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11 terrifying first-time moments with a newborn

I was not the little girl who dreamed of one day being a mommy. I did not practice my future-mommy skills on baby dolls. To my knowledge I never even had a baby doll. I did have a Barbie doll, but all she inspired in me was the urge to take off her clothes and put her in a doll-sized sleeping bag... → Read More

12 unexpected benefits of being an older mom

Motherhood looks so easy for younger moms. All those stories about leaving the hospital in your before-pregnancy jeans and grandparents who are young enough… → Read More

A letter to my 16-year-old daughter

Dear daughter, I just want to let you know I think you’re doing a great job being you. It’s not easy being a teenager. I remember. It’s pretty brutal. → Read More

Twins! One born in 2017, the other in 2018

Maria Esperanza Flores Rios of California was expecting twins, she just wasn’t expecting them so soon. She probably also never expected they would be born i… → Read More

5 things to let go of and be a happier mom

Everywhere I look, people are reminding me to be mindful. It’s kind of annoying. I don’t know how to be mindful. How the heck can any mother, whose very job description demands the ability to multi-task and forever be planning ahead for the next day, week, month, year, lifetime — be expected to stay in… Read more » → Read More

“Falling pregnant” and other odd ways to be expecting around the world

When I first heard my English husband tell his mother that I was “up the duff” I almost fell off my chair. Turns out it’s how the English, and Aussies, ref… → Read More

6 frustrating and briefly exciting stages of sex after kids

Whenever I see articles about sex after kids, I can’t help but think about the situation of–ahem–a married couple I know, with children, for whom delayed sex has become a way of life. → Read More

No midwife was gonna tell my kid when to be born

The animated film, Kirikou takes place in Africa and begins with a pregnant woman, lying supine, her hands caressing her burgeoning belly. Then you hear the voice of a child, “Mother, give birth to me,” the voice says. And the mother calmly responds, “A child who can speak in the womb can birth itself.” Seconds… Read more » → Read More

Teach your kids about gratitude with the Haudenosee Thanksgiving address

November is Native American Heritage Month. I’ve been reading a ton about “the real first Thanksgiving,” which, it turns out, wasn’t much at all like the one… → Read More

1960s moms drove home from the hospital with their babies in their arms

When my mother was much younger, she once looked over the shoulder of her general practitioner and saw this written on her file: “Joan is a pleasant housewife who lives in her own home with her husband.” Today that housewife is 93. She still lives in her own home, but she outlived her husband. Now… Read more » → Read More

11 terrifying first-time moments with a newborn

I was not the little girl who dreamed of one day being a mommy. I did not practice my future-mommy skills on baby dolls. To my knowledge I never even had a … → Read More

Daylight Saving Time is ending and I’m not at all sorry

It’s been super hard to wake my kids up when it’s so dark in the morning. We got to school with four minutes to spare on Monday, three minutes on Tuesday, t… → Read More

This is what 70 pounds overweight, and happy, looks like

Tiffany Burke, a mother and professional photographer,recently turned the camera on herself. And the internet took notice. Mostly, those who saw her … → Read More

Postpartum swag your lady bits will love

If anyone had told me I’d be eternally grateful for the huge mesh panties and free bag of super duper absorbent maxi pads the hospital hands out after you h… → Read More

10 life secrets my kids have learned from their grandparents

In honor of National Grandparents Day, I’m compelled to pay homage to the amazing role models my parents have been for my children. Rather than drone on about how and why my parents, also known as Papa… → Read More

21 things it’s time the world understood about hyperemesis gravidarum

We hear it again and again: “Morning sickness has a purpose.” “Morning sickness is worth it because you are rewarded with a beautiful baby in the end. → Read More

I was catcalled on the street while pregnant, but it was a joke

Get pregnant and suddenly you are public domain. Like a piece of raw meat walking around, inviting people to prod and poke and to comment on some aspect of your appearance without the slightest bit of provocation. → Read More