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Recent articles by Howie:

Howie Carr: Supreme Court’s Roe decision gives Left ‘victims’ best weekend of their lives

Everyone on the Left has but one ultimate aspiration — to be officially recognized as a victim. → Read More

Howie Carr: ‘The Case of the Missing Attachment’

You’d almost think the staties have something to hide, the way they refuse to release any pertinent information about the rampant crime wave the MSP has unleashed on the Commonwealth. → Read More

Howie Carr: Massachusetts lawmakers determined today … to ignore you!

Howie Carr: Drivers’ licenses for illegals tells you everything you need to know about the misplaced priorities of the Democrat party in Massachusetts. → Read More

Howie Carr: Call this Massachusetts zombie movie ‘Week of the Living Hacks’

Howie Carr: Old hacks never die — they just keep getting busted again and again and again. → Read More

Howie Carr: Make way for ‘the Teddy’ at the trough

Howie: Now it turns out that the local boondoggle known as the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate has been handed $5 million from the latest $350 billion relief package. → Read More

Howie Carr: Chris Sununu suffering from foot-in-mouth oration

In case you missed it, Sununu flew down to DC Saturday and put on the Republican version of a minstrel show for an audience of more than 600 millionaires known as the Gridiron Club. That’s a group of “journalists,” i.e., Democrat operatives with press passes. → Read More

Howie Carr: Brand-new moral panic fuels the left

HOWIE: When Donald Trump was president, the fortunate sons denounced him as a “TV star.” Now Ukraine has a former TV comedian as its president and they’re head over heels in love again! → Read More

Classic Howie Carr on Southie St. Patrick’s Day breakfast (he didn’t get his wish)

It was 12:15 yesterday in sweltering Halitosis Hall. Raybo was a no-show, ditto the Kennedys. And with 45 minutes to fill - 2,700 interminable seconds - the Corrupt Midget was reduced to taking musical requests from the audience. → Read More

Howie Carr: Somebody tell Biden the war is in Ukraine, not Iran

Some think he said “Urainian,” not Iranian. The point is, he didn’t say Ukrainian. And thus you forced to ponder the eternal question: For whom does the bell toll? I’m glad you asked that question. Because in his speech, Joe mentioned a bell – the Rust Bell. → Read More

Howie Carr: Springtime for Putin, winter for Ukraine and NATO

One reason Putin didn’t move when Trump was POTUS is because he wasn’t rolling in foreign currency from exporting fossil fuels, the only real commodity Russia has. The reason Russia was hurting happened to coincide with the US not just becoming energy independent, but actually again exporting to, among other places, the European Union. → Read More

Howie Carr: The MS-13 butcher of East Boston sent away for life

On Christmas Eve 2016, Perverso and his MS-13 crew lured their first victim to a park in East Boston and, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, he “personally stabbed the victim… at least a dozen sharp stab wounds… throat was slashed….” → Read More

Howie Carr: The time the FBI thought Whitey Bulger was a 94-year-old Black man and more never-before-reported G-man boondoggles

This is a story about Whitey Bulger and the FBI that you’ve never heard, and it would be even more humorous if it didn’t illustrate yet again how cosmically, comically incompetent the G-men are. → Read More

Howie Carr: A year of living dangerously with Biden at the helm

For Joe, anyone whose name he can’t remember he usually calls “senator.” It’s his default title for everybody. Recently he called NH Gov. Chris Sununu “Sen. Sununu.” Last Friday, PA Cong. Conor Lamb got the same promotion from Joe, to senator. → Read More

Howie Carr: Southcoast Health honchos attempted the mother of all Friday news snow jobs

Southcoast Health, operator of several major hospitals in southeastern Massachusetts, picked Friday afternoon, as Snowmaggedon neared, to officially terminate their boozy, gun-hoarding CEO Keith Hovan from his $2,382,050-a-year hack sinecure. → Read More

Howie Carr: Woke snowplowing? Boston’s new hire swears by it

You know who else benefits from having the major streets plowed first? People who call 911, whose houses are on fire, who need an ambulance. Have you ever tried to maneuver a hook-and-ladder truck down a bicycle lane? → Read More

Howie Carr: Biden’s ‘stupid son of a bitch’ moment speaks volumes

“It’s a great asset,” sneered President Biden to Peter Doocy of Fox News. “More inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch!” → Read More

Howie Carr: Bulgers at it again in latest effort to swipe some cash

All the Bulgers wanted was another payday — and a mere $200-million one at that. → Read More

Howie Carr: Maura Healey’s misses as Massachusetts attorney general

As Maura Healey's number-one accomplishment, I’d list her measured response to the orgy of looting and violence by armed left-wing mobs that engulfed Boston on May 31-June 1 2020. Among other things, a career thug fired 12 shots at Boston police officers on Tremont Street, some of which penetrated apartments across from the Common. → Read More

Howie Carr: Somebody, please ask Biden today about the Texas terrorist

But what about the FBI? I’m sure the G-men would say that well, this latest “lone wolf” was from the UK and they’re the US domestic secret police. Not that that stopped, say, crooked agent Peter Strzok from flying to Britain in 2016 when the feds were trying to frame Donald Trump et al. on their beloved Russian collusion hoax. → Read More

Howie Carr: Actually, every single bad Democrat move is Trump’s fault!

If Donald Trump didn’t exist, corrupt Democrats would have had to invent him. → Read More