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Recent articles by Andrew:

TalkTalk down – live: Latest updates as internet outage hits UK during lockdown

TalkTalk internet has stopped working properly in what appears to be a nationwide outage. Users report not being able to get online at all, while even those who can load websites say they are doing so slowly. TalkTalk is yet to respond to the outage, with its website indicating that its services are still online. → Read More

Trump Twitter: What is 'glorifying violence' warning on president’s tweet and why is it important?

Twitter has added an unprecedented warning to one Donald Trump's tweets, in a decision that could have significant consequences for the platform. The company decided to censure a post in which the president appeared to threaten protestors with being shot, adding a message that the tweet "glorified violence" and partially hiding it from view. It comes amid increasing tensions → Read More

SpaceX Nasa launch will likely be cancelled again due to bad weather, official forecast says

The historic SpaceX and Nasa launch is likely to be "scrubbed" because of weather problems, according to the official forecast. Newly released information for the rescheduled launch – due to happen on Saturday – show that there is a 60 per cent chance the weather will stop it from happening. If SpaceX and Nasa are unable to launch on Saturday, they will try again on Sunday. → Read More

Apple Mac update changes how MacBooks charge to make them live longer

Apple has rolled out a new Mac update that changes the way its computers charge. The company says the new technology will allow those batteries – and therefore the computers they are in – to last longer. Over time, many batteries such as those in MacBooks chemically age. As they do, the amount of charge they can hold drops, until they eventually become so short their life is → Read More

SpaceX rocket launch could have ‘triggered lightning’, Nasa says

The launch of a SpaceX rocket could have "triggered lightning" and so had to be cancelled, Nasa has said. The mission would have seen the first launch of astronauts from US soil in nine years, and the first ever private company to put humans into space. But it was cancelled just minutes before lift-off, amid looming rain and thunderstorms over the launchpad. → Read More

Google to reopen offices in July after coronavirus lockdowns

Google will start reopening its offices from July, after coronavirus lockdowns sent all of its staff home. But the plans will be very phased at the beginning, with only a small number of staff allowed in on a rotating basis, according to its chief executive. In an email sent to staff, Google boss Sundar Pichai said city-based offices will begin to open to some members of staff → Read More

SpaceX Nasa launch: When is postponed liftoff and how can you watch it?

Nasa and SpaceX are set to try to launch a historic rocket once again, after weather spoiled their first try. The launch is now scheduled for Saturday. The window is set for a slightly earlier time, at 3.22pm local time, or 8.22pm in the UK. Such launches must take place at specific moments in time to ensure that the physics are able to allow them to successfully get to the → Read More

Mysterious signals coming from deep in space answer one of the universe's biggest puzzles

Astronomers have used mysterious signals coming from deep in space to solve one of the universe's puzzles. Researchers used fast radio bursts – very intense, very short radio signals coming from a source that is still unknown – to find the universe's "missing matter". Astronomers have long known that such missing baryonic matter must be somewhere, with models and research → Read More

Nasa SpaceX launch live: Latest updates as Astronauts prepare to be shot into space from US soil

Nasa and SpaceX are about to make history with the first launch of astronauts from US soil since the end of the Space Shuttle programme. The launch will see Nasa astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley sent to the International Space Station on board a SpaceX rocket, in a collaboration that could set the tone for the future of space exploration. → Read More

Nasa SpaceX launch: What time is the rocket liftoff and how can I watch it live

Nasa and SpaceX are preparing to send two astronauts to space in a mission that hopes to change the future of space exploration. When Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley lift off from Kennedy Space Center to the International Space Station, Nasa will be hoping they will both break tradition and set a new course for US spaceflight. → Read More

Nasa and SpaceX launch could be delayed by weather, space agency warns

A historic Nasa and SpaceX launch looks unlikely to happen because of bad weather. The chance of the favourable weather that will allow the plan to go ahead is 40 per cent, according to forecasters, though the conditions are notoriously hard to model since the launch depends on the weather in so many different areas. If the weather is not right for the launch, it will be → Read More

Huge rotating disc seen deep in the universe challenges our understanding of galaxies

A huge, rotating disc galaxy has been found deep in the universe – and challenges our understanding of galaxies. The disc was formed 1.5 billion years after the Big Bang, far earlier than predicted by our current understanding of galaxy formation. That such a galaxy could form so early in the history of the universe indicates that our traditional understanding – where galaxies → Read More

Scientists claim to have seen first direct evidence of baby planet being born

Scientists have taken new images that could be the first direct evidence of a baby planet being born. The observations from the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope show a swirling, dense disc of dust and gas. Inside of it can be seen a spiral structure with a “twist” – which could be the trademark indication of a new world being formed. → Read More

Nasa makes landmark announcement about plan to return to the moon

Nasa has made a landmark announcement about its plan to return to the moon and onto Mars, revealing that it has begun negotiating the “Artemis Accords”. → Read More

Salad could be grown on Mars, scientists say

Salad could be grown on Mars, scientists have said after successfully sending seeds on a mission to space. The research saw a million rocket seeds sent on an actual rocket to the International Space Station. The mission, in 2015, was supported by British astronaut Tim Peake. → Read More

Supercomputer researching coronavirus taken offline after 'security incident'

One of the UK's most powerful supercomputers has been taken offline after a "security incident". The Archer computing network has not been working for days as its administrators look to understand what appears to have been a cyber attack. The computer is being used to help study the new coronvirus and possible responses to the current crisis, leading to some suggestions that → Read More

Huge, mysterious list appears online of where people met, personal information and more of tens of millions

A huge, mysterious data dump includes the personal information of tens of millions of people. The breach includes almost 90GB of people's personal data, including details of where they have been and met people. But there is no clue where the information has actually come from in the first place. Though the information has been hosted publicly, and available to anyone, there is → Read More

WhatsApp update could add huge video calls through Facebook Messenger tie-in

WhatsApp groups could soon participate in huge group video chats with up to 50 people thanks to a Facebook Messenger tie-in. The new update, revealed by popular WhatsApp news account WABetaInfo, shows that the company is planning to make it easier to send everyone in a chat to speak in the newly release Messenger Rooms. → Read More

Comet Swan: Nasa and ESA spot comet flying towards Earth that could be visible with naked eye

A comet could be visible with the naked eye as it flies past Earth soon. The object, known as Comet Swan, was discovered by an instrument floating in space: Nasa and the European Space Agency's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, satellite. As it gets closer, the comet should be visible in the Southern Hemisphere just before sunrise, without any equipment. Comets rare → Read More

Garmin launches new ‘radar’ bike lights that can see if someone is behind you

Garmin has launched new bike lights that can tell if someone is following you. The lights use radar to spot approaching vehicles from afar and alert riders that they could be unsafe. They improve on Garmin's previous versions of the lights by being able to connect to a phone rather than only a bike computer, as well as adding a new mode that is intended to stop the lights from → Read More