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Recent articles by Nicholas:

DP’s woes: The challenges of political piggybacking

Political organisations by their nature and to great extent, politicians, are as sustainable as their bases → Read More

Why Africa might revive British Empire after Brexit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson patted almost every African leader present, on the back, and said something nice about their country. For Uganda, he said something about cattle, meat and milk → Read More

Members of Parliament turn to social media for attention

In this modern age, an MP who has not spoken on the floor of Parliament, can still prove his worth by finding alternate space on social media → Read More

African armies cannot stop Nato military intervention

The most recent event that helps us understand the vulnerability and haplessness bedevilling the armies of developing countries was the assassination of Iran’s feared top and powerful general, Qassem → Read More

Uganda will be the same after the 2021 elections

Looking at things realistically, come 2021 the Parliament will have many new faces going by the attrition rate of about 70 per cent from the previous elections → Read More

In hindsight Amama Mbabazi should have ‘left’ NRM in 2015

It was anticipated that if he left, he would divide the party right in the middle and leave with many of its leaders who were beholden to him when he was a Super Minister and Secretary General. → Read More

Powerful people and the danger they pause to NRM

Kirumira’s neighbour is allegedly taking advantage of his ‘ethnic connections’ to out muscle him using a senior UPDF officer, Lt Gen Charles Angina. In an attempt to defend his land, Kirumira borrows from the provinces and goes native raising his voice and hurling rocks. → Read More

DR Congo and the curse of vast mineral wealth

More than 200 health centres have been attacked at some point, paralysing efforts to stem the spread of Ebola. So far, almost 2,000 people have succumbed to Ebola and many are still being treated in this environment of an incessant war whose end is not yet in sight. → Read More

Aids: When the doctor, hospital and clear message ‘vanished’

Though Uganda has made progress in containing HIV/Aids, there is concern that the scourge is steadily on the rise → Read More

America can support Bobi Wine and still vote for Museveni

Currently, for many in Uganda’s Opposition, the optimism comes with the apparent rise and rise of Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine. → Read More

It’s okay to celebrate Independence, but let’s make it

The international legal system functions in the same way → Read More

Solomon Sserwanja: The stone that builders refused

The cost and time involved is not something many media proprietors are willing to stomach because theirs is about profit, first and foremost → Read More

Opposition learnt and forgot nothing from past elections

They talk of measures they have put in place ‘this time round’ that will ensure that their victory is not stolen. → Read More

Gen Kale Kayihura: The loyal cadre who run past his home

Kayihura was an unrepentant, unreasonable and unstoppable NRM party activist whose strategy to set himself a stage on which to play to the gallery was simple → Read More

A look into the operations of vehicle number plate thieves

I wondered to myself how all this new crime worked out and why it was gaining popularity among thieves. Like all things with human beings, most times you get to understand things better when they land at your door step or very near you. → Read More

African State is too busy having fan to be viable

All around us is a persistent story of administrative units or bodies that are either barely breathing on shoe string budgets or have totally collapsed under the weight of inadequate financing and corruption. → Read More

Owek Godfrey Kaaya Kavuma and a tale from Namutamba

I remember them describing him as omujagujagu (enterprising). I did not ask for the meaning as I was still recovering → Read More

Why it’s smart to get annoyed on behalf of the President

The hope here is that the President will notice them and remember them one fine day → Read More

Uganda Cranes pay dispute and the ‘Museveni generation’

Today, what goes on, on social media many times leaves you scared for young people → Read More

‘Death tax’: Are Pentecostals shaking the Anglican Church?

Priesthood in those days was for very humble, simple men. They walked, used the taxi or rode bicycles or drove rickety cars that broke down very often → Read More