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Recent articles by Enrique:

The offshore winds of change…

The Biden administration has announced an ambitious plan to line its entire coastline with offshore wind farms, using federal waters that would be offered in concession to interested developers as… → Read More

Ten reasons why a Facebook metaverse is a very bad idea

Entrepreneur magazine asked me for my opinion on Facebook’s plans to create a so-called metaverse, which according to the company would include everything from major investments and hiring thousands of people in Europe, to eventually changing the company’s name to reflect its focus in that area. → Read More

Ending online anonymity vs. understanding the internet

Every time politicians introduce a bill to try to restrict anonymity on the internet, they are telling the world that they don’t understand the digital age, or the most elementary civil rights. A… → Read More

IE Tower: much more than a tall building

Tuesday was a very special day: the inauguration of IE Tower, one of the tallest vertical campuses in the world and definitely the tallest place where, in the thirty-one years I’ve been with IE… → Read More

The global supply chain debacle is only just beginning

There is mounting evidence of an unprecedented global supply chain crisis stemming from an uneven economic recovery as demand revives in the wake of a subsiding pandemic, that has hit many countries hard as they struggle to cope with bottlenecks and shortages of workers and goods. → Read More

How the connected car is changing motor insurance

Tesla drivers in Texas, the state where the company has decided to relocate its headquarters, will now be able to buy an exclusive insurance policy, the conditions of which will be based on their… → Read More

Can digital advertising evolve?

The promise of digital advertising was that unlike traditional media, which is one-directional, it would be possible to use the bidirectionality of the internet to tailor advertisers’ messages to… → Read More

Are we witnessing the unstoppable march of cryptocurrencies?

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is entering a new phase, one highlighted by their inclusion in more and more investment strategies. → Read More

DeepMind and Alphabet: who needs markets?

DeepMind, the artificial intelligence company founded in 2010 by Demis Hassabis, Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman, and acquired by Alphabet in 2014 for $650 million, has published its financial… → Read More

Why micromobility is one of the keys to the future of our cities

Last Friday, defying the “Friday curse” which means that few events take place that day, IE Business School presented a report (in Spanish) on micromobility and sustainable urban mobility, on which… → Read More

A global taxation agreement: about time

Finally, after many years delay, an agreement for a common 15% corporate tax rate for international companies originally announced at the G7 summit in London in June has been ratified by 136… → Read More

Norway’s EV miracle. September saw plugin electric vehicle…

September saw plugin electric vehicle sales in Norway hit a record-breaking 91.5%, with full electrics taking 77.5% of the total share. Projections are that it will become the first country in the… → Read More

Facebook: the bigger they are…

The prolonged collapse of Facebook’s entire product portfolio — Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR and Facebook Messenger, in addition to Facebook itself — on Monday — unprecedented for services of such caliber and with billions of users worldwide — prompted a sharp drop in its stock market price, along with sharp criticism on other social networks. → Read More

Love lost between Big Tech and their governments, in IE Insights

IE Insights has published this article, entitled Love Lost between Big Tech and Government (pdf), about the important shift in the relationship between the world’s leading technology companies and… → Read More

Siri: Apple’s missed opportunity

A highly critical article in The Verge, “Hey Siri, what happened?”, discusses an issue many of us have been observing for some time: that Apple’s home assistant is noticeably less intelligent and… → Read More

What is it that really sets Tesla apart from the competition?

Tesla’s production figures and vehicle shipments for the third quarter of 2021 make it the only manufacturer that, in the midst of the global chip crisis that has caused more than $210 billion in losses and the closure of numerous factories around the world, has increased profits and beat analysts’ forecasts, surpassing its all-time record. → Read More

How the pandemic has proved a boon to telemedicine

Telemedicine has become increasingly popular during the lockdowns of the first months of the pandemic, as people were actively avoiding hospitals seen as dangerous or that were overcome with Covid patients and instead interact with their doctors on a regular basis by videoconference for a consultation of early symptoms or possible conditions, as well as to request prescriptions or analyses. → Read More

Directories? Folders? What?

Over the years, I have increasingly noticed how my students seem to lack any structure when it comes to organizing their files and their contents, and in most cases, simply store them wherever the… → Read More

If you don’t want to line up for petrol, how about buying an EV

The UK’s decision to leave the EU, which is causing shortages of all kinds of supplies and labor in the UK, could turn into a boon for sustainable transportation and lower emissions in the country… → Read More

Why fake news is big business

Susana Carrizosa, a journalist at leading Spanish daily El País, contacted me to talk about fake news in a business context, and how it is being used as a communication or corporate lobbying… → Read More