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Past articles by Scott:

The horrors of the post-Roe era, an endless series – Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Alito regime is about turning state violence against pregnant women, even in the most dire circumstances: > Dr. Mack Goldberg, who was trained in abortion care for life-threatening pregnancy complications, pulled up the patient’s charts. He did not like the look of them. The muscle separating her pregnancy from her bladder was as thin as tissue paper; her placenta threatened to eventually… → Read More

Herman Cain Award, Intellectual Dark Web Subdivision – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Another victim of the Republican/Academia-to-Substack propaganda complex: > Just before 7 am on March 3, Danny Lemoi posted an update in his hugely popular pro-ivermectin Telegram group, Dirt Road Discussions: “HAPPY FRIDAY ALL YOU POISONOUS HORSE PASTE EATING SURVIVORS !!!” Hours later, Lemoi was dead. For the last decade, Lemoi had taken a daily dose of veterinary ivermectin, a dewormer… → Read More

DeSantis was a Ryan lickspittle before he was a Trump lickspittle – Lawyers, Guns & Money

This is the line of attack Trump seems planning to use in the primaries, and frankly it seems likely to be effective: > Here are the comments from Trump tonight on Ron DeSantis— Acyn (@Acyn) March 14, 2023 Of course DeSantis’s longstanding support for draconian cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security is one reason both National Review-style conservatives like… → Read More

Intentionally like a martyr: the ballad of Kyle Duncan – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Let us assume for the sake of argument that some of the Stanford Law students at the Fed Soc talk being given by Trump 5CA hack Kyle Duncan went too far into “heckler’s veto” territory. I still think the bigger story here is the remarkable arrogance and contempt shown by Duncan after he got what he was clearly looking for: > Personal opinion: A judge should not behave like a vengeful,… → Read More

Exile on Wingnut Avenue – Lawyers, Guns & Money

The funding for Rod Dreher’s blog has been pulled because he’s too much of a freak in the eyes of the funder, who one must remember was presumably acquainted with the work of Rod Dreher: > It never got weird enough for me,” once spoken by Hunter S. Thompson, is an apt mantra for the dedicated fans of eccentric conservative blogger Rod Dreher. Over the last 12 years, Dreher, whose blog at The… → Read More

Oscars open thread: one man’s lonely crusade against wome…I mean wokeness, yes that’s it – Lawyers, Guns & Money

I assume some of you will wish to discuss the Oscars — I will be watching later on DVR because of NHL-related responsibilities. I do wish, however, to share this classic of anti-WOKE whining from an anonymous actor who is definitely a huge liberal and absolutely not any kind of misogynist or racist: > “I think the Academy is making an effort to please everybody, and it’s reflective of the… → Read More

Consider my priors unchanged – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Jesse Singal has what he believes is strong evidence that the “whistleblower” whose story he desperately wishes were true because it would prove a culture war talking point is on the level. It…is not: > he really does not know how obviously deranged he looks to anyone examining his claims even slightly realistically— Senator Bribeluncheon (@FuzzyMarth) March 10,… → Read More

The Lone Star War on Women escalates – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Here we go: > A Texas man is suing three women under the wrongful death statute, alleging that they assisted his ex-wife in terminating her pregnancy, the first such case brought since the state’s near-total ban on abortion last summer. Marcus Silva is represented by Jonathan Mitchell, the former Texas solicitor general and architect of the state’s prohibition on abortions after about six… → Read More

SVB paid out bonuses on March 10 – Lawyers, Guns & Money

> Silicon Valley Bank on Friday paid out annual bonuses to eligible U.S. employees, just hours before the bank was seized by the U.S. government, Axios has learned from multiple sources. What to know: The bonuses were for work done during 2022, and were previously scheduled to be disbursed on March 10. That date ultimately coincided with the bank’s takeover by the Federal Deposit Insurance… → Read More

LGM Podcast: A Fan’s Life – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Paul discussed his latest book, A Fan’s Life, with Rob and myself in the latest LGM pod. Here’s the transcript. It’s a fun discussion of the stubborn irrationality of fandom, old-school message boards, and Bill James eureka moments, and if you enjoy it you’ll enjoy Paul’s book too. The LGM podcast is now available from a variety of corporate overlords, so please perform freedom by making your… → Read More

