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Past articles by Nicholas:

Similarities between photography and cooking food

There are many similarities between cooking food and photography. I trained as a chef in a cookery school in France for five years and graduated aged 19 and cook more today than ever before, in fact my food is a lot tastier than my photography. Food is as important in my life as photography […] → Read More

Quick and simple business guide for photographers

A professional photographer for quite a few years now, I thought some of you may be interested in some photography business advice and tips through this entry-level straight forward photography business guide. This is a general guide since there are so many ways to define a photography business. It’s a wide ranging industry where […] → Read More

Why negative space is important in photography

Negative space in photography, design, sculpture or any other creative pursuit is equally as important as is positive space in overall composition. It’s all about finding the right balance. Simply put, positive space is the actual subject while negative space (also called white space) is the area surrounding the subject. The latter acts as breathing […] → Read More

How to use symmetry to create strong impact in your photography

I’m currently writing a series of blog articles on photography composition. The two previous articles on composition covered are The Rule of Thirds in photography and Leading Lines in photography. I thought this time I’d cover symmetry and include some of my own symmetry photography examples to illustrate this. Now… I cannot speak for others […] → Read More

The importance of leading lines in photography

Leading lines in photography are existing lines within the frame of a photograph which the photographer has deliberately aligned/arranged (prior to taking the photo) by adjusting their composition either shifting their body or camera. It should result in lines which “lead” to the subject, increasing the focus of the viewer, allowing for a more enjoyable […] → Read More

The 10 commandments of Twitter for photographers

If you’re unsure how to lead a healthy relationship with social media, then try these 10 Commandments of Twitter. Many of them will also apply to other social media platforms, too. Remember, social media is how many of our potential clients will first discover us these days. So, heed them well. Thou shalt support people … → Read More

13 questions to ask clients ahead of a photography job

Since my first photography job, I’ve been commissioned by top brands including Adidas, Jose Cuervo, Amazon, Sony, AEG, Land Securities, Heineken and many more. I hope to be able to help others take their first steps into professional photography. Beginning with your first photography job, when you first start getting photography commissions as a photographer … → Read More

5 steps to reach your photography goals through simply enjoying the process

We all remember getting our first camera. That feeling you had when you first opened the box and attached the lens to the body for the first time. We shoot here, there and everywhere, often frustrating the life out of those closest to us as we continuously point our glass in their face. Then that moment comes. The moment when you have heard too many people say “you could do this for living”, for… → Read More

How to make money with photography

“Please could you tell me how to make money from photography?” This is a question I get asked quite often by email, a majority are students entering their adult working life and trying to figure it all out. And yet I don’t think it’s the right approach when pursuing any passion to obsess about making money. Get … → Read More

Why photographers are hiding their Leica logo with tape

We live in a terrifying world and the news tell us: just about anything out there is out to get us. Fear is HOT right now. So talking about being safe… Does hiding the Leica logo with tape actually serve a purpose? What is the purpose of this strange behaviour? Is it possible that one idiot … → Read More

How Self Doubt Can Drive You Forward as a Photographer

It's true that doubt can be so bad it’ll make you want to stop creating or showing your work to the world. But if you flip it on its head, it can actually help you become a better photographer. → Read More

Street Photography in Hong Kong with the Pen-F by Olympus

Let me tell you: there’s nothing quite like a new camera and a change of scenery to recharge the old creative batteries, especially after a long British winter. I just came back last Sunday from a fantastic three-week trip to Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand and therefore, had plenty of time to intensively test the new Pen-F by Olympus, which I've had since mid-February. → Read More

Street Photography: Wandering While Observing Both City and Society

Some of my best street photography was shot while wandering the city with no apparent aim. Street photography is a genre in which you have little to no control of what your subject does, the light you’re working with, or the setting. You cannot force anything, and you cannot stage life in the streets or predict what’s about to happen before your very eyes. You’re just there, observant and ready… → Read More

Essential Twitter Marketing Tips for Photographers

My name is Nico, and I'm a professional urban/street photographer based in London. In this article, I will show how you too can use Twitter to get more photography jobs, develop your network, and get your work seen by the right people. At least 90% of my paid photography work, including Adidas and Amazon, has come from interactions on Twitter, and anybody with a high-quality portfolio can do the… → Read More