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Past articles by Mary:

7 tips for leaders on coping with anxiety about the Coronavirus

You’ve canceled work travel plans, but the work still builds up. Your children are bored and want to know when they can play sports. → Read More

10 assumptions that kill careers and 10 truths that advance them

Don’t let toxicity invade your core. You draw that boundary. Don’t lose the power that is intrinsically yours. And continue to challenge your assumptions. → Read More

12 leadership influence books that changed my career

You'll notice that all of these books are about relatability, connectivity, self-awareness, compassion, listening, influence, and discernment. → Read More

3 things to say when you feel threatened by a bad boss or colleague

A boundary is an invisible line between what you will and will not allow. Insecure bosses and colleagues often don’t have them. → Read More

7 “don'ts” for job applicants from a hiring manager

Hiring managers have dozens of resumes to go through. If you don’t attach a cover letter, they think you are just blindly applying in mass. → Read More

Men vs women: Your gender intelligence at work

Here are some tips you can apply today when you delegate, build consensus and interpret results. These also bring value to your interpersonal relationships. → Read More

Mean people and your executive presence

The problem with mean people is that they are intrinsically unhappy, insecure and have low self-awareness. The root feeling behind their behavior is anger. → Read More

How to know if you have executive presence

When you walk into a room you know who has executive presence and who does not. It is something people see very quickly. You exude presence or you do not. → Read More

5 steps to kill the engine of procrastination

Notice when you started procrastinating and why. Think back to a time in your life when you started avoiding what needed to be done? → Read More

How to build self-awareness for executive presence

Self-awareness has two factions. First, there is internal self-awareness – how well you understand yourself. Second, there is an external self-awareness. → Read More

3 top misconceptions that halt our careers

Mindful daily routines are a world-class workout for the mind. They teach you to stay in the moment and not fast forward to negative assumptions. → Read More

4 career guideposts for women

I watch my male clients courageously apply for jobs they don’t have the credentials for yet are sure they can do. While often women won’t even apply. → Read More

4 key ways to have better executive presence

When you want to build executive presence start with paying attention to your own behavior. Self-awareness falls into two categories. → Read More

3 misconceptions that halt our careers

Don't wait for the perfect job, opportunity or waiting for perfection instead of taking risks that build self-assurance. Don’t get stuck by working harder. → Read More

7 steps to move forward from a career and life transition that burns

It might be fear of what will happen in the future. It might be about health, relationships, career, financial security. It might be guilt about the past. → Read More

7 steps to getting a promotion

You’ve been in your role long enough that you feel it’s time for a bigger challenge. Others have been promoted. Colleagues have left. → Read More

The one morning practice that increases happiness

An intention is simply a promise to yourself. This is where you set aside a few moments each morning to canvas your thoughts and make a commitment. → Read More

9 executive presence practices that arm you against ageism at work

Consider a 54-year-old worker who loses his job in today's economy. There is one constant for today's 54-year-old – ageism. → Read More

Seven steps to move forward from career and life transitions that burn

Often the biggest influencer in these situations are not the transitions itself but, the story we attach to them, generating fear. → Read More

6 tips when you feel taken for granted

One of the subtle feelings that shreds our peace is the feeling that we have been taken for granted.Name what you’re feeling. → Read More