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Past articles by John:

New York’s Surprise Wins Delivered the House

All the undecided House races have been called, and Republicans will hold 222 seats. For the first time in decades, New York was the deciding factor in a midterm election. → Read More

Even Hollywood Stars Are Fed Up with L.A.’s Demise

A Rick Caruso victory in Los Angeles would be a major defeat for progressives. → Read More

Why Will Polls Now Show Republicans Doing Better?

One reason for the GOP resurgence in polls is that the surveys have finally caught up by surveying the most likely electorate, and in most elections the likely-voter sample leans more Republican than do samples of registered voters or all adults. → Read More

Disappearing midterm election debates: Democrats dodging their opponents this year

Debates were voters' way of getting beyond candidates' feel-good ads and stunts, and actually hearing some discussion about policy. But debates are slowly fading away. → Read More

Biden’s Economic Policies Borrow from the Failed Past

From ancient Rome to Richard Nixon, anti-inflation nostrums are proven quackery. → Read More

The IRS Is Your Friend

A California congresswoman says Americans want the IRS to have more agents. → Read More

Tear Down That Covid-Testing Wall for Commercial Flight

The requirement that vaccinated travelers test negative before flying to the U. S. is medically outdated and economically harmful. → Read More

Will Fact-Checkers Ever Think Joe Biden Worthy of Scrutiny?

PolitiFact has checked Biden’s critics almost six times as often as it scrutinizes Biden. → Read More

Apple Employees Throw Tantrum and Resist Returning to Work

A group of U.S.-based Apple employees called Apple Together issued an open letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook over his plan to have them return to the office. → Read More

Veering from the Smog of War TV to Humanitarian Clarity

Beregsurany, Hungary, on the Ukrainian border, is all about the best of human nature -- helping people in sudden need. But the war always looms in the background of every conversation. → Read More

Right to Repair: A Consumer Movement That Left and Right Should Agree On

When you buy a product, you should be able to expect that you’re its sole owner. → Read More

What Does President Biden Know, and When Does He Know It?

The media need to pierce what the White House calls ‘the wall’ protecting him. → Read More

The Merchants of Omicron Fear

Heather Mac Donald concludes that we have turned the equivalent of the common cold into a potent weapon against the resumption of civil society. → Read More

Think Tanks Can Be a Frontline Defense against Pandemic Setbacks

Covid-19 has killed millions and put a suffocating blanket on economic growth, especially in developing countries. But the damage goes beyond that. The pandemic, the lockdowns, and their aftershocks threaten to undo many of the giant gains the globe has made in economic and political progress since the end of the Cold War. → Read More

Both Parties Have to Confront Their ‘Senior’ Moment

The Democrats in power today came of age in the 1960s, when Great Society programs were popular and the radical counterculture reigned supreme. They have learned nothing from those failures, and in their dotage, they have failed to contain the progressive forces that have endangered the party’s electoral prospects. → Read More

What Do Dems Do with Sinema and Manchin?

Democrats must wish they'd spent more time talking with Manchin, Sinema, and some of their colleagues before shaping the radical Biden Budget Buster bill. → Read More

Pelosi Confirms Bait-and-Switch Budgeting

If a private-sector CEO tried Pelosi’s bookkeeping sleight of hand, they would be put in jail for fraud. → Read More

When Will Someone Hold Human-Rights Hearings on Australia?

Rather than learn to live with the virus as an endemic disease that will keep circulating and mutating over time, Australians are being put through an endless cycle of lockdowns, in a fruitless government attempt to eradicate COVID entirely. → Read More

John Fund: California Dems strike back – future recalls will face blowback in state's One Party Empire

As someone who grew up in California and has followed its politics for decades, it’s pretty clear why Gov, Gavin Newsom survived the recall attempt. It was a numbers game. → Read More

Anniversaries of 9/11 and Star Trek Showcase Timeless Truths

As we mark the sad and sobering anniversary of 9/11, we should also remember how much people need hope to continue with their lives and how it can come sometimes appear in the most unlikely of places. → Read More