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Recent articles by Lee:

Legal-Ease: Standards for government agents other than law enforcement

Last week presented us with one of the starkest contrasts in the actions of government agents in recent memory. In Minnesota, a man was suffocated to death → Read More

Legal-Ease: At a nursing home, have your cake and eat it, too

It has been said that you cannot have your cake and eat it, too. This phrase often represents the idea that a person cannot have two incompatible things at → Read More

Legal-Ease: Are quarantine and vaccination orders constitutional?

The constitutionality of various quarantine orders is a common question. This is understandable as some people try to protect their families from life-thre → Read More

Legal-Ease: Farm planting and nursing home preparation

For a farm boy like me, there may not be a more exciting time of the year than right now. Spring planting begins an annual, sacred practice of creating and → Read More

Legal-Ease: Faith, love, preparation, patience as stay-at-home lifts

Some of us experienced little difference in our lives during the quarantine because our lives were already rather insulated from other people. However, man → Read More

Legal-Ease: Obligations with the sick behind bars

As they quarantine at home, some celebrities have made jokes about feeling like they are in prison. In response, many people have justifiably pointed out t → Read More

Legal-Ease: Work responsibility during quarantine

Regardless of the contemporary classification of a business as essential or non-essential, many employers have temporarily or permanently dismissed employe → Read More

Legal-Ease: Virus changing habits and laws

State and federal legislatures have recently moved swiftly to change laws to address the unique circumstances presented by the current virus pandemic. Many → Read More

Legal-Ease: Emergency financial resources for small businesses

On March 27, the federal government passed economic stimulus legislation commonly known as the CARES Act.The most popular aspect of the CARES Act has been → Read More

Legal-Ease: Document signatures and social distancing

The current virus crisis has reminded all of us of the limits of our physical lives. During times like these, we are often motivated to ensure that our wil → Read More

Legal-Ease: Force majeure: legally unforeseen and uncontrollable acts of God

I may hire a local restaurant to host my firm’s spring staff party. However, due to the ban on restaurants serving groups of people, the restaurant i → Read More

Legal-Ease: Basics of employment discrimination and Constitutional rights

For college and NFL football coaches, this is the season of hiring and firing. For the rest of us, we can find ourselves addressing updated new year resolu → Read More

Legal-Ease: SECURE Act brings two big changes to retirement planning

Most people watching the news would think that all that has happened at our federal government level recently dealt only with politics and impeachment. How → Read More

Legal-Ease: Tax savings for people over age 70 1/2

Each of us is generally required to pay “income taxes” on the money we earn each year.However, the government allows us to preclude some of tha → Read More

Legal-Ease: Technology challenging limits of contract law

New technology is challenging our legal system, especially in the context of contract law.Generally, people are wronged in one of two ways. First, a person → Read More

Legal-Ease: Train noise and road blockage

Ohio is blessed with a rather extensive network of railroads. Therefore, Ohioans may encounter more train whistles and stopped trains than residents in oth → Read More

Legal-Ease: Pope Francis and elevator malfunctions

Two weeks ago, the leader of more than 1.2 billion Roman Catholics worldwide was almost a half-hour late for a public appearance. The reason? Pope Francis → Read More

Legal-Ease: What to consider when starting retirement

Contemplation of retirement can be both exciting and intimidating. Obviously, planning for the beginning of retirement should start early. I recommend that → Read More

Legal-Ease: Can I legally play ‘Queen of Hearts’?

Every few weeks in the news, an Ohio bar, restaurant or pub announces that someone has won hundreds of thousands of dollars in a “Queen of Hearts → Read More

Legal-Ease: Is it worth fighting over?

There are and always will be aspects of life about which people see and think differently and disagree.Sometimes, disagreements stem from an action or omis → Read More