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Recent articles by Scott:

The Death of Earl Warren (1891-2018)

Paul has already said most of what needs to be said about this, but I can’t resist adding something about the remarkable claim in the opening graf: Bridges—a professor who now teaches at UC–Berkeley School of Law—held out hope that the court might be “this great protector of individual civil liberties right when we desperately … → Read More

Who was the go-between in Ron DeSantis's racist con job?

We now know: Until now, little has been known about the woman whom migrants said identified herself only by her first name, “Perla,” when she solicited them to join the flights. A person briefed on the San Antonio sheriff’s office investigation into the matter told The New York Times that the person being looked at … → Read More

The Wrath of Ian - Lawyers, Guns & Money

The Times is one of the few major media organizations that puts together multimedia presentations that have actual added value. This one looking at the destruction in Fort Myers after the hurricane is one of them. It’s sobering that this is going to become a more common occurrence as many vulnerable areas get more densely populated. → Read More

NFL Open Thread: the buck should not stop here

Someone has been made to take the fall for Tua playing Thursday when he quite obviously shouldn’t have been: The N.F.L. Players Association has dismissed a neurologist who evaluated Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa after Tagovailoa hit his head in a game against the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. Tagovailoa was allowed to return to that … → Read More

WaPo deprioritizing reporting on police misconduct

The why here is even worse than the decision itself: So after nine years, I'm being let go by the Washington Post. This is disappointing but not surprising. In recent years, the Opinion leadership has made it increasingly difficult to do the reporting & in-depth analysis I was hired to do — in favor of … → Read More

Oasis - Lawyers, Guns & Money

As of this time yesterday, my favorite baseball team — the only current MLB franchise that has never won a league pennant — had the longest postseason drought in the major North American pro sports. No more: GOODBYE BASEBALL. HELLO POSTSEASON. — Seattle Mariners (@Mariners) October 1, 2022 There was some optimism about the … → Read More

Why do all these Nazis keep supporting my campaign?

The MAGA crank who defeated Jaime Herrera Beutler for the Republican nomination in WA-3 is exactly what you’d expect: Despite disavowing White nationalism last spring when one of its adherents endorsed him, a US House candidate in Washington subsequently gave a previously unreported interview in June to a Nazi sympathizer and White nationalist. While Republican … → Read More

Exceptions to draconian abortion bans are mostly useless

A useful reminder from Jessica Valenti that Republicans “compromising” by adding some narrow exceptions to abortion bans that are nearly impossible to use in practice are not actually compromising: Republicans in other anti-abortion states are doing the same: Some are giving viral speeches about the importance of supporting the most vulnerable women and girls, while others cry for the cameras or… → Read More

Republicans count on their enemies not to reciprocate their callous nihilism

Ron DeSantis, currently begging for federal aid in the wake of the horrors of Hurricane Ian, opposed federal aid to New York after Sandy Hook because, after all, he’s Ron DeSantis: As a freshman congressman in 2013, Ron DeSantis was unambiguous: A federal bailout for the New York region after Hurricane Sandy was an irresponsible … → Read More

Now and then - Lawyers, Guns & Money

2022: She said she did not speak “at all about the details of my volunteer campaign activities” and that “I did not speak with him at all about the details of my post election activities, which were minimal” she added “he was completely unaware” of my texts with Mark Meadows 2/4 — Ariane de Vogue … → Read More

Judges without law

Aileen Cannon is being as Aileen Cannon as you can get: 2/ It's hard to capture how blatantly the judge is advocating on behalf of Trump. She's now micromanaging the SM's work, extending deadlines far past anything the SM asked for, barring the SM from forcing Trump to say whether he thinks the FBI planted … → Read More

Deep down in Florida

Although the worst seems to be over, what happened was really terrible: President Joe Biden said officials are hearing early reports of what may be a substantial loss of life due to Hurricane Ian, he said at a press conference at Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters Thursday. “This could be the deadliest storm in Florida … → Read More

Democratic legitimacy is not a presumptive right

Supreme Court justices are now subtweeting each other with increasing directness: Across the court’s history, “The very worst moments have been times when judges have even essentially reflected one party’s or one ideology’s set of views in their legal decisions,” Justice Kagan said last week at Salve Regina University in Newport, R.I. “The thing that … → Read More

I like my daughters to have a good time and I don't care who gets hurt

Brett Favre has shown Mississippi as the state that won’t accept federal money to provide health insurance for the poor (even as it bans abortion) but has plenty of money for enhanced volleyball facilities. But he’s willing to engage in some self-dealing from his “charity” too: Before Brett Favre allegedly siphoned $5 million in Mississippi … → Read More

But they won't do that

Regrets, Trump and his bottom-of-the-barrel legal team have a few: But Mr. Trump’s apparent triumph would prove short-lived. An appeals court ruling last week and a letter the Justice Department filed late Tuesday about subsequent complaints his legal team has apparently filed under seal to Judge Dearie suggest that the upsides to obtaining a special … → Read More

Chamber of Commerce: it is illegal for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to protect consumers

Another lawsuit trying to stop the Biden administration from using the tools explicitly given to it by Congress to fulfill the goals that Congress had when it passed the legislation: Business groups sued the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau over a recent move by the agency to combat potential discrimination in banking services, as legal battles … → Read More

Ohio Republicans getting exactly what they wanted

That is, young rape victims given a choice of making an arduous, expensive journey or being forced to carry a pregnancy to term at great physical and mental risk: At least two more minors made pregnant by sexual assault were forced to leave Ohio to avoid having their rapists’ babies, according to sworn affidavits filed … → Read More

The loud parts louder

Doug Mastriano is a terrible candidate in a swing state because he persistently makes the mistake of being candid about what MAGA reactionaries want: State Sen. Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, said in 2019 that women should be charged with murder if they violated his proposed abortion ban. In an interview … → Read More

Campus PC is actually out of control

I am beginning to think that claims that Dobbs will have no impact on access to birth control were made out of ignorance or bad faith: Public universities in Idaho are warning staffers not to refer students to abortion providers or tell them how to get emergency contraception because they could be charged with a … → Read More

Victim of DeSantis's racist fraud speaks

Testimony from one of the Venezuelans Ron DeSantis defrauded as a political stunt: I went to the bus terminal. I lasted there four days. There was a lady who gave us breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, thank God. She helped some of us with the fare to San Antonio. At the terminal, there were some … → Read More