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Past articles by Nicole:

Doctors Without Borders turns down 1 million free pneumonia vaccines, takes stand against Pfizer

The international medical aid organization Doctors Without Borders (Medecins sans Frontiers, or MSF) has refused to accept a donation of one million vaccines from pharma giant Pfizer. → Read More

This is what happens to your dog when you leave it in a hot car

It takes mere minutes for a dog to experience symptoms of a heat stroke when it's left in a hot vehicle. This is what happens. → Read More

How coconuts could help build earthquake-resistant buildings

Coconuts aren't just good for your health. They might also save your life. → Read More

Dinosaurs likely killed by ‘one-two punch’ of volcanic eruption and asteroid collision

While most people blame an asteroid for killing off the dinosaurs, new evidence supports the theory that a powerful volcanic eruption may have started the mass extinction event. → Read More

Bomb-sniffing locusts? U.S. Navy gives university $750K to figure it out

Forget bomb-sniffing dogs. These researchers hope to one day have bomb-sniffing locusts. → Read More

Never-before-seen ghost-like fish found in Pacific Ocean

An elusive eel-like fish that has never before been seen alive, has finally been captured on film. → Read More

Reduced use of antibiotics does not lead to more complications: study

A new study out of the United Kingdom has concluded that reducing antibiotic use for respiratory tract infections doesn't lead to an increase in serious complications. → Read More

‘The biggest and baddest planet in the solar system’: Jupiter by the numbers

On Monday, NASA's Juno spacecraft safely arrived in orbit around Jupiter. Jupiter is a planet scientists have dubbed "the biggest and baddest" in our solar system Here are some reasons why. → Read More

Juno mission to Jupiter: What scientists hope to learn about solar system’s giant planet

Scientists and astronomers around the world are geared to uncover the secrets of the most massive planet in our solar system. → Read More

Burns Bog fire: How bog fires burn and why they’re difficult to combat

Forest fires can be difficult to combat, but peatland — or bog — fires present a whole set of new challenges for firefighters. → Read More

New terrifying, swimming centipede discovered in Southeast Asia

Do bugs freak you out? Well, researchers have found a new species of venomous centipede that likes to swim. → Read More

Canada Day 2016: A brief history of fireworks

It's the biggest day of the year for fireworks. Many of us will head out to watch the colourful, exploding displays in the sky this long weekend, but did you know who to credit for the beautiful demonstrations? → Read More

New study reveals places with the most germs on subway system

A new study out of Boston might make you feel a little better about getting on a subway car full of coughing, sneezing people. → Read More

WATCH: Hubble captures brilliant aurora on Jupiter as Juno spacecraft nears

Just as NASA's Juno spacecraft is within days of reaching Jupiter, the Hubble Space Telescope captured a stunning image of aurora in Jupiter's north pole. → Read More

WATCH: The science of sparklers in super-slow motion

With the Canada Day long weekend approaching, there is sure to be plenty of fireworks, sparklers and general reverie. But have you ever wondered why we can hold those flaming sparklers in our hands without getting burned? → Read More

99-million-year-old dinosaur feathers found preserved in amber

It sounds like something out of Jurassic Park and it is strikingly similar: scientists have found baby dinosaur feathers encased in amber. → Read More

Mars may have been more Earth-like than previously believed

Chemicals have been detected on Mars that suggest Mars could have once been more like Earth than once thought. → Read More

NASA’s Juno spacecraft captures image of Jupiter, moons as it closes in on orbit

Juno sent back an image of Jupiter and its four largest moons — which you can see for yourself through a pair of binoculars — while it was just 10.9 million km from the giant gas planet. → Read More

Where you can go to see the stars this summer

Looking to experience the splendour of the Milky Way this summer? Here are a few tips on how you can find a perfect spot to soak up the night sky. → Read More

New dark feature spotted on Neptune

For the first time since 1994, the Hubble Space Telescope has spotted a dark vortex on Neptune. → Read More