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Recent articles by Sarah:

How your shopping habits could help diagnose ovarian cancer eight months earlier

Analysing the data on loyalty cards could act as an early warning signal, new study suggests → Read More

The unusual explanation that could be behind your teenager's bad behaviour

Young chimpanzees exhibit the same risk-taking behaviour and moodiness as human teens, a study found → Read More

Scotland wasting £100,000 a year protecting red squirrels where greys don't exist

Modifying forests to better prepare reds for the impacts of competition may have little benefit, experts say → Read More

Sir Jeremy Farrar appointed WHO Chief Scientist despite Covid lab leak row

The head of the Wellcome Trust supported a natural origin for Covid-19 in public but in emails says he believes a lab leak was possible → Read More

Rats 'have rhythm and can dance to Lady Gaga'

The rodent has innate tempo in the brain, scientists discover → Read More

Women should take HRT as oestrogen may protect brain from dementia and Parkinson’s

Hormone replacement therapy should not be discouraged say scientists as oestrogen may have protective effect on memory and thinking → Read More

Prepare for alien encounter now before it's too late, warn scientists

Team at University of St Andrews says Earth needs to work on communicating with extraterrestrials as first contact could happen any day → Read More

Crisis as excess deaths soar to levels higher than during Covid pandemic

Collateral damage from hospitals cancelling and delaying treatment to focus on coronavirus blamed for mortality rate rise → Read More

The disastrous legacy left by lockdown as non-Covid excess deaths overtake Covid deaths

Experts believe higher deaths from heart complaints and diabetes mean the indirect effects of the pandemic will be greater than Covid itself → Read More

Why African elephants’ faces are so expressive

The species is able to expertly flick their ears and perform intricate manoeuvres with their trunks and lips → Read More

Hospital operations cancelled as blood supplies run dry

Problems in England mean donors who are O negative or O positive are being urged to come forward to top up stocks → Read More

Toxic air pollution particles found in lungs of unborn babies

Scientists discovered black carbon particles were already present in the lungs and brains of foetuses by the first trimester → Read More

'Beautiful' face of medieval woman brought back to life after 700 years

Experts used 3D digital reconstruction techniques to create a lifelike animation from a skeleton found on a bed of seashells → Read More

Male contraceptive jab that can also block HIV transmission ‘available within the year’

Final trials of the injection, which could last 10 years, have been completed but there are fears men would be hesitant to have it → Read More

Meteorite that fell on a Cotswolds driveway contains extra-terrestrial water

Liquid from within the space rock closely resembles that in Earth’s oceans, giving an exciting clue to how life was seeded on this planet → Read More

Artemis 1 launch: Moon mission back on track after suspected hydrogen leak fixed

The Artemis test-flight to the Moon is back on track after a suspect hydrogen leak was fixed and fuel tanks are now filling as planned. → Read More

Taking a puff on a new inhaler could stop you getting Covid

Treatment therapy alters genetic data in the lungs to stop coronavirus taking root → Read More

Lockdown effects feared to be killing more people than Covid

Unexplained excess deaths outstrip those from virus as medics call figures ‘terrifying’ → Read More

Beagles cloned for the first time to save them from genetic diseases caused by inbreeding

The breakthrough offers hope of a healthier life for pure-bred dogs with dodgy genes removed before birth → Read More

Natural History Museum ‘descending into irrelevance’, claims employee

Article criticises institution for institution for ‘aspirational virtue signalling’ and claims it is no longer led by scientists → Read More