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Past articles by Victor:

Making Amends for a Massacre: The Story of Rosewood's Path to Reparations—And What America Can Learn From It

Rosewood Massacre survivors and descendants were awarded millions decades later. Could this be a model for reparations? → Read More

iTunes Is Dead. What Will Happen to Its Best Feature?

The news that Apple is killing off iTunes has done more than just prompt nostalgia. It’s caused a crisis among users who cling to smart playlists, which both previewed the streaming age and honored the obsessive music curation habits of years past. → Read More

What Will Be the 2019 Song of Summer? Our Official, Mathematical Guide Presents the Early Contenders.

Memorial Day has come and gone, and the race for music’s summer crown is now underway. Our foolproof formula sets the stage for which track will become inescapable at every cookout and pool party you attend in the next few months. → Read More

The Long and Lucrative Mirage of the Driverless Car

For years, Silicon Valley giants and Detroit automakers alike have sold the public visions of a utopia featuring autonomous vehicles. That reality is still far off, but that hasn’t stopped companies from cashing in on repeated promises that suggest otherwise. → Read More

Uber and Lyft Are Going Public. Can They Keep the Public Safe?

Silicon Valley’s ridesharing behemoths both filed for IPOs, but continue to offer little clarity on how they plan to curb sexual harassment on their platforms. A deeper look reveals that the issue goes beyond transparency. → Read More

Time Is a Flat Ferris Wheel: The Enduring Legacy of ‘RollerCoaster Tycoon’

In 1999, a PC game turned millions of kids into theme park designers. Twenty years later, it remains a symbol of creativity and the power of online community to change lives for the better. → Read More

The “OK, So What Exactly Is 5G?” Syllabus

A handy guide to help you decide whether to hop aboard the tech industry’s latest hype train → Read More

What Was the Happiest Day on the Internet This Decade?

From Double Rainbow Guy to the Ellen Selfie to the Dress, let’s take a pseudoscientific journey through the last nine years of internet history to determine the single best day to be online → Read More

Amazon Ditching New York City After Getting Burned by Its Own HQ2 Game

The tech giant’s competition to find its second headquarters was always designed to have one winner: Amazon. Thursday’s news shows that it wasn’t prepared for the backlash to its disingenuous approach. → Read More

Is Spotify’s Model Wiping Out Music’s Middle Class?

Fans may assume the $10 they pay for a monthly streaming subscription goes to the artists they listen to most. That’s not the case. Now, a growing number of musicians and industry players want change. → Read More

Is Juul the Startup World’s Greatest Long Con?

The company that claims its products can help people quit smoking cigarettes is now making money for Big Tobacco. Where does its partnership rank among the most brazen tech startup schemes? → Read More

Reed Hastings and Netflix Upended Hollywood. But Is His Model Built to Stay on Top?

The Netflix CEO makes few day-to-day content decisions, but his company has reshaped how we watch TV all the same. Now he faces a new kind of challenge: staying ahead as his service’s most culturally ubiquitous shows fade away. → Read More

The Cities That Amazon Left Behind

Amazon’s yearlong HQ2 search was billed as a chance to transform an American city. In reality, it made plain an economic system that increases inequality, monopoly power, and political polarization. → Read More

Why ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ Will Always Be the “Best Game Ever”

Thanks to the power of aggregators like Metacritic to calculate consensus, the revolutionary 3D adventure is remembered as a benchmark achievement that will likely never be replicated → Read More

Why ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ Will Always Be the “Best Game Ever”

Thanks to the power of aggregators like Metacritic to calculate consensus, the revolutionary 3D adventure is remembered as a benchmark achievement that will likely never be replicated → Read More

Paul Allen Crafted the Vision for Modern Seattle

The Microsoft founder used the wealth he accrued from the software developer to transform his hometown → Read More

SiriusXM’s Acquisition of Pandora Is the Latest Sign That Tech Is Taking Control of the Music Industry

The satellite radio company’s purchase of the online streaming service could further loosen the grip of record labels as music industry gatekeepers → Read More

The Future of Music Festivals Is

After the triumph of Beychella, it seemed as though the mega-music fest was stronger than ever. But the cancellation of several high-profile events and a serious market correction has the industry reconsidering its future. And one long-running festival thinks it has the answer: make festivals into content. → Read More

Is Uber—and the Entire Sharing Economy—at the End of the Open Road?

A first-of-its-kind cap on Uber vehicles in New York signals that local governments are no longer willing to let Silicon Valley dictate how America’s cities evolve. But is the change permanent? → Read More

The Official ‘Office’ Unhappiness Index

A scientific analysis of three miserable seasons of the cringey, classic workplace comedy → Read More