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Past articles by John:

The important success quality you need to have

Are you aiming to be successful? This is the most important success quality you need to have in order to do so. Learn more, here. → Read More

This is the ultimate paradox of our age

While our best scientists and leaders work hard to resolve the crisis (and a vaccine trial has begun), we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. → Read More

This is the problem with shortcut

The short bridge across the roaring river of masterful skills may be inviting, but swimming across the rapids is how we truly learn and grow. → Read More

How to be memorable in social settings

If you're in social settings often, you might be curious how to be most memorable. We dive into how to be memorable, here. → Read More

Is this disorder killing your productivity?

There are amazing health professionals who can help you get your life back. Sometimes a little cognitive therapy can get you on track. → Read More

This is what happens when you simplify your life

Addressing toxic relationships is part of organizing and simplifying your life. Letting go of such relationships removes a huge weight. → Read More

The best way to banish the madness from your life

There’s so much noise these days. Cable news programs filled with jousting voices. Egos competing to win an argument. Depressing news stories. → Read More

This is how to age with elegance

According to, Singh “attributes his physical longevity to abstaining from smoking and alcohol and following a simple, vegetarian diet.” → Read More

This is why you need to say yes

This is why you need to say yes more. Because quality memories matter. Because no one lives forever. Because life is meant to be lived. → Read More

This is how to survive productivity and win at life

Ironically, it’s often the folks who take vacations and breaks who perform better than the workaholics. Some of this is due to the natural work rhythm. → Read More

Are you committing this mistake with your creative work?

Authentic artists create work for themselves. By embracing their deepest creative visions, the work they produce is fresher and often cutting edge. → Read More

Maybe this is what's missing in your life?

Some question the whole work/life balance thing as a hoax. They say it’s “just life.” Don’t try to bifurcate it. It will just stress you out. → Read More

How to conquer the great empty tomb

We soldier on and bury our passions. Then, one day, when the kids are grown and our careers are over, we try to rekindle our creative passions. → Read More

What to do when you think you don't matter

In the novel, a character must relinquish her big dreams and find meaning in the small details of a faithful life, raising a family. → Read More

How to create content people want to read

Focus on the reader when creating content, not how brilliant a writer you are. Think about what you’re creating from the point of view of the reader. → Read More

Why full catastrophe living is slowing you down

There seem to be two kinds of people in life. Those who navigate around obstacles, and the ones who fall apart. Some people don’t waste time complaining. → Read More

Do this to not miss out on life

If you try to control every aspect of your life, you’ll miss out on a lot. Peace and serendipity seem to find you more when you let go. → Read More

Are you suffering from this new addiction?

Today’s new addiction is noise, and many of us are suffering from it. We require constant entertainment, at the expense of quiet reflection. → Read More

Why you need to think differently about discomfort

The failures corrected my course. They helped lead me closer to my true self.You need to embrace discomfort if you want to grow. As the old saying goes: → Read More

What I saw in a coffee shop that broke my heart

I’ve been thinking about that Eleanor Roosevelt quote lately. Especially the part about, “To handle others, use your heart.” → Read More