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Recent articles by Catherine:

Yale psychologist: How to cope in a world of climate disasters, trauma and anxiety

Sarah Lowe is a psychologist and a public health professor at Yale. She shares recommendations on how to understand climate trauma and anxiety. → Read More

Illinois paid $694 million to keep nuclear plants open, showing why greening the grid is so hard

Nuclear power finds itself caught between cheaper sources of carbon-emitting energy and heavily subsidized clean power sources like wind and solar. → Read More

Bill Gates' TerraPower will build its first advanced nuclear reactor in a coal town in Wyoming

Bill Gates' TerraPower aims to build its first advanced nuclear reactor in a coal town in Wyoming → Read More

Bezos Earth Fund CEO: Here's how we're giving away $10 billion of Jeff's money

Andrew Steer, the CEO of the Bezos Earth Fund, on how he is working with Jeff Bezos, Lauren Sanchez and an expert team to give away $10 billion of Jeff's money. → Read More

Tom Steyer's life changed when he revisited an Alaska glacier and saw how much it had melted

Billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer started his career leading a massively successful hedge fund. He talks to CNBC's Cat Clifford from the COP26 conference → Read More

How Amazon decides which climate tech start-ups to invest in — and what that says about its future ambitions

Matt Peterson, head of Amazon's $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund, explains how the tech giant picks its bets. → Read More

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink: The next 1,000 billion-dollar start-ups will be in climate tech

The next 1,000 unicorns (companies worth more than $1 billion) will be in climate tech, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink said in Saudi Arabia on Monday. → Read More

Carbon offsets are imperfect but necessary and the market needs to grow fast, says B of A exec

Right now, organizations are making best-faith estimates in their decarbonization plans — but they are only estimates, Karen Fang told CNBC. → Read More

Bill Gates says climate tech will produce 8 to 10 Teslas, a Google, an Amazon and a Microsoft

Bill Gates expects climate investing to produce big returns for those who can stomach the risk while making the right early bets. → Read More

The case for 'hope punk' when talking about climate change: 'To be hopeless is to be uninformed'

Climate change hopelessness and gloom-and-doom is uninformed and disempowering, says author and educator Elin Kelsey. Focusing on solutions is the way forward. → Read More

Bill Gates-backed ESS — which makes giant batteries out of iron, salt and water — starts trading

ESS is building long-duration energy storage batteries made of iron, salt and water. It went public on Monday through a SPAC with Acon S2 Investment Corp. → Read More

Even with current drive to renewables, CO2 emissions will grow through 2050, says U.S. government

Even though renewables will grow fastest, liquid fuels will be the still be the primary source of energy in 2050, says the Energy Information Administration. → Read More

Why California is shutting down its last nuclear plant

California is closing Diablo Canyon, which is a source of clean power, as it faces an energy emergency and a mandate to eliminate carbon emissions. Why? → Read More

Microsoft explains planting trees won't be enough to remove CO2 from the air

The race to decarbonize is making growing trees popular because its a cheaper, but carbon capture tech needs to be scaled up, says Microsoft in Nature article. → Read More

Bank of America: The carbon offset market will grow 50 times to meet 2050 net-zero emissions goals

A new research report published by Bank of America says the carbon offset market may need to grow by 50 times to meet 2050 net-zero emissions goals. → Read More

Climate psychologist says neither gloom-and-doom nor extreme solution-obsessed optimism is the best way to discuss climate change productively

There must be an honest acknowledgment that no one person can solve climate change alone, says climate psychologist Renée Lertzman. → Read More

Department of Energy chief says 'our hair should be on fire' after summer of widespread climate disasters

Urgent efforts to decarbonize global industries will be expensive and will ultimately create jobs, Granholm underscored on Wednesday. → Read More

John Kerry says the U.S. can recover from Trump's 'sheer idiocy' on climate change

Kerry said the U.S. can still regain the world's trust by acting decisively on climate change now. → Read More

Bill Gates says partisan politics hurts climate change battle, and the U.S. is 'one of the worst'

We can't fight climate change if U.S. climate policy changes every time a new political party takes over, said Gates. → Read More

Climate change is biggest global problem we've seen since World War II, says PwC chairman

"We need 8 billion people to make this a personal cause," said Robert Moritz, chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers. → Read More