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Only a quarter of recent new-hires in the oil and gas industry identify as women, and that's a problem. Here are four things that might help. → Read More

What if you survived the apocalypse?

You survived the apocalypse. What do you do now? Well, stock up on supplies and move out of the city. But that's not all, here's what you need to do. → Read More

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Tokamak Energy just raised $87 million to put fusion energy on the grid by 2030. Here's why a top analyst says that timeline is unrealistic.

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What's inside a clam?

What's inside a clam? A retractable foot, a siphon for sucking up water, powerful muscles, and sometimes a pearl. And you thought oysters were fancy. → Read More

Meet the Bill Gates-backed startup that pulled in $33 million in fundraising to help turn your trash into fuel

The technology to turn trash into fuel already exists. Now, a startup backed by Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures is trying to bring it to market. → Read More

The US has 1,200 tornadoes each year. That's 4 times as many as the rest of the world combined.

Each year, over 1,200 tornadoes strike American soil. That's more than anywhere else in the world. Here's why the US has the most twisters. → Read More

NASA's 4-year twin experiment takes us closer to Mars than ever before

NASA's groundbreaking twins study, involving astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly, revealed that traveling to Mars may one day be possible. → Read More

The scientific reason hangovers are the absolute worst

Common symptoms of hangovers like headaches, nausea, and anxiety are caused by chemical changes in your body and brain that accompany drinking. → Read More

New research reveals how dogs can detect epileptic seizures up to 45 minutes before they happen

A recent study shows that dogs can detect epileptic seizures through smell, up to 45 minutes before they occur. New research reveals how they do it. → Read More