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Past articles by Noam:

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Westmoreland doesn’t realize just how screwed he is, but he cheats death this time. → Read More

‘Orphan Black’ 5×5: Daughter of the Resistance

As a thriller, Orphan Black is highly concerned with questions of trust. → Read More

‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Finale: A Sense of an Ending

A lot has been made of the fact that this season was supposed to be something of a "soft reboot" for Doctor Who, or at least a convenient entry point for new viewers daunted by the prospect of catching up. → Read More

‘Orphan Black’ 5×4 Recap: Making Monsters

Neolution’s leaders think of themselves as scientists creating the biology of the future, bringing about the next step in human evolution. → Read More

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Yay, it’s scary monster time again! → Read More

‘Orphan Black’ 5×2 Recap: Not Your Little Girl Anymore

For Sarah, it’s always been all about Kira. Everything she has done, all of the running, the hiding, the subterfuge and the suffering, it has all been to keep her child safe from those who would use her for their own Neolutionist ends. → Read More

‘Doctor Who’ 10×9 Recap: Better Red Than Dead

Except for the rather provisional presence of Missy, the real overarching arc of this season of Doctor Who has to do with the evils and excesses of capitalism. Certainly a theme the show has touche… → Read More

‘Doctor Who’ 10×8 Recap: Fake News

“Your version of ‘good’ is not absolute,” Missy tells the Doctor about midway through “The Lie of the Land,” after he moralizes at her for a while. → Read More

‘Doctor Who’ 10×5 Recap: Spacely Sprockets

“Oxygen” turned out to be a deft and engaging story, with a well-realized political message and a real gut punch of an ending. → Read More

‘Doctor Who’ Recap 10×03: From Beneath You, It Devours

In “Thin Ice,” the Doctor seems to truly be enjoying himself for the first time in a long time. → Read More

‘Doctor Who’ Recap 10×02: Frowny Face

"Smile" introduces vardies, squat little humanoid machines that that speak entirely in emojis. → Read More

‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 Premiere Recap: The Doctor 101

'Doctor Who' introduces a new companion, the charmingly eccentric Bill Potts played by Pearl Mackie. → Read More