Scientists believe they finally know what might have been the disease responsible for killing 80 percent of the Aztec population in the 16th century. → Read More

Scientists Discovered a Hot Dinosaur with "Rainbow" Feathers from China

A new fossil indicates the existence of a bird-like dinosaur from the Jurassic Period that possessed rainbow-like iridescent feathers. → Read More

Why Google Arts and Culture Face Match is the Best New App of 2018

The app is already creating a profound impact across the internet, and in the process, exposing users to a great wealth of information they didn't kno... → Read More

California Mudslides: 7 Maps, Pictures of the Montecito Destruction

Rains from Tuesday morning turned Santa Barbara County into a trap for mudslides, after wildfires created a dangerous zone for debris to flow downhill. → Read More

Why Sunday Was a Positive Sign for Ryan Shazier's Spinal Injury Recovery

The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker is recovering from a spinal contusion sustained in December. His appearance is an encouraging sign of his recovery ... → Read More

What Ryan Shazier's Appearance on Sunday Says About His Spinal Recovery

The mere act of getting out and being around familiar settings is quite encouraging. → Read More

Scientists Find Eight New Locations on Mars Where We Might Harvest Water

The new sites could be key to planning out future exploration endeavors and deciding where to land a team of astronauts on the red planet. → Read More

A 7.6-Magnitude Earthquake the Caribbean Sea, Raising Tsunami Alarms

On Tuesday night, an earthquake struck off the coast of Honduras, raising alarms that the Central American region could be impacted by a devastating t... → Read More

Ibuprofen Associated With Fertility Problems in Men, Study Finds

A new study found that regular ibuprofen use could cause testicular dysfunction in men, leading to fertility problems and other issues. → Read More

Albatross Populations Suffer a Double Whammy of Human Activity

Climate change and bycatch are creating a ‘toxic cocktail’ for seabirds on an Antarctic island. → Read More

Scientists Develop a New Theory for How Life Began on Earth

New experiments in chemistry suggest the metabolism of life on this planet may have taken on a more radically different approach than once thought. → Read More