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Past articles by Gary:


Pence Helped Kill Obamacare Fix After Lobbying by Anti-Abortion Activists

Anti-abortion activists just can't take yes for an answer. → Read More


Huckabee Sanders Can't Name a Single Factual Error From Hillary's Book

The press secretary all but accused Hillary Clinton of libel from the White House podium. → Read More

Donald Trump's Alpha Male Insecurity: Getting His Butt Kicked by a Girl Is Just Too Much for Him

Even before Barack Obama told him to "stop whining," Trump's masculinity was in crisis thanks to Hillary Clinton. → Read More

In His Final Capitulation, All Mike Pence Gave Away Was His Autonomy, Integrity and Dignity

Will he quit? Can he replace Trump? Sorry—rumors of Mike Pence's independence were greatly exaggerated. → Read More

Trump Is Closing in the Polls: What It Really Means

While this week's polls suggest Trump is inching closer to the White House, the truth is, he remains miles away. → Read More

Donald Trump's Spineless Foes: Lurking Within the Republican Party Is Deadly Silent Opposition

There's more resistance to Trump inside the GOP than you might realize; people are just too scared to come forward. → Read More

Rumors Spread of a Brewing Coup Against Paul Ryan—But That's Only the Beginning

Rumors of an anti-Ryan coup roil the Beltway, but the real story is a long war between moderates and the far right → Read More

No, Hillary Won't Have a Mandate: If Clinton Wins, She Won't Be Empowered the Way Democrats Hope

The talk of a mandate for any winning politician in this highly polarized election is pure fantasy. → Read More

The GOP After Trump: Another Candidate With His Destructive Platform Could Easily Rise Again

Even if Donald Trump is defeated, the xenophobic and bigoted goals of Trumpism will live on. → Read More

From Fringe to Mainstream: Conspiracies, Baseless Accusations and Lunacy Are the New Normal for Republicans

The GOP has no firewalls to insulate itself from its crazies and the conspiracies and dark fantasia they spin out. → Read More

Poor Jeb Is Right for Once: His Brand of Conservatism Is Dead — And He’s Partly to Blame

Jeb Bush is bummed that the con he's played on Republicans for decades has finally collapsed on itself. → Read More

Three Reasons Rumored Trump Veep Pick Mike Pence Would Be a Big Mistake

He's no game changer: Tapping Mike Pence for VP isn't enough to get Trump elected; he might even make it harder. → Read More

Chair of the Imbecile Caucus: Sen. Tom Cotton Proudly Stands at the Vanguard of Shameless Republican Obstructionism

Cotton's spiteful blockade of recently deceased Obama nominee Cassandra Butts sums up what's wrong with the GOP. → Read More

Countdown to the RNC Apocalypse: Republicans Still Can’t Control Trump as the Clock Ticks Down to the Convention

The Republican National Committee just met for the last time before the convention, demonstrating its lack of power. → Read More

Here's Why Progressives Should Root for Ted Cruz to Be the GOP Nominee

Republicans hate Cruz enough that many would not lift a finger to help him achieve his lifelong dream. → Read More

Dear Republican Party, Here's Why You're Stuck With Donald Trump

The conservative establishment will never figure out Trump unless they start talking honestly about their base and race. → Read More

The New York Times Blew This One Big Time: An Epic Reporting Fail with Dire National Consequences

The paper of record was forced to revisit a now-compromised story that helped inflame Islamophobia in the U.S. → Read More

Peggy Noonan Will Slur Through Her Prayers If She Wants To, Jerks!

Testify Another Thanksgiving had come and gone for Sister Peggy Noonan of the Order of the Absinthe Brain Fog, and she could not have been more grateful. At least what she could remember of it. There had been a relative’s apartment somewhere in the East Seventies, many bottles of wine, a long table with turkey → Read More

Peggy Noonan Sorely Disheartened By Obama, ISIS, Ne’er-Do-Well Ruffians

Peggy Noonan is very concerned about Peggy Noonan's well-being. O grief! O agony! She had known a great deal of both in her time, had Sister Peggy Noonan of the Order of the Ketamine Martini. She wandered Fifth Avenue, the street of dreams stretching along the great island of Manhattan, and she wondered if happiness → Read More

Paul Ryan Caves to Wingnuts: He’s Already Looking Like a Hostage of the Insanity Caucus

The boy wonk was supposed to tame the hardliners. Instead, they're already setting the terms for his speakership. → Read More