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Recent articles by Howie:

Howie Carr: Home free for the holidays

So now that the election is over, Shelley Joseph can be returned to the bench – just in time for Thanksgiving. I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat my prediction. The only question now for Judge Shelley Joseph is whether she’ll be promoted to, say, the SJC, by Gov.-elect Maura Healey, or whether she’ll be moving on to the federal bench courtesy of Dementia Joe. → Read More

Howie Carr: Massachusetts Republican party on life support

Please, Geoff Diehl and Jim Jones Lyons, how can we miss you when you won’t go away? Don’t go away mad, guys. Just go away. → Read More

Howie Carr: Pandemic apology tour sickening

These “experts” wrecked the entire society – I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. They don’t have to tell us how sorry they are. We know how sorry they are. → Read More

Howie Carr: 500,000 refunds coming your way means Question 1 is a joke!

The good news is, if the electorate is paying attention, even these first half-million or so refunds should disprove once and for all the lie that is propelling referendum Question 1 – that the hacks need another billion-plus in tax money to pay for “education” and “transportation.” → Read More

Howie Carr: Question 1 requires ‘grown-up decision’

“We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” → Read More

Howie Carr: It’s a robbery! Of justice

It was the biggest Mass. State Police scandal ever … until all the rest of them since then. → Read More

Howie Carr: Biden’s economy has turned to excrement

As always, Dementia Joe Biden is somewhat confused, so let’s get right to it. Let’s start with the US economy, which like everything else he and the Democrats have touched has turned to excrement. But Joe knows how to handle inflation: just print more money. Here is Brandon on CNN the other night. As usual, […] → Read More

Howie Carr: Dear Whitey, FBI reveals Bulger notebook secrets

That’s just one takeaway from the latest FBI document dump on the serial-killing, cocaine-dealing, bank-robbing underworld kingpin whose brother was the most powerful Democrat in Massachusetts politics. → Read More

Howie Carr: Shelley Joseph brooming proof DOJ can’t be trusted

This is totally outrageous, and just the latest indication that in the United States, we now have two systems of justice – one for Americans, and the other for the Beautiful People. → Read More

Howie Carr: Mar-a-Lago raid latest Deep State run at Trump

Is this the FBI’s latest “insurance policy” against Donald Trump? It sure looks like it. → Read More

Howie Carr: Sorry Charlie, Orange Line disaster nothing to write about

I’d always thought that when Parker takes the long walk down the State House steps next January, he’d be pelted mainly with masks. Now, I think at least a few straphangers will be throwing a Charlie Card or two at him. → Read More

Howie Carr: Maura Healey teeing up Dean Tran

After almost eight years as AG, Maura has finally found a local politician she wanted to indict – and in an incredible coincidence, her first target ever happens to be both a Republican and the guy who is running against Trahan, one of Maura’s most vocal proponents. → Read More

Howie Carr: Petition calls for a return to sanity

If you want to express your resistance to this latest giveaway, this weekend you might take a moment to sign the petition to put the question onto the Nov. 8 ballot. → Read More

Howie Carr: John Kerry, Anthony Fauci have overstayed their hack jobs

These two pampered pukes have been slurping at the public trough longer than most Americans have been alive — often wrong, but never in doubt. → Read More

Howie Carr: Democrats look ill from too many ‘bogoda’ breakfast tacos

I’m heading off to the local bogoda for a breakfast taco. Might be a good place for Rayla Campbell to meet a few more mansplaining woke Democrat stalkers. → Read More

Howie Carr: Photos capture reputed mall menace

MA Attorney General Maura Healey sneered at any women worried about dudes in the ladies’ room, telling them that if they had a problem they should just “hold it.” → Read More

Howie Carr: Supreme Court’s Roe decision gives Left ‘victims’ best weekend of their lives

Everyone on the Left has but one ultimate aspiration — to be officially recognized as a victim. → Read More

Howie Carr: ‘The Case of the Missing Attachment’

You’d almost think the staties have something to hide, the way they refuse to release any pertinent information about the rampant crime wave the MSP has unleashed on the Commonwealth. → Read More

Howie Carr: Massachusetts lawmakers determined today … to ignore you!

Howie Carr: Drivers’ licenses for illegals tells you everything you need to know about the misplaced priorities of the Democrat party in Massachusetts. → Read More

Howie Carr: Call this Massachusetts zombie movie ‘Week of the Living Hacks’

Howie Carr: Old hacks never die — they just keep getting busted again and again and again. → Read More