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Recent articles by Lee:

Legal-Ease: For verbal farm leases, the race is on

A majority of the farm leases for crop production in Ohio are still verbal (non-written) leases that are recognized as being “year-to-year.” In → Read More

Legal-Ease: How to legally handle the loss of a parent

The loss of anyone close to us is heartbreaking and devastating. We all grieve in different ways, but there is often an especially unique loss when the per → Read More

Legal-Ease: Scopes and durations of warranties

State law requires that every item sold actually be able to do what the item is designed to do, which is called “merchantability”. In other wor → Read More

Legal-Ease: Real estate escrow: taxes, insurance and PMI

Many people borrow money to make their home purchases. In that context, lenders sometimes set up “escrow” for real estate taxes, property insur → Read More

Legal-Ease: Trains blocking road crossings

The United States is blessed with an abundant network of railroads that feed our economy. Nevertheless, few of us enjoy waiting on trains to pass through o → Read More

Legal-Ease: Defensive driving principles in the law

Defensive driving encourages each vehicle driver to avoid accidents, even if the avoidable accident would be the other driver’s fault. The idea is th → Read More

Legal-Ease: Magically appearing and disappearing acreage

The real estate in our region was initially platted into one-mile squares that were to each contain approximately 640 acres, with each square being called → Read More

Legal-Ease: I bid too high on a house. Now what?

Finding a home in a better location, with a better layout, with more space or in better condition can be exciting. Unfortunately, however, some people agre → Read More

Legal-Ease: How small businesses actually get bought and sold

The buying and selling businesses is best described as a winding road of give and take.Notably, anyone selling a business may be subject to state and feder → Read More

Legal-Ease: Sometimes the law is simply unfair

Determining whether gifts of any size are legally problematic depends upon the context in which the gift is to be analyzed or considered.The law on gifts i → Read More

Legal-Ease: Sometimes the law is simply unfair

Sometimes the law is incredibly consistent, simple and easy to understand. Other times, especially in certain areas of the law, the law consists of multipl → Read More

Legal-Ease: Sharing our possessions with others

An amazing aspect of living where we do is that people are usually quite generous with each other.This generosity includes sharing our possessions. Growing → Read More

Legal-Ease: Ohio license plate laws

The Iowa Supreme Court recently ruled that a “ball hitch” — used to attach trailers to passenger vehicles — did not legally “ → Read More

Legal-Ease: When ‘anything and everything’ does not mean anything and everything

The law sometimes appears to contradict itself. Specifically, the words “anything and everything” do not always legally mean “anything an → Read More

Legal-Ease: Access to landlocked property

Ohio law does not prohibit landlocked — lacking access to a public road/street — property. However, many counties and municipalities have regul → Read More

Legal-Ease: Paradigm barriers to seamless business succession

Every business succession plan looks different, and various, unique aspects of every person involved and every business means that the who, what, how and w → Read More

Legal-Ease: Electronic monitoring of nursing home residents’ rooms

Although few of us visit our friends and family in nursing homes enough, we cannot visit nursing home residents around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, as we cou → Read More

Legal-Ease: Social media buy, sell, trade… need a license?

Before the internet and social media took over many aspects of business and interpersonal interaction, written publications were a primary method of formal → Read More

Legal-Ease: Nursing home planning: beyond just giving the house to the kids

Often, people’s most valuable asset is their home. Many people mark the day that they pay off their home mortgage with a celebration similar to that → Read More

Legal-Ease: I changed my name, do I need a new property deed?

Regardless of how the circumstance arises, some people own property that is titled in a name by which a person is no longer known.For instance, an engaged → Read More