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Past articles by Kim:

How Cops Can Secretly Track Your Phone

A guide to stingray surveillance technology, which may have been deployed at recent protests. → Read More

One Little-Watched Race Has Huge Implications for Election Hacking and Voter Suppression In Georgia

A December 4 runoff for the Secretary of State will help determine how the state handles controversial decisions around how to secure voting machines and when to purge voter rolls. → Read More

Leaked Files Show How the NSA Tracks Other Countries’ Hackers

The Shadow Brokers leak showed the NSA was tracking at least 45 nation-state hacking operations. Experts explain how the agency stepped up its monitoring. → Read More

NSA Worker’s Software Piracy May Have Exposed Him To Russian Spies

Secret NSA code was inadvertently uploaded to Moscow after its owner was infected by malware while bootlegging Microsoft Office, says Kaspersky Lab. → Read More

Accused of Spying, Russian Security Firm Will Show Its Code and Operations to Outsiders

Kaspersky Lab's transparency project offers ongoing access. The company foils U.S. government hackers and was recently accused of helping the Kremlin. → Read More

How Russian Firm Might Have Siphoned Tools from the NSA

Russian hackers got top-secret material via Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab. Intelligence sources and documents explain how it may have happened — without Kaspersky's knowledge. → Read More

Masquerading Hackers Are Forcing a Rethink of How Attacks Are Traced

Researchers call into question how online attacks are attributed as hackers increasingly steal tools from one another, obscuring their identities. → Read More

What Is Ransomware? A Guide to the Global Cyberattack’s Scary Method

Ransomware is malware that locks your keyboard or computer to prevent you from accessing your data until you pay a ransom. → Read More

Snowden Documents Reveal Scope of Secrets Exposed to China in 2001 Spy Plane Incident

What really happened in 2001 when China brought down a U.S. military spy plane? A secret report from the Snowden archive provides details. → Read More

Malware Attacks Used by the U.S. Government Remain Effective for Many Years, New Evidence Indicates

Rand Corp. analyzed of around 200 "zero days" sourced from a company that sells to governments. The attacks remained potent for 7 years on average. → Read More

WikiLeaks Files Show the CIA Repurposing Hacking Code To Save Time, Not To Frame Russia

WikiLeaks said CIA hackers impersonated foreign hackers. In fact, the files simply showed re-use of code — in ways that implicated no one else. → Read More

Internet Archive Successfully Fends Off Secret FBI Order

The FBI has rescinded an NSL issued earlier this year to the online library. It's the archive's second landmark victory over NSLs in 10 years. → Read More

iPhones Secretly Send Call History To Apple, Security Firm Says

Your call logs get sent to Apple's servers whenever iCloud is on — something Apple does not disclose. → Read More

When the FBI Has a Phone It Can’t Crack, It Calls These Israeli Hackers

Apple fights to keep the U.S. government out of its phones. Cellebrite is the leader in helping break in. An inside look at the secretive Israeli company. → Read More

We’re Not Just Fact-Checking Mr. Robot—We’re Hack-Checking It

And last night's episode had a few things that might benefit from some explanation. → Read More

How the Real Hackers Behind Mr. Robot Get It So Right

The people who create the hacks on the hit TV show are just as obsessed with getting it right as viewers are. → Read More

What to Expect From Mr. Robot, Season Two (Hint: Lotsa Easter Eggs)

Looking back at Season 1 gives us some ideas where Elliot's journey may go after the E Corp hack. → Read More

Privacy Shield Will Let US Tech Giants Grab Europeans’ Data

Companies can keep transferring data from the EU to their US servers under a new deal between the two governments that privacy advocates are decrying. → Read More

Update Your Pokémon Go App Now to Fix That Privacy Mess

Pokémon Go no longer catches all your Google account info. → Read More

Why a Killer Robot Was Likely the Only Option For Dallas Police

Just how does a bomb-defusing robot kill a human being? → Read More