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Recent articles by Andrew:

Fifa 20 career mode bug that 'made game unplayable' finally fixed

Fifa 20 has finally fixed a strange bug that players complained made the game unplayable. The issue, which appeared in the game's career mode, could cause chaos across seasons and led players to give up playing the game. → Read More

Google Pixel 4: New phone finally officially revealed, with brand new camera and radar features

Google has unveiled a brand new phone, the Pixel 4. The phone features a dramatically upgraded new camera that can take pictures of the stars for the first time. It also includes new software features, like the ability to transcribe audio as people speak. The phone also has built-in radar that allows people to control the device without touching it, and instead waving their → Read More

Fortnite Season 11: What's new in Chapter 2 patch, map locations, battle pass and latest news

Fortnite Chapter 2 has finally arrived. The game dropped after players spent nearly two days staring at a swirling black hole that had disappeared the map. Now Fortnite has returned – though with a new map and a whole variety of new features. What’s new in Chapter 2? First up, you get everything you'd expect in a normal update. That includes a whole new run of cosmetics, new → Read More

We found evidence of life on Mars in the 1970s, former Nasa scientist says

Nasa found evidence of alien life in the 1970s, according to a former senior scientist – and ignored it. The Viking landers were sent to the Martian surface more than 40 years ago, with the aim of exploring the planet. They included an experiment known as Labeled Release, or LR, which was intended to look for signs of life on the planet. → Read More

Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 1 update revealed with brand new map and features after trailer is leaked

A huge new Fortnite update has seemingly been revealed in a leaked trailer. The video comes after Epic made the game disappear and forced players to look instead at a huge black hole, which swallowed the old world. That old world will now be replaced with a new one that includes a variety of different features, according to the leaked video. The new update will be known as → Read More

Snapchat down: App not working as users unable to send snaps and load messages

Snapchat has stopped working, with users unable to send snaps, according to a huge number of reports. Thousands of people reported issues with the app, according to tracking website Downdetector. It led to a flurry of people rushing to Twitter to check that it was down for everyone and not just them – and the outage does appear to be affecting users en masse. → Read More

Alien comet visiting our solar system is like nothing ever seen before but looks strangely familiar, scientists confirm

An interstellar comet visiting our solar system is like nothing ever seen before, scientists have confirmed – but looks strangely familiar. The object, known as 2I/Borisov, has been examined by researchers who say that it has the potential to transform our understanding of the universe that surrounds us. → Read More

Latest as Fortnite is destroyed by a black hole

Fortnite has disappeared and been replaced with a black hole – and it is a mystery what happens next. Players that were inside the game saw a storm of asteroids falling through the sky that wiped out the entire map. Now all that shows is a black hole, and nobody can play the game. Follow here for the latest developments – and to find out whether the game will ever really come → Read More

Fortnite down: Has the game ended, is it coming back, when is Season 11 and what happened?

Fortnite, after being hit by an asteroid, has disappeared and been replaced by a huge black hole. The game is completely unplayable at the moment, with players unable to start a game and instead simply having to view that black hole as it swirls around. The events mark the end of Fortnite's Season 10, and presumably the start of Season 11. But they are wrapped in mystery, amid → Read More

Fortnite down: Entire map completely destroyed by huge asteroid and replaced with black hole to mark end of Season 10

Fortnite has been destroyed by a huge asteroid, and replaced with a black hole. The in-game event wiped out the entire map and means that its millions of players are now unable to get into the game at all. Instead, they have been encouraged to watch a mysterious live stream of a black hole. The asteroid collision marked the end of Season 10. Developers Epic Games tend to mark → Read More

Google Maps add new descriptive audio directions to help visually impaired people

Google has added new voice directions that will make the app easier to use for people with visual impairments. The app will now give people more information about where they are, and when they should be using extra caution, as they move around places. It is intended to make it easier for people to walk around with more confidence while travelling in unknown and unfamiliar → Read More

Alexei Leonov death: First person to spacewalk dies aged 85

Alexei Leonov, the first person ever to spacewalk, has died. Leonov passed away at 85 after a long illness and will be buried this month, Russian news agency TASS reported, citing his assistant. The cosmonaut made history in 1965, when he stepped outside his spacecraft for just over 12 minutes and floated around, attached by a tether. The pioneering mission nearly ended in → Read More

Astronomers use huge cluster of galaxies to 'peer back in time'

Astronomers have used a massive cluster of galaxies to "peer back in time", looking at events that took place nearly 10 billion years ago. Using the pioneering technique, scientists were able to see the spectacular birth of a tiny dwarf galaxy, right as it began. It is the first time that astronomers have used the huge galactic giants to zoom in on very extreme but very → Read More

Apple's Tim Cook defends decision to remove Hong Kong protest app

Tim Cook has defended Apple's decision to remove a Hong Kong protest app from its store. The company has received sustained criticism for the ban, which activists have argued aligns the company with the Chinese government and against Hong Kong protestors. But Mr Cook backed the decision once again, defending the decision in a letter sent to Apple employees. → Read More

Apple environment head Lisa Jackson on its greener new iPhone – and the work it still has to do

Each year, when Apple takes to the vast stage in its even more vast headquarters to announce its new iPhone, executives stand in front of a series of cards. Some show the new cameras, and some show the new photos those cameras can take; others show the processes that helped forge the phone, or how it will refuse to die even in the face of being dropped or doused in water. → Read More

Dyson cancels its electric car, saying it is not ‘commercially viable’

Dyson has cancelled its plans to build an electric car. The company had built a “fantastic” vehicle, founder James Dyson wrote in an email, but the £2.5bn project is not “commercially viable”. Dyson will now close its facilities in Singapore and the UK, he said. The electric car division employs more than 500 people, and Sir James said the company would try to find them → Read More

UK to send robot spider to the Moon in first ever lunar mission

The UK's first ever Moon rover will head to the lunar surface in 2021. The tiny robotic lunar lander – the smallest ever made – has legs instead of wheels and resembles a spider. It will walk over the surface in the hope of informing future human missions to the Moon. If successful, the UK will become only the fourth ever country to put a rover on the Moon, after the US, → Read More

Apple criticised after Hong Kong police tracking app disappears

Apple has "caved to political pressure" after an app disappeared from the store on the iPhone, campaigners have said. The company has been widely criticised after removing an app used by Hong Kong protestors from its App Store. The app, known as, gave realtime update on police locations and other information. It was used by both protestors and other Hong Kong → Read More

Apple to release augmented reality glasses that will allow people to put iPhone messages on their face soon, report claims

Apple is set to release a pair of glasses soon, according to a major new report. The company is gearing up to unveil the smart eyewear early next year. It will work with third-party companies to create glasses that take information from the iPhone and display it over people's eyes, according to various rumours. That is according to a new report from Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo, → Read More

Snapchat down: App stops working properly as users see 'could not refresh' error

Snapchat has stopped working, with users instead seeing a "could not refresh" error. Thousands of people complained about the problem, which left them unable to see their feed. Huge numbers of users posted on Twitter to complain about the outage and the fact it had left them unable to talk to friends. Others still worried whether the outage was actually happening. The error is → Read More