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Recent articles by James:

Akai introduces 'MPC Beats' music-making software for beginners

If you’re looking for free music production software, Akai might not be the first name that comes to mind, but today it’s announcing exactly that — a streamlined digital audio workstation (DAW) called MPC Beats. You likely know Akai more for its button-mashing production gear like the MPC series, but it does have software chops too. Not only do the higher-end MPCs effectively come with a DAW… → Read More

Rode's updated Rodecaster Pro proves software is the key to good hardware

This week, the Rodecaster Pro became a little more useful. When Rode released the Rodecaster Pro in 2018, it was a boon to budding podcasters. The Rodecaster Pro’s noise gate, for example, can be pretty aggressive. → Read More

Making an indie phone is not for the faint-hearted

You can build your own PC easily, so why not a phone? It's not just the complex internals, there are many more challenges to overcome. Yet some are still trying. → Read More

Akai's MPC Live II is a portable studio with built-in speakers

Today, Akai reveals the MPC Live II. The Live II has one obvious new addition: a pair of “studio monitors” built right in. The speakers sit along the bottom and offer stereo sound wherever you are. → Read More

Nuraloop review: Smart sports buds, elevated

The Nuraloop sports buds offer personlized sound, excellent battery life and active noise cancellation making them worthy Powerbeats rivals. → Read More

DJI's Mavic Air 2 offers 34 minutes of flight time and 48-megapixel photos

Well, it’s finally official: say hello to the Mavic Air 2. As the name suggests, it’s a sequel to the 2018’s Mavic Air — a drone I was very taken with. Much of DJI’s camera functionality comes from the numerous auto-shot and “smart” modes. → Read More

GoPro's Max gets much-needed 360 time lapse features

The 360 camera is getting a firmware update that adds a few features that were missing at launch. The addition of time lapse in 360 mode fills a glaring gap in the Max spec sheet. → Read More

Evercade’s cartridge-based retro handheld makes more sense than you think

Retro gaming has arguably existed ever since there was a second generation of consoles. Today’s gamer seeking a shot of nostalgia has almost as many ways to play vintage titles as there are platforms to collect for. Evercade adds one more to that list. → Read More

Can you really get work done on a tiny laptop?

You can see the problem I have created for myself; I'm asking for something with a keyboard big enough for fluid typing and the processing grunt to handle images and audio (and associated plugins). Basically, a regular, decent-spec laptop. But there are multiple options in the small laptop space, so it can't be totally unreasonable? The Pocket 2 from GPD ($500), for example, clearly claims to… → Read More

GoPro's Media Mod is an upgrade for vloggers on the go

When GoPro revealed the Hero 8's "mod" accessories, there was a clear favorite: The Media Mod ($80). The light and the fold-out screen looked handy, but the Med... → Read More

2020 will bring new ways to upgrade your hearing

If your peepers are letting you down, you have an endless choice of ways to frame that physical defect as a style statement. If you have hearing loss, not so mu... → Read More

Eargo's next hearing aid promises improved sound in the same tiny size

Eargo has made a name for itself by doing things differently when it comes to hearing aids. Instead of the usual range of over-the-ear devices, all the company'... → Read More

Phonak Virto Black hands-on: A hearing aid that gives you super powers

Something weird is happening. I'm walking through a Las Vegas casino having a normal conversation with someone on my left. This might not seem too weird to you,... → Read More

Nuraloop hands-on: Possibly the smartest earbuds around

Nura burst onto the headphone scene a couple of years ago with the Nuraphone. With its app-based hearing test for customized audio, haptic bass, noise cancellat... → Read More

The PowerEgg X drone doubles as a handheld camera

For the eager gadgeteer, vacations are a challenge. How many action cameras should you bring? Will your drone pack in your carry on? What about the gimbal for y... → Read More

PAX introduces the Era Pro, a smarter vape for cannabis nerds

Vape "mods" are pretty straightforward; they're mostly just batteries. That said, the original PAX Era was actually pretty smart. It can dial in a specific temp... → Read More

Olive Union Smart Ear hands-on: A stylish hearing device with tradeoffs

As wearable technology becomes the norm, there's still one gadget that carries a stigma: the hearing aid. You can wear wireless earbuds and no one flinches, but... → Read More

Teenage Engineering's 'rumble' module puts haptic bass in the OP-Z

Teenage Engineering's quirk OP-Z now has a "bass" module. → Read More

The Atari Lynx’s 30th birthday gift is a bunch of new games

The Atari Lynx celebrates turning 30 with a bunch of new games. → Read More

The best personal EVs for any commute

My commute isn't too bad. I have to walk a mile or so to the metro, ride it for about 25 minutes, and then it's a short walk from the station to the office.... → Read More