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Recent articles by Hunter:

It's Still Trump's GOP, Not Liz Cheney's

Whatever happens with the election, there's no going back to the foreign policy interventions and nation building of yesterdecade. → Read More

High Stakes...Whispers of Fraud...Are We Headed for Another Election of 1960?

Historians still debate whether JFK really beat Richard Nixon. But what's clear is that it was close and skulduggery was involved. → Read More

Saving Christopher Columbus From the Cultural Arsonists

The movement to deface and destroy our heritage and heroes must be fought by conservatives at every turn. → Read More

The Case for Minority Obstructionism

If a minority cannot exercise political power equal to that of the majority, democratic tyranny is inevitable. → Read More

Re-Politicize the Supreme Court

For most of its history, the nation's highest court was a highly partisan affair. It should be again. → Read More

'Cuties' Has Been Here for Decades

Child exploitation in the name of art is nothing new. 30 years ago, Robert Mapplethorpe was doing it with taxpayer funding. → Read More

Trump Connects the Generals and the Military-Industrial Complex

Top brass are suspiciously cozy with contractors who profit from war. Trump is the first president to point it out. → Read More

The Child Sex-Trafficking Scandal America Forgot

Though nobody was ever convicted, investigations of the Franklin ring in Omaha left many questions unanswered → Read More

The Case that Put Vigilante Violence Front and Center in NYC

The 1984 subway shooting divided the city and the nation, making Bernie Goetz a hero to some and a villain to others. History repeats itself. → Read More

A Dewey-Beats-Truman Moment in the Offing?

In 1948 Americans had a similar choice and they rejected the staid, nostalgia path. → Read More

What Kind of Monument Will Give War on Terror Dead Their Due?

If there is to be a memorial, we need to be keep our differences over the war separate from respecting those who fought in it. → Read More

Nevertheless, Pro-Life Democrat Ellen McCormack Persisted

This is the story of a middle class Catholic grandmother who took on the feminists and and ran for president in 1975. → Read More

The $2 Trillion Dollar Coronavirus Stimulus Has Aid for Casinos

Here's a list of the good, the bad and the expensive. → Read More

Walmart: The Big Winner in a Coronavirus Recession (Or Depression)

Walmart is already the largest employer in the United States, with 1.3 million employees. But it won’t be contributing the mass layoffs seen from others. Instead, it’s expanding. The company has announced that it plans to hire 150,000 temporary workers by the end of May to help assist the in-demand stores. → Read More

Are China's Coronavirus Numbers Totally Bogus?

Over four months since the coronavirus began in China, the National Health Commission has announced for the second time that there are no new local cases in the country. → Read More

55% of Americans Approve of Donald Trump's Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic

How Americans view Donald Trump’s conduct in office, specifically how he’s handled what has become the biggest crisis of his presidency, will go a long way in determining his odds of reelection this November. → Read More

The Great Retail Depression of 2020 Is Here (Thanks to Coronavirus)

Who will survive? → Read More

Coronavirus Proves One Thing: America Is Not Ready for a Biological Weapons Attack

As the country continues to struggle with a lack of testing kits, and fret about the number of intensive care beds in hospitals, the pandemic has hit home how unprepared the United States is for a biological attack. → Read More

Sorry, Donald Trump: America Can't Be at 'War' with Coronavirus

Donald Trump is calling himself a "wartime president." While you can't go to war against a virus, Trump is already a wartime president. U.S. forces are currently engaged in armed conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and multiple parts of Africa, while simultaneously waging drone wars in several other countries. → Read More

Can Donald Trump Stop a Coronavirus Depression?

“There’s a need for the government to spend more money, a lot more money." → Read More