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Florida, United States

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Past articles by Kristen:

Yes, My Kids Sleep With A White Noise Machine — No, It Didn’t ‘Ruin’ Their Sleep

I read all of the reasons why not to use a white noise machine, and I couldn’t make myself care. All that mattered was that we were sleeping. → Read More

11 Ways To Support Your Local Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are exhausted, and they need our support now more than ever. Here are 11 ways to show your support. → Read More

If You Have Acne, It’s Likely Not Because Of Anything You’re Doing Or Not Doing

Your clear-skinned friends’ expensive serums are awesome but very likely will not completely get rid of your acne. → Read More

Newlywed Lesbian Couple Found Dead After Texting Friends About ‘Creepy Man’

Days after texting friends about a "creepy man" near their campsite, Moab newlyweds Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner were found shot to death. → Read More

Why Is Daycare So Freaking Expensive, Yet Its Workers Still Underpaid?

Yes, daycare for my son was expensive. But the workers who cared for him weren’t making much, and neither was the facility's owner. → Read More

Kyra Was Murdered By Her Father––Her Mom Had Begged The Courts To Protect Her

Jacqueline has been hard at work getting laws passed to protect children. → Read More

Vaccine Hesitancy In America Is Selfish, Arrogant, And A Sign Of Privilege

There is a special level of privilege here in the U.S. that comes with refusing a COVID-19 vaccine: ultimately, we trust we will be cared for. → Read More

The Side of ADHD We Almost Never Talk About—But Should

Kids with ADHD know they have to work 10 times harder than other kids to maintain the same level of focus. Is it any wonder they erupt in anger? → Read More

I’m A ‘Grumpy Spoilsport’ Who Hates Pranks And Teasing And I’m Not Sorry About It

Sorry, but I don't like pranks or practical jokes that depend on someone else’s humiliation or misery in order to get a laugh. → Read More

Judge Denies Mother A Protection Order On The Same Day Her Child’s Father Murders Him

It wasn’t the first time Kessler had sought protection from her child’s father. Court records show Stacey had a history of extremely troubling behavior. → Read More

America, You’re Scaring Me (Again)

Americans have been swept up in a strange parallel reality where up is down and down is up and experts are out to get us and conspiracies are everywhere. → Read More

The ‘If You Can’t Afford Children, Don’t Have Them’ Argument Misses A Whole Lot Of Points

People who think you shouldn’t have children if you can’t afford them seem unable to realize that a person’s financial situation is not set in stone. → Read More

Do You And Your Partner Have Emotional Attunement?

Emotional attunement is being able to sense a person’s emotional state and respond accordingly — and it's not just for romantic relationships. → Read More

Normalize Screaming Like A Pterodactyl When Men Act Like Disgusting Creepers

We've been nice for too long. It’s time to normalize screeching like a pterodactyl at men who don’t respect a woman’s boundaries and personal space. → Read More

German Gymnasts’ Full Body Suits Are A Long-Awaited F-You To Sexualization

The issue at hand is a matter of personal choice, and of consent. There needs to be more flexibility for gymnasts who would like to opt for more coverage. → Read More

Woman Murdered In 1977 Confirmed To Be The Wife Of A Cop Who Never Reported Her Missing

Why would a woman as deeply involved in her community as Marie Heiser just up and leave? And why did no one — not even her own husband — report her missing? → Read More

We Have To Speak Up, And We Have To Teach Our Kids To Speak Up Too

Whatever group you belong to, if you witness problematic behavior in that group and you don’t speak up, you are actively complicit. → Read More

I Turn Into The Neighborhood Karen When It Comes To Unleashed Dogs

There are places where it’s okay to walk your dog off-leash. Your neighborhood with people out and about walking with their pets and children isn’t it. → Read More

#CleanTok Is My New Obsession—Because Look At This Cool Sh*t

Whether you’re looking for some amazing cleaning hacks or you just enjoy a good before and after, here is some of our favorite content from TikTok. → Read More

Schools Should Absolutely Let Kids Resubmit Work And Retake Tests

If a student is saying, “I think I can do better,” and wants to resubmit work, it is incumbent upon us to give them the opportunity. → Read More