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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Past articles by Brianne:

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I Just Rewatched 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,' & It Still Holds Up — Mostly

It's hard to believe, but 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' just turned 20. Amazingly, it's still a great watch... although there are a few issues. → Read More

It’s Not Just Your Imagination: Your Pandemic Pet Is Needy AF

An animal expert explains why that pet you adopted during the pandemic is so needy, and how you can curb their codependent behavior. → Read More

25 Latin Baby Names For A Timeless Twist On Tradition

If you're drawn to traditional names but want something even more time-tested, look no further than these latin names. → Read More

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‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for January 2023

Looking at astrology and the planets for January 2023 and what they say for your mind, body and spirit. → Read More

What is Sub Drop & Top Drop? Mood Shifts After Intense Sex Aren’t Uncommon

Understanding the emotional toll that intense sex (like BDSM) can take on a person and how to navigate it. → Read More

How to Support Your Sober Loved Ones During the Holidays

Holidays can be challenging for sober people — here's how you can make your celebrations inclusive and support them. → Read More

I Just Rewatched 'The Holiday' & I Have Some Serious Questions

'The Holiday' is a cult Christmas classic for a reason — but it's not without a few issues. Upon rewatching, there are at least 9 questions that need answering. → Read More

‘What Planet Can I Blame for This?’ Your Guide to Astrology & the Vibes for December 2022

In case you're wondering what's up with the stars RN, this will help. → Read More

I Just Rewatched 'Love Actually' & It’s Even Worse Than I Remembered

Once a devotee of the Richard Curtis holiday classic 'Love Actually,' I find it more offensive today than ever. → Read More

Stuck In A “Roommate Years” Rut? How To Break Out Of The Drought, According To A Sexpert

If you have little ones and are in a long-term relationship, your partner can feel more like a roommate than lover. Here's how an expert advises spicing it up. → Read More

Having a Threesome? Here are the Best Sex Positions to Try

Coordinating a threesome is slightly more complicated IRL than in fantasy. But these positions will help you have the hottest trio encounter. → Read More

I Rewatched 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' As An Adult & Good Grief!

Snoopy deserves better is just one of many takeaways I have after rewatching 'A Charlie Brown' Thanksgiving' for the first time as an adult. → Read More

Important Boundary-Setting Phrases To Remember for Holidays With Your Family

Asserting your boundaries isn’t always easy, —especially if you’re the first to disrupt long-standing family dynamics, even if they are unhealthy or harmful. → Read More

7 Surprising Personality Traits Of Only Children As Adults

Only children get a bad rap, and I should know because I am one. For example, when my parents bought me a new winter coat in the seventh grade, I was immediately shamed for it by my classmates. "You're an only child, so you're spoiled," they said to me (never mind the fact I had undergone a growth spurt and needed a new coat so I wouldn't freeze to death). Such is the plight of the only child.… → Read More

Can Dogs Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving? A Veterinarian On What's Safe

With Thanksgiving coming up, your pup stands to be fed a lot of turkey straight from the table. But is turkey safe for dogs? An expert explains. → Read More

5 Major Red Flags You Were Raised By A Narcissist, According To A Therapist

Sometimes the signs of a toxic dynamic aren't so obvious to spot, especially when it comes to family. Here are 5 major signs you were raised by a narcissist. → Read More