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Recent articles by Cal:

Anger Is Alive in America and Why There Is so Much of It

Anger arises when people refuse to search, find, and then live by well-established principles that have mostly worked throughout history. → Read More

The Lesson Behind Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Fall From Grace

Liberty University is faced with an opportunity in the wake of former President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s fall from power after personal indiscretions. → Read More

Cal Thomas: Dueling political conventions pit sadness vs. optimism

The two political conventions are finally over. To paraphrase Charles Dickens, one convention promoted the best of times, the other the worst of times.If → Read More

OPINION, Cal Thomas: Federal response to rioters warranted

The violence perpetrated in the streets of cities across America continues because state and local elected officials refuse to do what is necessary to → Read More

OPINION, Cal Thomas: Spending as if there is no tomorrow

I am not in the habit of quoting leftist Noam Chomsky, but this line seems relevant when one considers our growing national debt: "When you trap → Read More

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and a Fatal Conceit

One Miami restaurant owner says 25 other mayors in the region oppose Mayor Carlos Gimenez's directive and that Gimenez "never consulted with anyone." → Read More

How DC Already Is a 'State'

A House bill would change the name of Mayor Muriel Bowser's District of Columbia to honor abolitionist Frederick Douglass. → Read More

OPINION, Cal Thomas: Washington, D.C. is already a state

This column is the opinion of the author. We welcome a diversity of opinions.In the latest of many cynical and highly political moves, the House of Representatives last week passed a measure that would transform the District of Columbia and make it the 51st state."DC," as it is often abbreviated by locals, is already a "state." It is a state of corruption, crime, and dysfunction. The only reason… → Read More

Tearing Things Down Does Not Help Others Rise

Tearing things down, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi encourages, including history, does not help others rise. No life is improved, no family stabilized. → Read More

Black America and the Contract Trump Should Make With Them

Prior to the economic shutdown and the murder of George Floyd, some believe President Trump was on his way to fulfilling his promise to black America. → Read More

COVID-19 Not the Only Threat From China

China's new strategic stealth bomber, known as Xian H-20, is expected to become operational later this year. It would double China's strike capacity. → Read More

OPINION, Voices, Cal Thomas: Peaceably take to the streets to liberate America

"...the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." (from the First Amendment)Conservatives are mostly a passive lot, expressing their frustrations and anger over ideas they oppose by listening to or watching Fox News, talk radio, or attending Trump rallies when that was possible.The duration of the COVID-19 lockdown and its associated… → Read More

A Warning From the Dark Hole of Debt

As James Madison said in prophetic words, debt historically has been a major contributor to the decline of great nations. → Read More

The Show Trial Begins

Democrats insist the Senate trial be “fair.” How is it fair when House Democrats continue to leak documents they hope will damage the president? → Read More

Add Iran's Leadership to the Ash Heap of History

Trump is demonstrating a toughness that was mostly absent in the Obama and Clinton administrations when it came to Iran. → Read More

Impeachment Is the Left's Sad Final Attempt to Beat Trump

The left does not have a single issue on which they can defeat the president, most especially when it comes to the economy. → Read More

Today's Christians Gather in 3 Camps When It Comes to Presidents

The debate about political power and authority among those who profess the Christian faith has raged since the first century. → Read More

Why the Left Will Never Stop Attacking Kavanaugh

The assault on the Supreme Court has become worse now that Democrats see their primary avenue to legal and cultural change slipping away. → Read More

When Government Runs Health Care

If tiny Ireland can't make its centralized health system work, what makes so many of our politicians think it will work in the U.S.? → Read More

They've Lost Their Minds in San Francisco

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors adopts new “person first” language guidelines meant to “change the public’s perception of criminals.” → Read More