Behind the Republican war on trans people – Lawyers, Guns & Money

> Indeed, Deutsch’s bill has proved influential in the recent surge of anti-LGBTQ lawmaking. This legislative session, at least 18 states have considered bills containing language closely resembling the text of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act. The leaked emails reveal how Deutsch’s proposal helped proponents of the national movement to restrict gender-affirming care establish a playbook… → Read More

Make Child Labor Great Again – Lawyers, Guns & Money

> Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a measure this week loosening child labor protections in the state. Under the law, the Youth Hiring Act of 2023, children under 16 do not have to obtain permission from the Division of Labor to get a job. They will no longer need to get an employment certificate, which verified their age, described their work and work schedule, and included… → Read More

Grand Old Police Blotter – Lawyers, Guns & Money

> Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and former state Republican Party Chair Matt Borges were convicted Thursday in a $60 million bribery scheme that federal prosecutors have called the largest corruption case in state history. A jury in Cincinnati found the two guilty of conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise involving bribery and money laundering. Each faces up to 20 years… → Read More

The climate impact of the doctrine that Democratic presidents can’t govern – Lawyers, Guns & Money

There’s a cool new climate site called Heatmap that launched today. I have a piece about Republican judges who think that the Environmental Protection Agency should not be able to issue regulations to protect the environment: > In an opinion written by Chief Justice Roberts and joined by other conservative justices, the Court held that the program ran afoul of the recently-invented “major… → Read More

NHL teams permitting homophobes to have heckler’s veto over Pride jerseys – Lawyers, Guns & Money

> Minnesota Wild players took warmup Tuesday in their normal uniforms, despite the club reportedly announcing they would wear special Pride-themed jerseys as part of the team’s Pride Night festivities. According to Michael Russo of The Athletic, the Wild had previously announced that they would wear the Pride jerseys and had also planned to auction off the jerseys after the game, according to… → Read More

Mission accomplished! – Lawyers, Guns & Money

Dobbs is having exactly the impact its authors intended. That is, the threat of state coercion is terrorizing doctors and women alike and resulting in women being denied abortions even in particularly dire circumstances where they are theoretically permitted by state law: > Five women who say they were denied abortions despite grave risks to their lives or their fetuses sued the State of… → Read More

Checking in on the imaginary American anti-abortion pro-social-democracy movement – Lawyers, Guns & Money

When Ross Douthat is right, he’s right! I am beginning to think that anti-abortion Republicans are not going to respond to Dobbs by becoming proponents of an expanded welfare state: > And in the US, of course, many of the same conservatives who claim to care about the wellbeing of Afghan women and then oppose asylum procedures that would allow them to come live in safety are enthusiastically… → Read More

A fascism too far (for some) – Lawyers, Guns & Money

> A handful of other Senate Republicans on Tuesday pushed back on Carlson’s claim that Jan. 6 was “peaceful chaos,” with Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina blasting those remarks as “bullshit.” Carlson, the popular but controversial figure on Fox, made those comments to his millions of viewers Monday night as he aired select clips of never-before-seen surveillance footage of the Capitol on… → Read More

The “Assistant Manager” scam – Lawyers, Guns & Money

> For four years beginning in 2014, Tiffany Palliser worked at Panera Bread in South Florida, making salads and operating the register for shifts that began at 5 a.m. and often ran late into the afternoon. Ms. Palliser estimates that she worked at least 50 hours a week on average. But she says she did not receive overtime pay. The reason? Panera officially considered her a manager and paid… → Read More

The destruction of public higher education in red states – Lawyers, Guns & Money

DeSantis is getting the most attention right now, but he didn’t invent reactionary bust-outs of public universities, and he definitely won’t be the last: > The February meeting of the North Idaho College board of trustees was, by recent standards, civilized. There were no shoving matches or speeches from far-right podcasters. Nobody pulled the fire alarm. The parade of community members who,… → Read More