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Past articles by Dusty:

Who Is Bruce Maddox? Star Trek: Picard’s Surprise TNG Returning Character

Bruce Maddox is from Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2; his return on Star Trek: PIcard is another TNG throwback with implications for season 1. → Read More

Star Trek: Why Synthetics Destroyed Mars & Are Banned In Picard

A mysterious tragedy on Mars has led Star Trek's Starfleet to make an unthinkably harsh decision regarding synthetics in the Federation and beyond. → Read More

Star Trek: Every Main TNG Cast Member NOT In Picard

While some old favorites will return, not all of Jean-Luc Picard's Enterprise crewmates will board the much anticipated CBS All Access series. → Read More

Jean-Luc Picard Was the Father Figure I Needed

As Star Trek: Picard rapidly approaches, I find myself giddy with anticipation for a show that seemed like a pipe dream just over a year ago. I’ve also been reflecting on the profound effect Jean-Luc Picard has had on my life. The captain of the Enterprise-D was more than just a hero to me; he was a formative role model, and often even a parental stand-in. → Read More

Star Trek Reveals Why Picard Retired

Star Trek Short Trek "Children of Mars" reveals the tragic events that led to the eventual retirement of the legendary Admiral Jean-Luc Picard. → Read More

Star Trek Picard: How The New Series Can Avoid Voyager’s Mistakes

The highly-anticipated return of Jean-Luc Picard on CBS All Access should be mindful of the franchise's past missteps, particularly on Voyager. → Read More

Star Trek: Data’s Most Important Episodes For Picard

Star Trek: The Next Generation's Data will appear in the upcoming Picard series; his key TNG episodes hint at what his role will be in the new show. → Read More

How Gene Roddenberry Lost Control Of Star Trek

Gene Roddenberry may have created Star Trek, but his legacy and association with the sci-fi franchise are more complicated than most fans know. → Read More

Star Trek: Why Enterprise Was Cancelled

Why did Enterprise get the axe after its fourth season? → Read More

Star Trek: Picard Is Answering TNG’s Most Frustrating Unanswered Question

Star Trek: Picard is set to reveal the fate of former Borg drone Hugh. → Read More

Star Trek: Discovery Makes A Bad Original Series Movie Better

Discovery adds emotional resonance to a mediocre franchise entry. → Read More

Legion Was The Real End Of Fox’s X-Men (& Showed What They Got Right)

Legion marks the end of Fox's version of the X-Men franchise. → Read More

Star Trek: What Happened To Captain Kirk After TOS & Movies

What became of the legendary captain after his movies wrapped up? → Read More

Star Trek Movies & TV Are Whole Again (After 13 Years Of Rights Issues)

The merger between Viacom and CBS means Star Trek is united again. → Read More

Star Trek: Picard Theory: The Borg Doomed Romulus

The Borg may have played a crucial role in the decimation of the Romulan Empire. → Read More

Star Trek Theory: Picard's New Ship Is TNG's The Stargazer

Star Trek: Picard is going to need a ride, which could mean the return of Picard's ship before the Enterprise, the ramshackle USS Stargazer. → Read More

HBO's Watchmen: Why Dr. Manhattan Is Back On Earth (Theory)

Dr. Manhattan has returned to Earth in the new trailer for HBO's Watchmen adaptation; is he back to help humanity or to put them out of their misery? → Read More

Every Next Generation & Voyager Character Returning In Star Trek: Picard

Patrick Stewart isn't coming back alone. Star Trek: Picard is bringing some of his old friends - as well as some new ones - back to the 24th century. → Read More

Star Trek: How Data Can Be Back From The Dead In Picard

Star Trek: Picard is reviving the beloved android from The Next Generation, but how did Data manage to cheat his death in Star Trek: Nemesis? → Read More

Star Trek’s Crazy (& Brilliant) Reason Why So Many Aliens Look Human

There are in-fiction and real-world reasons for why Star Trek's cavalcade of forehead prosthetic-enhanced alien species look so human. → Read More