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Recent articles by Charles:

Is this Uganda’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ moment?

A passing ship sees the smoke from the fire, and a British naval officer arrives on the beach just in time to save Ralph... → Read More

What Muhoozi said, and Museveni’s southern front

The thing about this is that since the colonial times, on to our man Idi Amin and Museveni himself, the road to power for EVERY regime and leader has always been through Buganda → Read More

How the politics of Aids, and now Covid-19, shape Uganda

Because there is now electricity in the town, and TVs... they see the glamorous world out there → Read More

Tanzania’s Ujamaa was a model ahead of its time; let’s try it now

The success of Ujamaa remains a divisive issue, with economic purists judging it a spectacular failure. → Read More

This brutal NRM is an empire in decline

"UIA was once the pride of Uganda, tasked with the noble goal of winning foreign direct investment” → Read More

There’s clean money in Covid times. Uganda is missing out

One hates to imagine what the picture will look like by election time in January, after all the close contact of the voting → Read More

In Ethiopia-Tigray war, Abiy is between a rock and a hard place

In many ways, there is a sense in which if Abiy didn’t act, he would have faced the wrath of the military. → Read More

Mabati houses, war, and Museveni’s small problem

Some people will be very angry if they have a grass-thatched hut and can’t get a 'mabati' house → Read More

Stealing elections has become very nasty work

Both CCM and NRM are facing an exploding youthful population. → Read More

Soon, Uganda could have more candidates than voters

Even where elections are fiddled,.. there is still progress → Read More

The dance of the discontents on October 9, 1962 (Part II)

The State ball, an event that has long died, was not all about dancing. It was a ritual of the egalitarian and collegial spirit that marked the first few years of Independence under the Uganda... → Read More

Things your Ugandan teachers and parents never told you

I knew very little about female Uganda martyrs.Now from the manuscript, I do, ... → Read More

Lira’s red pot maker and other Ugandan art stories

One pot, red, was striking even from a distance, and seemed out of place. We stopped and I checked it out. It was in the exact same tradition like the ones I had seen in Botswana. One of the... → Read More

Liberia: Why Rwanda, Ethiopia, Senegal and Liberia Are Ideal Birthplaces

Bill Gates, co-founder of tech giant Microsoft, philanthropist, and one of the world's richest men scares some people, especially those on the extreme political right. → Read More

Why Rwanda, Ethiopia, Senegal and Liberia are ideal birthplaces

Despite their differences, these countries share two things in common -- technocrats and women leaders. → Read More

Getting power by not seeking it: Lessons from Kabaka Mutebi

Mutebi happens to be king at the right time and in the right continent → Read More

Crack down on illegal business? No! Legalise it and collect taxes!

License the illegal ports, bring them into the light, collect your cut in taxes, and you will have improved port capacities and ease of doing business. → Read More

Ugandan politicians, dukawallas, and why the 2021 vote is

We have never had an election in which as many family members are running, like this one → Read More

Why is Covid money so sweet?

More depressing, Kenya is not alone. → Read More

Uganda is Africa’s most city-rich nation. No joke

A wise man once said only a fool tries to create a city... for cities need to be organic → Read More