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Recent articles by Damien and Simcha:

When a Catholic leaves seminary or religious life

It's O.K. if continuing to follow God's voice doesn't mean you end up where you think you're going to end up. → Read More

Only in death can we truly come home

Everything else, even their names, has been taken away from the dead, and they are reserving for their family a spot with the one thing we really need: a view of the mountain. → Read More

Pro-lifers betrayed their cause by treating Norma McCorvey, ‘Jane Roe,’ as less than fully human

She was used and abused as a child, and she continues to be used and abused by both pro-lifers and pro-choicers who want her to a weapon against the other side. → Read More

The good and beautiful things I’ve seen amid the coronavirus pandemic

It is good to know that people are still people, still willing to visit each other, still willing to bring hope, still willing to share what they have. → Read More

What ‘Jojo Rabbit’ could learn from Mel Brooks

“Jojo Rabbit,” which has been nominated for six Oscars, is the latest applicant to an exclusive club: Movies that laugh at Hitler. → Read More

Natural Family Planning can be hard and expensive to use. Can new tech help?

Catholic groups offer high-tech, effective options for couples seeking to use fertility awareness based methods of family planning. But first they need more access to them. → Read More

The types of women who veil at Mass

Hint: Most of them are just ‘regular Catholics wanting to deepen their devotion.’ → Read More

I tried to teach kids about Thanksgiving and the Eucharist—and got a lesson on the Holy Spirit instead

Every meal, every day can be an image of the Eucharist. Although we are required to work hard and do our best, it is not about us or our efforts. → Read More

Extremes don’t work in diets—or your prayer life

Non-scale spiritual victories come when we see ourselves clearly and holistically, when we pray without prodding because God is real and someone to talk to. → Read More

How arguing over whether Epstein abused ‘girls’ or ‘young women’ hurts all victims of injustice

Jeffrey Epstein is accused of buying and selling young girls, writes Simcha Fisher, and games over semantics (is it “pedophilia” or “ephebophilia”?) mean we are not truly fighting for justice for his victims. → Read More

What the worst argument I’ve heard for abortion says about our culture of nonsense

Simcha Fisher: We are trying to persuade ourselves—and worse, to teach children—that life does not mean anything. → Read More

What’s wrong with celebrating sin in public?

In the culture of the shout, the intimate heat of the crucible of suffering is replaced by the heat of the Klieg lights, which reveal without transforming. → Read More

Advent might be a time for silence—but don’t get too comfortable.

“Every valley shall be filled, and every mountain and hill shall be made low.” Are you ready? → Read More

How can we get beyond the battle of the sexes?

Let’s begin to enlist both left and right in service of the vulnerable—using the ideological language they already accept. → Read More

How to Choose the Right Godparent

The work of choosing and being a godparent can lead to hurt feelings, dashed expectations—and the occasional influx of unexpected grace. → Read More

Jesus knew about Cardinal McCarrick

He knew about Uncle Ted, and he knew about everything else we’re about to find out. That is why he came. → Read More

How the church can help (or hurt) women in abusive marriages

What pastors say to women in abusive relationships can be life-changing → Read More

The pope and a cardinal show Catholics the right way to call someone out

Righteous call-outs should be patterned after Cardinal O’Malley’s rebuke of Pope Francis on sex abuse. → Read More

It’s O.K. to complain about the demands of faith. But how you vent matters.

Venting is good. Venting is sometimes lifesaving. But it matters where you vent and why. → Read More

The great (and tragic) comedy of going to confession

If you cannot laugh at the ignominy of whispering your wretched little sins through a screen, then when will you laugh? → Read More