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Recent articles by Charles:

When did we stop fearing God? My father’s house now a den of

Many years ago, this was unthinkable. No one dared steal from God’s house, because then fire and brimstone would descend upon you from the heavens. But the times have changed → Read More

When hippos roamed Jinja and owned its golf course

My long search to understand the history I was mis-taught; the one I was never taught; or the one not written anywhere continues. → Read More

This is where Uganda’s riches are locked: Here are the keys

Even with the food we produce, some farmers lose up to 60 per cent in post-harvest mishandling and lack of storage → Read More

Ethiopia: Abiy's Walking a Tightrope, Let's Pray He Doesn't Fall Off

Column - Something peculiar - and profoundly significant in the broad sweep of African politics - is happening in Ethiopia. → Read More

After the ‘Besigye Hammer’ and ‘Bobi Wine Whackdown’, it is Chameleone’s turn

These dissident and insurrection elements remain in the DNA of the FDC, and Bobi Wine’s “People Power” was birthed into that political river → Read More

God rested on the 7th day. On the 8th, He created The Uganda Cranes

This is a country of very new things and young people. It is just that they have not yet inherited it → Read More

Street gangs and vigilantes: Uganda gets very modern

Street gangs, able to mobilise from four Divisions, and number 100, with machetes and iron bars, to attack a politically-affiliated militia, is unusual and a new development → Read More

If M7 could sheath his sword, he could be wrapped in glory

Beside the endless stories of corruption, it is hard to read Ugandan news for three days without encountering some Opposition figure or regime critic being arrested, beaten, or chased off some → Read More

The rise of Gulu, and strange fruits of conflict in Uganda (Part II)

That meant that local northern talent (school teachers, small traders, jua kali artisans, catechists, and small progressive farmers) didn’t have the “easier” and safer option of fleeing to refugeedom → Read More

The rise of Gulu, and strange fruits of conflict in Uganda

Uganda was the first African country after 1988 to pull off a post-war reconstruction, in tandem with free market reforms and economic liberalisation → Read More

Congo-Kinshasa: Kabila the Son, the Father, and Now the Holy Ghost

Column - The Great Kabila Political Drama in the Democratic Republic of Congo has just taken a new twist, as we journos love to say. → Read More

Only fools try to create cities, but Uganda has some hope

The northeast parts of Kenya were and continue to be ravaged by inclement weather, that gave a blow to its agriculture, but sparing the western part, including Kisumu. Agricultural investment moved → Read More

Sebei’s great runners and the ‘wizards’ of Mt Elgon

It is harder to make a living off the land. At the same time, the knowledge of other opportunities in far away places is abundant, compared to 1979 → Read More

Mdude Nyangali has reappeared, but this is no time to relax

He had been denouncing President Magufuli. → Read More

Juba’s bid to punish sin could be Uganda’s gain

Kibaki believed that if you had media freedom, your opponents would exhaust themselves denouncing you, and the political factions would be busy attacking each other, they would not be able to get in → Read More

Soon most roads will lead away from, not to Kampala

The UPE generation, especially those from the remoter upcountry regions, have a closer link to their communities, and a lot more of them feel the need to work in them, than their urban and peri-urban → Read More

Both NRM and FDC have a common rival – the State

That Bouteflika’s fall after 20 years, rather than Bashir’s, who ruled for 30, must particularly be troubling to Uganda’s rulers → Read More

Besigye, Bobi, and Uganda in 2021: what Museveni fears – and doesn’t

This is likely because: (a) there will be no NRM convention to elect Museveni as a flagbearer in late 2020; (b) if there is, there will be no elections in 2021, and they will be postponed to 2022 or → Read More

Blankets n’ Wine: Youth have left Bashir behind

Khartoum’s streets were full of lively young men and women → Read More

Sudan: Bashir's Greatest Mistake Was to Annoy Sudan's 'Mama Mboga'

Opinion - Another African strongman is gone. After 30 years at the top, Sudan's Omar al-Bashir was finally ousted a week ago and arrested following months of protests. → Read More